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Eggs, birds and tea

Eggs cracking... is there someone breaking the shell to come out?

No, these pretty eggs are made of sugar, milk, cocoa and colorants. :)

Brighter days mean more bird photos:

Carduelis/Spinus spinus

Tämä söpö lintunen on kai vihervarpunen. Mutta sehän on keltainen!

Turdus merula

My first reasonably good photos of a (Eurasian) blackbird. I don't know anyone who wouldn't love this bird.

Erithacus rubecula

My first ever photos (I think) of a robin redbreast. Such a cutie!

Cygnus cygnus

The first set of photos of whooper swans this year. There's no access to open water yet on this part of the lake.

Last week I needed to do some really fast shopping. Looking for tea, I was happy to find this selection box of 20 envelopes. The flavours have fun names, such as "Cheery Rainy Day" (black tea with pineapple, strawberry, cherry and raspberry flavourings) and "Faithful Friend". I will certainly like "Pear Garden" (white tea with apple, pear and grenadine flavourings). :)

Joskus täytyy ostokset tehdä melkein juoksemalla, mutta jotain hyviä hankintoja tulee silti tehtyä. Nuo ylimpien kuvien pääsiäisrakeet ilahduttavat ja samoin tämä teevalikoima. Tiedän että pidän esimerkiksi Rooibos Kermakaramellista (Kiraffi) ja Rooibos Appelsiinista (Oranki), mutta myös esimerkiksi Päärynätarha (Valkoinen elefantti) ja Greippi-Aloe (Valkoinen tiikeri) kuulostavat hyviltä. :)



  1. Beautiful photos of the birds! I love the little red robin. They are here in Norway too. I think they are so cute. Very good captured!

  2. Ohhhhhhh.... Those little eggs, are so delicious!!!! Mmmmmmm.....

    Your Robins are so much prettier than ours. Yours are rather tiny and pert. Ours are larger-looking, and brown, with red tummy. But your Robin's tummy shows more.

    ("Ours" = In the upper North East of the United States)

    Happy Spring-time hugs,
    Luna Crone

  3. Nuo suklaiset pääsiäisrakeet on ihan parhaita! Eikä vähiten siksi, että ne ovat niin kauniita. Ja kylläpäs niiden alta muuten pilkottaa ihana "kesälautanen"!

  4. I love your Robin redbreast! And the silky blackness of your Blackbird against the pine and sand. Happy spring everywhere!

    1. Interestingly, the ground behind the blackbird does look like white sand. However, it's a thin layer of fresh snow. The branch tips you see are the work of our pesky squirrels. They "prune" a branch, eat the bud and discard the rest of the branch. :)

  5. Your photos are gorgeous, Sara! The eggs and birds are beautiful, and the teas look delicious! I love tea! :)

  6. Hyvää pääsiäinen, Sara! :)

  7. Niin upeita lintukuvia! Ja nuo pääsiäismunat ovat herkullisen näköisiä. Hyvää pääsiäisen odotusta!

  8. The European Robin is so cute and very different from the American Robin. Lovely photos. It is so nice to see the spring birds returning for the season.

  9. The eggs look very attractive indeed. I wish I was there to sample one.

  10. I'm enjoying a lemon and ginger tea, as I read your blog. I'm about to head off for a cooler autumn walk. I just love your collection of bird shots. Surely those lovely eggs don't get eaten!
    Happy Easter

  11. I knew those were chocolate eggs - I've eaten my fair share of them over the years. Tasty little eggs, aren't they? :-)
    So nice to see the birds, it's the birdsong every day that I find thrilling after a quiet winter. Very interesting tea varieties, enjoy as you anticipate spring-like weather and gardening.
    Happy Easter Sara.

  12. I can't resist the chocolate eggs and aren't they so pretty? Love seeing all the sweet birds there and the box of tea looks wonderful. A nice treat with the chocolate eggs while you look out the window at the birds! Wishing you a Happy Easter! xx Karen

  13. Ciao Sara!! Da quanto tempo che non ti vengo a trovare. Come sempre è un piacere visitare il tuo blog sempre allegro. I love the robin redbreast photo....and the yummy chocolate eggs! Se non ci sentiamo ti auguro una splendida e serena Pasqua cara amica.

  14. Enjoyed this cute post. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Dear Sara,
    your photos are beautiful as always. You have stil snow there. My favorite photo is the robin.
    Happy Easter and big hugs ... Dorothea

  16. Hello Sara, your bird photos are wonderful! The little European Robin is very different from the American ones we see here in North America. I think yours are cuter. The blackbird with his orange beak is a striking creature. Happy Easter blessings to you!

  17. Stunning photos of swans on the ice of lake, Sara. Love them!
    You're right blackbirds and robins are very cute birds, sure everyone love these ones.
    Happy Easter, I'd like to try the sweet eggs too.

  18. Ihanat lintukuvat. Meidänkin pihalla pyöri eilen vihervarpunen. Mukavaa Pääsiäistä, Sara!

  19. Boa tarde, as fotos das aves encantam pela beleza, a natureza é para ser apreciada, a dica dos ovos é perfeita.
    Votos de Páscoa repleta de alegria! Feliz Páscoa!

  20. O, how do I love the blackbird! Nice pic. We have one in our oak and I love to hear him.

  21. Hej Sara!

    Härliga fågelbilder, jag tror fågeln heter grönsiska på svenska. De brukar komma i stora flockar på senvintern.

    Glad Påsk Sara!

  22. Hyvää pääsiäisen aikaa sinulle.

  23. eggs are so pretty ,nicely made up dear!

    some very beautiful photos here ,loved the swans so much quite spiritual pose .
    we have here black or brown robins with red or light orange chest.so lovely!
    without tea day cannot be called a "complete day"

  24. Punarinta on uskollisena lennähdellyt seuranani puutarhan oksanleikkuuhommissa vaikka päivälläkin on pakkasta. Kunpa onnistuisin sen kuvaamaan kuten sinä! Nyt yllätti taas sakea lumikuuro, joten kuuman teekupin ääreen kiireesti!

  25. It is so nice to see the birds back after a long cold winter. And the tea looks lovely as well.

  26. Happy Easter Sara! Lovely birds and those eggs are so real looking it is had to believe they are candy!

  27. ♥ Thank you all for your lovely comments! Happy Easter! ♥ Kiitos kaikille ihanista kommenteistanne! Hyvää pääsiäistä! ♥

  28. Nyt on paljon lintuja liikkeellä. Punarinta on ihana! Herkkuteet löysit. Mukavaa Pääsiäisen jatkoa, Sara.

  29. Upeat lintukuvat! Nordqvistilla on kyllä hyvä teevalikoima ja olet löytänyt aivan ihanan lajitelman. Mukavaa pääsiäistä! P.s. blogissani on puutarhakirja-arvonta:)

  30. ¡Hi! I just have known your blog and I follow u now. I hope u can visit mine and follow me back.
    Kisses ;)

  31. Beautiful photos. Why did you disable comments for the Easter photos, which I also quite enjoyed?

    Your posts remind me of children's books.

    1. Thank you, Rachel!
      When I post something at Christmas/Easter/Midsummer, I want to greet the readers of this blog, but at the same time I hope that they are enjoying the day with their families or friends or by themselves... and do not feel they need to leave a comment.
      Of beautiful children's books, I hope! ;) Yes, this is definitely a family friendly blog. :)

  32. Happy belated Easter, love your Robin!
    Wren x

  33. Olá, peço desculpa, não consigo comentar a ultima publicação. assim, resta-me desejar-lhe continuação de feliz semana.

  34. Just love your robin redbreast ... so good to see.
    I hope your Easter was a wonderful one.

    All the best Jan

  35. Bellissime e poetiche fotografie!
    Meraviglioso il pettirosso.
    Grazie per essere passata, buon proseguimento di settimana!

  36. Ciao Giovanna, sapevo che ti piacesse il pettirosso. :)

    ♥ Thank you all for your lovely comments! ♥ Kiitos kaikille ihanista kommenteistanne! ♥ Grazie a tutti per i vostri gentilissimi commenti! ♥

  37. Those eggs look absolutely real! I like their nice pastel colours. But I like the lively colours of the tea envelopes as well... and what great fantasy names they have. :-)
    That little siskin is so very cute with its cheerful "dress", and that pretty black "hat"!
    Robin redbreasts visit us too sometimes, and the blackbirds... there are so many blackbirds in our garden. :-)
    Your photos of swans are fascinating!
    There is a little poem (I love it so much), that came to mind about blackbirds. I looked for an English translation, but did not find one. So I tried to translate it (word by word). It doesn’t sound as good as the original, but I hope you will still find it lovely.
    Lőrinc Szabó: Spring
    "What is that?" - asked Old Blackbird.
    "Spring" - answered the Sun.
    “Has it arrived?" - asked Old Blackbird.
    "It has, indeed!" - answered the Sun.
    "Do you love me?" - asked Old Blackbird.
    "I love you!" - said the Sun.
    "Then the world will be beautiful?"
    "Even more beautiful, and happier!"

  38. Such woderful birds. I loved your Easter post. The lamb was sooo very cute!!

  39. *Thank you all for your lovely comments!*


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