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Spring days, part 2

It's said that persistent weather patterns have become more common, and indeed, once more, cool and rainy weather has been stuck over us for weeks. Spring advances very slowly. These are my first tulip buds... they have looked like this for days and days:

Fortunately there are young leaves to admire.

Leaflets of Sorbus aucuparia are covered in grey-silvery hairs after sprouting. They look like skeins of wool:

According to Wikipedia, the young leaflets of a rowan smell like marzipan when brayed. Of course I needed to try... Well, I felt only a fresh, green smell.

The young leaves of Sorbaria look pretty:

Spiraea is wearing her tiara...

I've learnt only recently that Rhodiola rosea is dioecious – it has separate female and male plants.

My ‘Tête-a-tête’ daffs look like this, not very happy:

Oxalis acetosella

Gavia arctica

Yes, perhaps the name of this blog should be "My Arctic Woodland Garden" or something. :) 
May should mean spring, but can you really speak of spring, if there aren't any flowers yet? 

For the mosaics of this week, I have chosen flower photos taken last year. Wild flowers blooming in early June...

... and some shopping done in a nursery.

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  1. Hello Sara, gorgeous images. Your new growth and the flowers are lovely. And I love the Loon shot, a great bird. The weather has been crazy, your gardens will be beautiful very soon. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. Just beautiful image captures and Spring is such an inspiring season. Happy week~

  3. Toukokuinen vihreys on niin kaunista!
    Meilläkin kasvaa tuota ruusujuurta kukkapenkissä.
    Hyvää alkanutta viikkoa, Sara :)

  4. How beautiful! I'd love a plant that smells like marzipan. :-)

  5. I love all of the photos. I live in Western PA, USA and mostly at this time of year one might see some flowering tulips, and some of our bushes, such as my lilac and snowball bush are coming into bloom. Later on there will be azaleas around the neighborhood ...we tend to have to worry about frost until the very end of May so you don't see many flowers in the ground yet unless they are some perennials such as iris ( not in bloom yet ) SO...you aren't the only one without much going on in the spring :)

  6. Indeed, the spring comes in fits and starts. Then again superbly sunny weather, then cool.
    How wonderful Rowan develops its leaves.
    And you've done pretty flower groceries.

    With love, Gerry

  7. Oh I wish spring would come your way soon...our garden will be hit with unseasonable cool and cold weather this week....I cover my veggies and keep them covered sometimes almost to July....crazy these weather patterns.

  8. Spring flowers here are gone. Now I have my summer flowers blooming .. It has been a little rainy but warm temperature in the 80's. Your photos are great . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Gorgeous pictures! The weather seems to be crazy everywhere.

  10. Ihanat kevätkuvat! Kivaa viikkoa!

  11. No flowers yet, but you have lovely sprouting foliage. The flowers will follow soon. Our neighbours have many rowans in their garden, I´ll ask them if they smell the marzipan.
    At last we got rain today, I don´t like it but my garden was longing for it.

  12. Such an exquisite series. I do hope you will link up with I Heart Macro :-)

  13. Your spring garden is lovely with flowers or without. Love seeing the loon. It must be wonderful to hear its calls :) Love the spirea's tiara! xo Karen

  14. I'm happy to see that despite a very slowly evolving spring that you are finding beauty in the smallest buds to unfurling leaves. It's hard when everyone else is showing their spring flowers and yours are sitting in limbo.
    I hope that Mother Nature will soon nudge your plants and whisper to them "it's your turn".
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  15. gorgeous! I can't wait for Spring here and my bulbs will be flowering

  16. Lovely spring leafiness!

  17. Great images of life renewed in springtime! I enjoy your photography and love it when you share at Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) - http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/05/textures.html

  18. Wonderful pictures. Love seeing the garden come to life again.

  19. Beautiful. Love the narrow depth of field.

  20. The tulips are out here in the UK and doing battle with the wind and hail today, yours will be all the stronger for waiting a while!! Gorgeous photos as always Sara :)
    Wren x

  21. Spring is such a wonderful time for photography. Your bird looks a lot like our loons. - Margy

  22. Beautiful photography, Sara. How lovely it all is when the first leaves emerge, brightly green.

  23. You have lots more blooming than I do (nothing), so I'm enjoying your leaves and buds. Hope the weather warms for you soon.

  24. Kevät <3 Lisää vain lämpöä sais olla!
    Kuvasi ovat niin ihania :D

  25. A really gorgeous collection of spring photos - I love the new shoots and fresh colours of spring, and I really love how you captured the light shining through the lime green new leaves. I hope your tulips open up soon - they are one of my favourite flowers.

  26. Lovely flower and tree growth! We have also had unusual cool and rainy weather in Colorado, Sara. Our spring has been been non existant so far. I am hoping June will bring back the sunshine and warmth.

  27. What beautiful shades of green. Spring is so exciting and colorful.

  28. Beautiful new buds and leaves. It's been cool here too, with lots and lots of rain.

  29. So nice pictures and plants, spring is a wonderful time ..
      Good Pentecost weekend to you.

  30. and action! perfection comeng soon!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)


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