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The passed week in photos

Good morning and happy October to all! I added my month collage to this post, because there are other photos taken on the last days of September. Visiting Susanna's blog Pieni Lintu, you can see the collages others have shared.

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We have been able to enjoy beautiful autumn days  -  Unusual-looking lingonberry leaves  -  Bright colours  -  More lichens and mosses  -  Soft colours  -  Dreaming of spring  -  Fewer colours than the envelope promised, but pansies are always so very cute

Happy Mosaic Monday to all!

A small note to Google Chrome users. As of the September 1st release of Google Chrome, the browser will now automatically pause Flash media by default. They have taken this initiative to reduce power consumption by personal computers and to shore up any potential security exploits that may exist with Flash. It means that instead of seeing the cute fruit clocks in my sidebar you now notice a 'play' button that appears on top of them.

ClockLink encourages users to switch to HTML5 clocks to avoid this issue. I however want to continue using precisely these clocks. If you are a Chrome user, you can do this: 1. Open Preferences  -  2. Under Privacy click the Content Settings button  -  3. Under Plugins change the option to 'Run all plugin content' - but I wouldn't really recommend it. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Complementary colours

This week's theme in the MakroTex Challenge is "complementary colours".

"Modern colour theory uses either the subtractive colour model, or the additive colour model, and in these, the complementary/opposite pairs are red & cyan, green & magenta, and blue & yellow." (Wikipedia)

As you can see, I however follow the traditional model - where the primary colors are considered to be red, yellow, and blue, and the primary–secondary complementary pairs are red–green, orange–blue, and yellow–violet. Of these pairs my favourite one is yellow&violet. These sweet flowers still brave the approaching autumn.

This post has also the prosaic part, subtitled "Red tape". To help myself deal with bureaucracy, I have loads of colourful folders (with elastic bands) and ring binders to store the documents. They are many... and the more boring the subject is, the happier colour is chosen.

(The green colour didn't come out well in the photos. It should be lawn green, not some kind of mint.)

Oh, and then I just had to add these recent red-and-green photos...

... and this, one of my favourites, the autumn colours of rosebay willowherbs (Chamerion/Epilobium angustifolium) make a lovely background to the African daisies.



September ♥

There's still so much beauty in September, flowers and sunshine and different shades of green and yellow and red and glistening waves and sunsets...

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Saturday - Critters and birthday greetings

Wishing a lovely weekend to you all, today I join

with these aquatic birds on an autumn morning. I believe they are red-breasted mergansers (Mergus serrator). If they aren't, do let me know! :)

The light and colours were beautiful that morning...

And then, with one of my favourite photos, I send greetings to a very dear person whose birthday is today...

... M., you are the best...

... and this is for you! :)


Shadows (MakroTex)

This week's theme in the MakroTex Challenge is "shadows". I took the first six photos already some time ago, because I found beautiful the play of light and shadow in the evening sun. 

I was wondering, however, whether to add this last set of three photos or not. There have been much more interesting images, in the blog world, of the recent beautiful autumn moments, when the morning mist flees before the sun. Yet, here's to the sun rising! Soon we in Finland will see it less and less. :)

Have a happy day!

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