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Thank you, Nurdan! ♥

Isn't my new header image gorgeous? It's a part of a sampler designed by a dear blogging friend and expert stitcher Nurdan. If you are interested in embroidery, her beautiful blog By Nurdan Kanber is a must. (This Easter post is one of my favourites!)

Nurdan says her work was inspired by my photos. In fact, you can see flowers and trees, little birds and swans, squirrels and hares in it. :) She's already working on this pattern and will share its progress in her future posts.

Thank you so much, dearest Nurdan! ♥

Before seeing Nurdan's lovely work, the title of this post was "Comparison is the thief of joy". (A quotation attributed to Theodore Roosevelt but uncertain.)  In many cases, comparing your life, your work, your looks or whatever to someone else’s will only serve to make you unhappy. Did you already guess I'm talking about our climate now? :)

It's snowing, when I'm writing this. It's normal here, no matter how much I would like to be outdoors gardening and taking photos of flowers. It may snow in April or even in May. (When I was in driving school, we had some snow in June.) It's OK. I should remember that.

It starts to look a little bit boring though... Let's see how spring looks in Northern Italy...

Back to Finland...

We'll always have pretty clouds...

... and handsome icicles. :)

Have a happy April!

Kevät ei oikein etene, mutta eipä anneta sen harmittaa. Flörin (Kauppila) taimiluettelo näyttää taas aivan ihanalta. Kukkaisaa huhtikuuta! :)


  1. Hello!

    Beautiful new header and embroidery! I love to see the snow too, but it's the wrong time ;)
    Here almost of the snow is gone, and I love the early spring this year. I hope the spring soon comes to you too!

    Hugs, Marit

  2. Onpa kaunis kirjonta! Ja upea tuo pilvikuva! Hauskaa sunnuntaita!

  3. Hello, Sara! Reading your text, the lovely thoughts shared and seeing the amazing views of green Spring on the hills and wintery scenes from your home... I can say that it is like a story for soul with fairy illustrations :)
    I enjoy so much Spring, yet the snow and ice are also a delight... (This january I received so much joy, admiring the snow after too much time without any snowflake.)
    Back to your amazing pictures; it's a wonderful collection, a delight for eyes and soul. Many thanks for all of these offered to us and the header is great, as well. It shows creativity and positivity of the author.
    Best regards to you and a Happy month of Spring in April, too!

  4. At last spring has arrived here; many flowers are coming up and the Eastern Bluebirds have arrived at SpruceHaven. Yippee!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful needlepoint!!!!!

    And so wise a saying...... "Comparison is the thief of joy"

    So wise. So much common sense too. But we need to be reminded of common sense.

    You are wise to heed it.

    I could too, as we still have some snow cover. When it seems "everyone else," is planting flowers. -smile-

    So thank you, for your post!!!!!!!!!

    Coming Spring hugs,
    Luna Crone

  6. Ihana kirjonta! Ei etene kevät ei, mutta ei lannistuta;-) Tänään ei ole vielä satanut lunta, jippii!

  7. Love you new header it is just beautiful. Great photos the ones of northern Italy (where my parents were from) are just so pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Kaunis, uusi banneri! Joku voisi vaikka masentua noista meidän kevätkuvista verrattuna Italian kevääseen... Huoks. Mukavaa uutta viikkoa, Sara!

  9. Gorgeous photos . . .
    Love the green of Northern Italy
    and the comfy white clouds . . . so beautiful . . .
    I like your Finland views too . . .

    We are enjoying some sun today which will lead us into a week of rain, and some predicted snow.
    Times like this. I need some "color delicious flowers" for inside our home.

    Wishing you some sun, warmth, snowless days . . .

  10. Beautiful photos, dear Sara, and your new header is lovely!!! :)

  11. The sampler is beautiful!! And I love your handsome icicles!

  12. Ihana blogibanneri, todella persoonallinen! Minäkin kuikuilin ja ihastelin Flörin kevätkuvastoa. Maltoin juuri ja juuri olla tilaamatta mitään.
    Aurinkoista huhtikuuta!

  13. Dear Sara,

    Thanks for your inspiration, loving heart and friendship ♥

    All the best♥♥

  14. The sampler is beautiful with a Finnish look and makes a wonderful header for you. Good things come to those who wait and we all get spring when our turn comes. We're heading that way now with warmer temps and I hope to do some garden cleanup this coming week.
    I know you agree that every season has it's attributes and we must savour each until the next one comes along.
    Wishes for a good week ahead Sara.

  15. What a wonderful gift you have received from your friend Nurdan. Such lovely stitching, just for you! Have a great week!

  16. That embroidery really is something else ! Pretty little details and all. 💕

    April is full of hope and sweet expectation 💚 Ihanaa että huhtikuu on alkanut.

  17. Lovely new header, Sara. It's a pleasure to know your photos inspired someone to make an embroidery. Your photos of Italian spring are such promising. My garden is slowly freeing off the snow, some vernal blooms appear.
    Have a nice week!

  18. Ai mitkä ihanat kuvat.
    Mukavaa alkanutta huhtikuuta.

  19. Nurdan-ystäväsi näkemys puutarhastasi on ihastuttava! Kaikki on siellä paikallaan tasapainoisesti ja herkästi. Onpa siinä mahtava banneri-kuva! Toivotaan huhtikuun tuovan hitusen kevättä!

  20. Your new header image is really wonderful! The photos are amazing, as always! :-) Here the landscape looks similar now to your Northern Italy photos. This weekend was so summery, that our doggy tried to stay in the shade all day. I think he would enjoy your weather more. :-) Have a very happy week, dear Sara! Big hugs!

  21. Such a special friend to have.
    I am just beginning to feel how the beauty of your winter would become tiresome. It's just so difficult to imagine being indoors for so many months!

  22. How sweet of her to give you such pleasant present my dear friend!
    she is generous and even before reading post i stared at this new heading image and praised it's beauty so much.it is wonderful and springy!

    your Northern Italy is worth seeing and worth visiting.
    It is one of most BEAUTIFUL part of the land and i wish to visit here in future .
    your capturing is OUTSTANDING!

  23. The sampler is beautiful!!! What a lovely design. A good reminder about comparisons, as another saying goes about life being greener on the other side of the fence when it isn't really we need to remember to be happy and find the goodness in what we have don't we, but it is hard work sometimes! Hope your weather changes soon for you.

  24. Lovely header and lovely sampler.

    Thank you for sharing Northern Italy and Finland - all great photographs.

    All the best Jan

  25. Love your new header! Wonderful to see springtime in Italy compared to Finland. Just think of all those endless summer days when the sun stays out longer than anywhere else.......Soon it will come! xx Karen

  26. What a nice gift. I really like your header! And also your photographs.
    Sharing this citat with you about spring: If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

  27. ♥ Thank you all for your lovely comments! ♥ Kiitos kaikille ihanista kommenteistanne! ♥


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