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Phone pics

You know the animated Photos Tile on the start screen of your mobile phone? I like it very much. Being small, all the photos look so good! :) I decided to pick some of my favourites and make collages. First of all, there are of course many photos of flowers.

The collage below could be called "Summer life".

Jos minulla olisi Instagram-tili, tällaisia kuvia siellä varmaan olisi. :)

Different seasons:

Skies and clouds:


In my phone, there are also many photos I've received, of fabulous places. :)

"Life in a City." Thank you, M!



  1. I don't have a really-smart phone. :-) So I don't have such a lovely photo grid on my opening screen. But they must be lovely.

    And the photo grids you made, are certainly lovely.

    I especially love the ones, of water, in the near distance. How very lucky, to live so close, to water!!!!!

    Happy Spring-Time hugs,
    Luna Crone

  2. Beautiful photos, Sara! Yes, a mobilephone takes wonderful images. Lovely collages!
    I love to see your flowers. Soon you can enjoy them again :)

  3. Sara, your collages are stunning. I especially enjoyed the ones that are "summery." Sooo tired of winter here...

  4. Thank you, Luna, Marit and Linda!

    I bought a smartphone very late, but now when I have one, I truly enjoy using it.
    Its camera is not very good, but the photos do look pretty when seen small. :)

    Veeery tired of winter here too... Snow promised for the weekend. :D

  5. Hello Sara, your photos and collages are gorgeous, and I love how you have them organized and displayed!

  6. Whatever the times of year, it all looks beautiful

    1. Thank you, Linda and Simon!
      The collages came out rather cheerful, I'd say. :)

  7. Kiitos jälleen Sara näistä huimaavan ihastuttavista kollaaseista! Vaikka kaipaan jo äärettömästi kevättä ja kesää, tuo talvi-kollaasi on ihmeen rauhoittava ja seesteinen - olenko sittenkin talvi-ihminen!? Aurinkoista kevättä!

  8. Jag äger ingen mobil, kan du tänka dig det? Men vackra bilder tar mobilerna, lite orättvist kan jag tycka som kämpar för att lära mig kameran.


  9. Huikean kauniit kuvakollaasit.♥♥♥

    1. Kiitos, Pirkko, Gunilla ja Kruunu Vuokko!
      Kyllä, talvinen maisema on puhdas ja rauhoittava. Nyt tosin voitaisiin jo siirtyä virkistävään kevääseen. :)
      Täällä suomalaisella maaseudulla matkapuhelin (ja langaton laajakaista) on pakollinen, koska kiinteää verkkoa ei enää ole. Kaapelit on kelattu pois ja viimeiset tolpat kaivettu maasta. Hmm, en tiedä onko se hyvä asia.

      Halaus!/Kram! ♥

  10. I like the capabilities of the smart phones and your collages are very nice Sara. Snow here on Friday too. :-(

  11. Hi Sara.
    How beautiful.
    A post to see several times.
    I loved meeting the Lupines.
    Good start to the month.

  12. Very creative, Sara. Well done!

  13. That's a great phone to take such wonderful photos.
    Love the blooms.

  14. Great photos. A nice way to document a life.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments, Judith, Janicce, David, Lux and Amalia! <3

  15. Kyllä olet taitava !!! Tarkoitan sekä puhelimen tekniikan hallintaa että osaamista kuvien sommittelussa 🙂

    Useita erityisen sykähdyttäviä kuvia; tykkään aivan erityisesti männyistä, lupiinin lehdistä, saniaisesta keskellä kuvasarjaa - se on muutenkin kaunis, mutta erityisesti sarjan keskipisteena. Piparin muodot piparitaikinassa, hih 🐾 Rakas entinen kotikaupunkini Lontoo ❤️ Tukkipino. Ylimmän sarjan kukkien yhteensopivat värit 💜💕

    Pikaista toipumista duhasta 🙂Olkoon seudullasi yhtä kaunis auringonpaiste kuin meillä tänään ☀️

    1. Kiitos, Rita!
      Mukavaa että huomasit puupinon! Lisäsin talvikollaasiin pari vähemmän tavallista kuvaa: pinon ja metsäkoneen renkaan. :)
      Kiitos toivotuksista! Ilman Nasolinia olo olisi tosi kamala...
      Keväisiä päiviä! <3

  16. With more snow on the way, I can fully understand why you have created these colourful and joyous collages.
    You will be pleased to know that our autumn temperatures have arrived. Our days are now 17C - 23C.
    Take care and keep smiling as I know you do.

  17. My phone doesn't do this, but I wish it did because these collages are so pretty! Lovely to see your photos presented in this way.

    1. Thank you, Helen and Amy!
      17 - 23C sounds wonderful. According to the weather app I use, Amy will have temps like that too, especially on Sunday. :)

  18. How wonderful ♥♥♥ Your collages are really stunning Sara ♥♥♥ I feel fresh spring air, summer breeze, autumn melancholy and wise winter altogether.

    Thank you for sharing with us ♥

    Warm greetings

  19. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Sara, these are wonderful collections. I really need to learn more about using my phone. Every picture you show is perfect!

  21. Boa tarde, a selecção de foto é excelente, a maquina fotográfica não importa, as boas fotos resultam do dom do fotografo, a prova é que conseguiu, fotos perfeitas com o telemóvel.

  22. Great photos. Enjoyed all of them. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. Big or small your photos always look gorgeous Sara - this is a great collection of mosaics!
    Happy weekend
    Wren x

  24. Sara, your photos are outstanding! And I love the way you've arranged them. I've never taken a photo on my phone and am just learning how to do it with my tablet.

  25. Ihanat kuvakollaasit! Kukka kuvat on ihanan värisiä, mutta suosikit löytyy ehdottomasti pilvikuvista;-)) Paistoiko teillä aurinko tänään? Täällä paistoi, suoraan auringossa mittari näytti +28.6°C!!

  26. I love all the winter shots. So beautiful.

  27. W😍W Sara I love it !!! Your phone does great pictures and it's a great idea to do this.
    Beautiful all the collages

  28. Such wonderful collages, Sara; with incredible aspects of nature, life, details of surroundings/from various cultural/social places... I like all of them. Seven 'portraits' in a mix of amazing seasonal elements, for sure.
    Many thanks for inspiration, creativity by using even the phone camera. There is always something to catch, a second, a moment in time to capture, to keep in mind and soul, and to share.
    Best regards and a beautiful weekend to you!

  29. Oh Sara, such lovely mosaic/collages ... I love every one of them!

    The weekend will soon be here - I wish you a good one.

    All the best Jan

  30. Wonderful collages! They really capture the mood of each season and place! xx Karen

  31. These are such lovely mosaics, Sara! I'm using my phone these days until my camera (left behind on a trip) makes its way back to me.
    The colour of the flowers makes me long for summer!

  32. So many great collage collections... I think the skies and clouds are my favourite! I hope you're having a lovely weekend, Sara.

  33. These mosaics are gorgeous, Sara! I love them all! ♥♥♥
    I take my pictures mostly with my phone. I like it... It is always at hand. :-)
    Have a beautiful Sunday, and a happy new week! Hugs!

  34. ♥ Thank you all for your lovely comments! I'll come to visit you as soon as I can. ♥ Kiitos kaikille ihanista kommenteistanne! ♥


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