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And the world turned pink

Have a lovely weekend!
Often AFK, but I'll try to visit you soon!

Koetan tulla vierailulle pian!
Ihanaa viikonloppua!



Petunia x hybrida 'Phantom'

Some YELLOW flowers or flowers with at least a little bit of yellow for this week's MakroTex challenge.

Löytyykö puutarhasta KELTAISTA tämän viikon MakroTex-haasteeseen? No, löytyyhän sitä... ihanista lupiineista ja muistakin kukista. Tässäkin on hieman keltaista.

Vieraat toivat juuri sopivasti keltaisia leikkoruusuja. Oman pihan ruusut eivät aivan ehtineet tähän haasteeseen. (Alempana on yksi ruusu nupulla ja se näyttää tässä vaiheessa enemmän oranssilta.)

Olin myös ottanut kahvikuppikuvia, joissa on hieman keltaista...

I seem to post often photos of doughnuts. I don't eat only doughnuts, but my mother does make tasty ones...

This is one of my favourite coffee mugs. I'm a fan of Maisa&Kaarina series - you can read more about it here.

"Dark, tasteful, gentle..."


The last photo doesn't have anything to do with today's photo challenge, but yesterday afternoon I had a major "National Geographic moment" and of course I must share it with you. :)

A mother squirrel carrying a second litter baby... to a new home perhaps? I hope they are all well.

Loppuun vielä "luontokuva": Oravaäiti muuttopuuhissa?

You too, be well and have a happy new week!
Mukavaa alkanutta viikkoa!


Bumblebee dreams

Near our home, there's a spot that has been gradually covered by false spirea (Sorbaria sorbifolia). The area is not very orderly, but these plants have a beautiful autumn colour and when they are blooming, they provide food for many insects.

This year, there are many bumblebees, my favourites!

During the day, you can hear their happy buzz, but what I find funny is that early in the evening the bumblebees (and some other insects) just stay on the flowers, without moving. Are they all resting? Sleeping?

If they are asleep, are they dreaming? :) What would they dream of on a beautiful July evening? Of the scented lilacs of June...

... or perhaps the lovely false acacias that their cousins can visit in Italy? 

With these pretty white flowers,
I wish you many sunny summer days... 
or happy winter days, 
depending on where you are.



It's a Sunday morning in July. The sun is shining. The wind is from the south.

Have a lovely week!