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Five on (a September) Friday

Joining again, after the August break,

Five photos of the past week:

1. Autumn is a time for enjoying candlelight and chrysanthemums...

2. Thinning our veggies, I pulled out this one.  First I thought there were two (romantic) carrots, but then I noticed it was a single, elegant one:

3. After the cool summer, our pansies are still blooming happily. Because of the hares, they are all surrounded with chicken wire fencing. This one had grown outside the fence and I picked it. (The photo doesn't do justice to its velvety colour.)

4. Aren't the chrysanthemums pretty?!

5. Yes, they are!

♥ Happy Friday! ♥

28 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful chrysanthemums, love the first photo with the candle capturing the essence of the coming season. The carrot made me smile.

  2. Herkullisen värisiä krysanteemeja kauniisti kuvattuina! Porkkana on sympaattinen, miten sen raaskii syödä :)

  3. They are pretty, my dad & grandfather used to grow chrysanths for sale as cut flowers xx

  4. Such wonderful colours :-)

  5. Hienot kuvat! Illat ovat jo niin pimeät että olen sytyttänyt kynttilöitä luomaan tunnelmaa. Oikein mukavaa viikonloppua sinulle!

  6. Hares like to eat pansies????!!!!!

    1. Well, actually I have never caught any of them red-pawed, but since we seem to have both mountain hares and, what is worse, European hares around our home (we see them every day) and before fencing there was much damage on lupins, bellflowers, cranesbills (the rare ones of course) as well as pansies, we think we have reasons to believe hares are the guilty ones. Home-made repellents were not very effective; next year I must build less unsightly fences instead of this summer's improvised ones. :)

  7. Thank you for joining Five On Friday!! Yes, those crysanths really are gorgeous!!! So lovely in fact you prompted me to stop reading and add a note to myself to buy some to my to do list! How about that for inspiration! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  8. Those pink chrysanthemums are lovely, so sweet.

    Mi piace anche il ciclamino della prima foto. Molto carino.

    Kynttilälyhdyt ovat ihania, mutta enpä pääse niistä vielä elokuussa nauttimaan kun olen niin iltauninen että menen sänkyyn ennen pimeän tuloa :) Lokakuussa sitten !

  9. Wonderful pale pink colour have the chrysanthemums. I grow them myself for cutting flowers on the vase, first blooms are showing colour. I love to see hare, did not know they eat pansies, I have bunnies in the garden (sigh) they eat all my Michelmas daisies......

  10. I enjoy the autumn!
    Your chrysanthemum is beautiful, nice colour rose!
    And the pansy make me happy.
    I wish you a good weekend!

    Love, Gerry

  11. You have such beautiful fall flowers. And, that carrot. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite so unusual and cute.

  12. Your flowers are just beautiful. The carrot is very unique and unusual. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Labor day weekend. Madeline

  13. Isn't if fun to pull some crazy looking carrots, I get some from my patch too. I don't know why it is that you can bring such a smile to my face with some posts Sara - #4 aren't the chrysanthemums pretty and #5 yes they are! :-) These are the ones I call fall mums - do they overwinter for you in the garden? I planted 4 beauties last fall and a spindly few stems have come up so I'm thinking they are disposable and I should buy new ones each year. The pink one shown really is pretty.

  14. Oh such beautiful pictures, the first picture sums up Autumn but given as I am denying it, I can't dwell too much ha! Have a great weekend xx

  15. Hauskat porkkanakaverukset :) Herkän kaunis krysanteemi ja lyhty luo kaunista valoa ympärilleen.

  16. That is one, or should I say two, neat carrots. I'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  17. Hello! =) I am visiting from Five on Friday and I must say that the color in your photos were lovely! I love the carrot! It is a bit romantic isn't it? Have a wonderful Friday! Aloha.

  18. Oh yes! Those chrysanthemums are VERY pretty. Love that pinky color. Happy weekend to you, Sara. Your photos are so lovely.

  19. Lovely lovely images! And that carrot is so interesting!

  20. Your pansies and chrysanthemums are beautiful! Yes, making one think of fall! And that carrot is just saying "Those flowers aren't going to outdo me in beauty!" :-)

  21. Beautiful flowers, such lovely colours. Your carrot was pretty cool looking

  22. Beautiful photo's, just discovered your blog whilst blog hopping so hello xxx Leah

  23. Oh dear Sara, your posts is food for my soul!
    Your Chrysanthemums are glorious - the delicate soft pink one is delicious!
    The happy smiling faces of pansies and violas make them one of my favourite flowers for my garden pots - there's nothing nicer.
    Hares are a rare sight in the countryside here - rabbits on the other hand are always about at dusk!
    The only animal problem I have in my city garden are the neighbourhood cats who like to visit each day and see the birds wither feeding from the feeders or having a dip in the bird bath.....

    Have a happy week
    Shane x

  24. Hello, I love the image with the blooms and candlelight. Pretty images. The carrot is cool looking. Have a happy new week!

  25. Sara, you're right - chrysanthemums are wonderful and I love your new header of them!
    Fortunately I have no hares or rabbits or foxes near my garden. I do have some hedgehogs coming time to time.
    P.S. this carrot is fantastic!

  26. Beautiful photos. The first one is so pretty with the candle in the lantern. Fall can be nice for the first few weeks until the frost comes. Enjoy.


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