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Villa Emilia!

Hello all! The working title of this post was "That's it!", but I discarded it as too clickbaitish. Something is changing, but it's nothing very dramatic.

On Easter days, watching  -  through the window  -  the snow that kept falling, I made up my mind. The decision has matured. The time has come... to change... the name of the blog. :)

I'm very fond of the name "My Woodland Garden", but since the gardening season here in (Eastern) Finland is so darn short and I post photos about so many topics other than gardening, another name could be more appropriate. The new name will be the more ambiguous "Villa Emilia". (It's the name of the house where we live.)

The URL will not be changed. Nor the content of the blog - there will be lots of photos of plants and flowers, but also of all other topics I find interesting. Oh, I feel so light-hearted now. Varietas delectat. Even small changes can make a difference.

In these photos: April in Italy.

Hyvää huhtikuun loppupuolta ja tervetuloa Villa Emiliaan! Täällä Itä-Suomessa lunta riittää, maa on jäässä ja ulos mennessä vedetään päälle toppapuku. Pääsiäisen sää sai minut toteuttamaan ajatuksen, joka oli ollut mielessä jo jonkin aikaa. My Woodland Garden vaihtaa nimeä Villa Emiliaksi. Blogin sisältö ei juurikaan muutu, varsinkin puutarha- ja luontokuvia julkaistaan, mutta myös juttuja muista kiinnostavista aiheista.

Postauksen kuvissa huhtikuista Italiaa. Vuorilla on vielä kevät, kun alempana tuntuu jo kesältä. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Ihanaa päivää sinulle!



  1. Muutoksen tuulet siis puhaltelevat. Complimenti ! Auguri 🙂 Hyvä hyvä.
    Kevät on uudistumisen aikaa. Love the new name. It's suitably Italian and
    at the same time international 💚I'm glad you are going to continue
    posting nature and garden pictures. Good luck with it all ☘️

  2. Ciao Sara...I have frequently thought about changing the name of my blog but it seems too complicated, I don't know... You have given me a good idea however about keeping the URL the same. That does make things seem easier. In any case I love the name and these pictures!

  3. A delightful new blog name!!!!!!!

    And a delightful blog header.

    I am so glad you changed the name, when you felt like it was "the thing to do." Yes, I am sure, the decision make you happy and a bit light headed. -smile-

    And ohhhh, your photos are wonderful!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing them.

    Many gentle Spring-time blessings,
    Luna Crone

  4. Onpa kaunista ja kevätkukkaset kukkivat rinteillä.

  5. Hetken jo ajattelin, että aiot muuttaa Italiaan! :) Onnea uudesta blogin nimestä! Ja minäkin ihailin tuota ensimmäisen kuvan kukkivaa rinnettä, upean näköistä!

  6. Love the new name Sara! I will continue to visit, regardless of the name, I enjoy your photography so much. Such beauty!

  7. Kiva nimi!
    Minäkin taannoin vaihdoin oman blogini nimen kun nykyään siellä on niin paljon muutakin tarinaa kuin mökkipuutarhaa ;)

  8. Enjoyed this post great photos. I will continue to follow your blog daily. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Dearest Sara! I loved the old name of your blog, and I love its new name as well. :-) I think, these photos are especially lovely, and cheerful now. :-) The flowering meadow is gorgeous, and that little stone path is simply enchanting!
    We used to say that April is capricious. Now it shows us that it is really true. After warm days, when we could go out wearing T-shirts, it is snowing since dawn today. :-(
    I hope you have a beautiful week, lots of hugs to you!

  10. Beautiful photos, Sara! I love both names of your blog, and Villa Emilia has a pretty ring to it. :)

  11. Changing blog layouts must be like spring cleaning as so many blog friends are making the changes. I love the new name and would just love to be walking through that field of wildflowers!

  12. Of course I love the new name, Sara! I am in love with anything with the word, 'Villa' in it! Such beautiful photos of springtime in Italy. My whole family is renting a villa in Tuscany next year for a family vacation. I am beyond excited! I'm looking forward to exploring your new 'horizons' on your blog! xxo Karen

  13. Hej Sara!

    Villa Emilia är ett vackert namn så det blir säkert fint. Hoppas du fortsätter skriva om naturen och dess innevånare och förstås om din trädgård när den kommer igång.

    Här har vi haft kalla nätter, de första Magnoliorna frös bort.


  14. Boa tarde, Villa Emilia é bem pensado, é lindo e cativante, as fotos são brilhantes.

  15. Villa Emilia is a delightful name, Sara. I've thought about changing the name of my blog, too, but can't really think of anything I like, so I leave it as it is. It's funny how a little change can make a big difference in one's outlook. I've not been posting much lately as I'm feeling uninspired, but I think inspiration will return one day.
    I always enjoy seeing your beautiful photos. The one above of your roof tiles is full of texture and delicate colour.

  16. I like your new (old) name, and I love visiting your blog. Those lupins look beautiful.

  17. "Villa Emilia", what a lovely name.
    Gorgeous photographs too.

    All the best Jan

  18. Change is good! I will have to remember that you have made a change. I loved your Easter post. We do tend to get bored with our blogs. I am rather feeling that. I should take up your suggestion to post the Dollhouse blog on Mosaic Monday because it seems that the Garden Spot is becoming so repetitive. I do love your ability to not be afraid to freshen things ups a bit. Love the new look and focus.

  19. I like new name of your blog, Sara. It's a good idea, I should think the same, to change my blog name too. You're right, the gardening season is short and we write about other interesting things. More, in Garden bloom day in mid-month (except May-Sept) I try to find something about plants....
    Happy Earth day!

  20. Toden totta - Villa Emila on hyvä otsikko! Itsekin aina pohdin, mitä puutarhaan liittyvää voisi vuoden mittaan postata... onhan tuo puutarhakausi meillä niin lyhyt!

  21. A great new name for your blog though I was a little confused at first!
    Wisteria is gorgeous isn't it. One of my all time favourites but sadly a casualty in our garden.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Sara x


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