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More tulips

Who wouldn't love tulips?!

When you say "tulip", you say "Netherlands", of course  -  but also here in Scandinavia, we try to do our best. In these more or less drab and dark winter days, we just love to have them at home. I read somewhere that during these months over one million cut tulips are sold in Sweden every day, and that the Swedes, followed by the Finns and the Danes, would be the most tulip-loving and tulip-buying people in the world. 15 January is Sweden's national Day of the Tulip!

Of the tulips sold in Finland during January to April, more than 50 million are grown here, even though the bulbs come from the Netherlands. According to the today's newspaper, pink and yellow are the most popular colours and white is becoming more and more in vogue.

I'm good at buying tulips, but have little experience in growing them. In Italy, we had planted about two dozen bulbs of 'Queen of Night'. The plants, rather surprisingly, thrive despite the heavy, clay soil (improved using traditional methods).  They seem to persist from year to year and even increase, slowly but steadily. The site, lining garden stairs, is sunny and warm and becomes dry (but baked dry!) in summer.

As to our garden in Finland, last autumn I planted bulbs of the following cultivars

'Queen of Night' (single late)
'Shirley' (single late/Triumph)
'Angelique' (double late) and
'Mount Tacoma' (double late),

and I really hope I will have photos to share with you next spring! :)

Perhaps I lack imagination, but I especially like the simple, upright goblets of the single-flowered tulips.

The colours vary from lovely tender shades to bold, vibrant colours... and they are all so beautiful!
(Well, unfortunately not in the mosaic below.  The photos were taken yesterday, a thickly-clouded and dark day. I tried to edit the colour tones, result of the artificial light, but am not very happy with the outcome. Sorry!!)

Like every Sunday evening, 
I participate in "Mosaic Monday", the link party, 
Visiting her blog, you can find her beautiful collages and links to many others!

PS Since I find many KEEP CALM posters really cool, I thought it would be time to finally start creating some of my own. On the website they say it's very easy. You just enter the saying of your choice, choose some simple options, and "before you can say 'coalition government' you'll have your very own Government-approved motivational slogan"... :)

Then, however, I found this lovely image (http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-and-love-tulips-4/).  My LOVE TULIPS poster surely couldn't have been any prettier...


Have a beautiful new week!

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  1. Love the tulips and the poster. I can see why you sell and buy so many tulips....I must get some tulips when we can get a day above 0 here as I worry they would freeze from store to car and home.

  2. Sara, your tulip bouquets are so beautiful. I don't think a cloudy day can lessen the beauty of fresh flowers...
    I hope all your bulbs come up, and give you many days of pleasure! We have lots of tulip bunches at the local supermarket now, I think I'll treat myself to a bouquet soon.... :)

  3. The tulip photos are fabulous. Here in NW Washington State there are huge tulip farms. They produce 200 million bulbs for sale and 97 million cut flowers - which is 76% of our nations tulips. Also daffodils in similar numbers, which bloom just before the tulips. There are festivals and photos galore - it is a wonderful time in April, when the tulip fields are in full bloom. Tulips seem to be a very popular flower around the world - perhaps because they come so early in the year when we long for color.

  4. This blogpost is a great tribute to our famous tulips! Love it.

  5. They are so beautiful! I must buy some next time I'm by the shops. Suzy x

  6. I love tulips and all the pretty colors. They have me wishing it was spring time! Beautiful images..Have a happy week!

  7. It won't be long before the fields around me will be surrounded by daffodils and tulips. We are known as South Holland even though we are in Lincolnshire and its because of the amount of spring flowers that are grown in the fields before all the cabbages etc. I love pink tulips with their pale green stems. Gorgeous! xx

  8. This post makes me want to run out to the local florist and buy some myself! :)

  9. Beautiful photos of one of my favorite flowers. When the tulips arrive, so does spring!

  10. Beautiful blooms, styled so prettily. I look forward to my first bouquet of the season, which is usually around mid February, just in time for Valentine's Day!

    Happy February!

    Visiting via Mosaic Monday.


  11. Oh, they are lovely. We both blogged about tulips this week! Hop on over to my blog and see the tulips that are for sale at the farmers market in Seattle. Breathtaking!

  12. I adore tulips, your photos are gorgeous Sara, the ones you say you aren't happy with look lovely to me.

  13. I do love tulips and often buy bouquets in the winter to brighten up the house and bring in a touch of spring when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground. Locally, they are grown in Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province. I have some in the gardens too but the deer enjoy eating them although I've been lucky so far and they've not found them. Your mosaics are really pretty! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  14. Tulips are a superb spring bulb, I just wish the squirrels would leave them alone and that they would naturalize like daffodils. The huge bouquet you bought is pretty and I like the various ways you photographed them for the large mosaic.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  15. Tulips do shout SPRING, don't they. They are in the supermarkets here, but are so very expensive. I don't think they actually come from Netherlands here, probably from South America where many of our cut flowers are grown. Love Queen of Night. Used to grow them. Loved your mosaics.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful tulips. They are wonderful flowers and so great to have in the house in January/February when it's cold and grey outside. Love the bright poster you found!

  17. Tulips and daffodils are promises of Spring! I think flowers bring joy to winter days. The ones you purchsed are beautiful!

  18. Seeing tulips growing or displayed in a vase anywhere in the world brings a smile to my face.
    Thank you for bringing them into my home this evening Sara!

  19. Love your beautiful post. The tulips are so cheerful.We have a snow day today, but will be definately heading out tomorrow,to buy a bouquet of tulips.

    1. Thank you very much, Sally!
      I would like to visit your blog, but can't reach it through your Google+ profile...
      (Plus you are a noreply blogger.)
      I hope you will find nice tulips! :) Have a lovely week!

  20. I love tulips as much as you do. :D

  21. I love tulips, too, with their beautiful, vibrant colors and long, graceful stems. A beautiful reminder that spring is around the corner! They do make you feel calm! xo Karen

  22. Your 'keep calm and love Tulips' is fabulous and I love the way my tulips seem to have the streak of independence, they always go AWOL in the vase (unlike yours standing tall!) mine flop, go crazy and do their own thing - I like that tulip spirit!
    Your mosaic of tulips is absolutely fabulous!
    Wren x

  23. Nimetön3/2/15 19:00

    Näin että suomenkielelläkäy kirjoittaa. Hienoja tulpaaneja. Nuo Queen of night on myös minulle ihania.

    1. Kiitos, Anki! Tulppaanit ovat tosiaan ihania.
      Suomenkieliset kommentit ovat hyvin tervetulleita!
      Saa kirjoittaa ruotsiksikin, mutta sitten saattaa vastaukseni olla hieman sekava. :)
      Ha det så bra!

  24. So beautiful tulips and pictures, they remind me of spring.
    Good evening.

  25. Hi Sara, what gorgeous tulips and the color is says springtime. Great inspiration for a new season hopefully soon. Your mosaic could be a card. Very pretty.
    Enjoy the day.

  26. Wonderful post! Have a great weekend!


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