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Saturday - Critters and birthday greetings

Wishing a lovely weekend to you all, today I join

with these aquatic birds on an autumn morning. I believe they are red-breasted mergansers (Mergus serrator). If they aren't, do let me know! :)

The light and colours were beautiful that morning...

And then, with one of my favourite photos, I send greetings to a very dear person whose birthday is today...

... M., you are the best...

... and this is for you! :)


  1. such lovely early morning light! and a beautiful posy!

  2. I think these might be Goosander. They all look females in your shots so it is difficult to tell. Google it and see what you think yourself. Have a great weekend.

  3. Such beautiful birds on a peacefully serene lake! A bouquet of loveliness too for a special friend!

  4. Hienot kuvat koskeloista. Oikein mukavaa syksyistä viikonloppua!

  5. Lovely early morning shots of the birds, not sure what they are but they make a pretty picture.

  6. Hello, I love your Merganser or you may call them Goosander shots. Wonderful sighting. Beautiful flowers for your friend and that last photo looks yummy. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  7. Wonderful birds. Lovely flowers. Happy Weekend!

  8. Very nice photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Toivottavasti teillä on mukava juhlapäivä, onnea kovasti. Onko nuo linnut niitä tukkasotkuja tukkasotkia? Pienenä tykkäsin niistä kauhean paljon, minulla oli sellainen metsästäjien käyttämä houkutuslintukin jota rakastin yli kaiken.

  10. Beautiful pictures!
    Besides waterfowl, light is also very beautiful!
    Congratulations on the birthday of a loved one!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Love, Gerry

  11. Huikean hienosti aamun tunnelma välittyy kuvista!

  12. Ihanat onnittelut! Kaunis kuvasarja linnuista.

  13. Whichever kind of waterbirds, they are lovely!

  14. I think they are red breasted mergansers with that crest, but these birds are not wholly out of eclipse yet I think so difficult to tell. Goosander are white on the flank with a black stripe down the back.

  15. Wonderful birds in the autumn light!

  16. Your photos have a soft and tranquil quality to them Sara, the second one down is my favourite!
    The birthday cinnamon bun looks delicious!

  17. Such beautiful photos, I could get very lost in them! Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  18. Samaa mieltä, upeat värit ja valo! Niinkuin tuossa krysanteemikuvassakin!

  19. Tähän vuodenaikaan olen aina erityisen mieltynyt lintujen katseluun kävelylenkeilläni; läheisellä joella näkyy aina sorsia ja erilaiset muuttolintujen parvet alkavat kerääntyä ja valmistautua matkaan.


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