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Happy Valentine's Day!

14 February.  In Finland, the day is called "Ystävänpäivä" ("Friend's Day") and is indeed (more) about remembering friends than connected with romantic love. It's actually quite nice - you can do either way or both! For someone like me, that likes flowers, chocolate, hearts, and pink, Valentine's Day is a lovely holiday.

Warning! This post contains shamelessly romantic and naive images and texts!

"It's Valentine's Day. Taking his courage in both hands, Mr Spinotto is bringing a bunch of beautiful flowers to Miss Spinetta.

Oh, he wouldn't have needed to worry... Miss Spinetta is more than delighted!

To make a long story short... they were wed in the woods, under some old birches in tenderest early leaf, at dawn when the light wind gave a graceful, dancing movement to the pale daffodils growing on the glade.

The lovely couple are now off to their honeymoon and towards new adventures... and of course they lived happily ever after."

(We have received the figurines "Spinotto & Spinetta" (by MariCart, Italy) as gifts on different occasions.  The images behind the figurines are from The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden.)


Hugs to you all!

20 kommenttia:

  1. It looks like a match made in Heaven Sara!
    A very sweet Valentine's post.

  2. What a cute couple Spinotto and Spinetta. I enjoyed reading this story.
    Wish you a Happy Valentine´s day!

  3. Ihanan romanttista, suloinen pari!
    Halauksin Tiina :)

  4. They are a cute couple! Happy Valentine's day!

  5. All sweetness . . . I loved your adorable little couple.
    Happy Friends Valentines Day . . .
    Thank you for visiting me at the Irish Garden House . . .

  6. Awwww, so sweet! I wish them much happiness! Happy Valentines/Friends Day to you Sara!

  7. I like your idea of a 'friends day' there. Love your sweet little woodland creatures. Happy Day to you!

  8. So nice they are, here it was love Good Saturday.

  9. Hi Sara, what an incredibly darling couple. Love the photos and the sweet little story you created to go with them. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Valentines/Friends Day.
    Hugs, CM

  10. What a very charming post - love all the photos - and the story.

  11. Happy Valentine's Day or Friends Day....I like that idea too! And an adorable post!

  12. Such a lovely mosaic. So very charming. Yes and I agree with you. I like 'Friends Day' better than Valentine's Day. Have a nice week.

  13. :)) Happy Friends Day Sara :)

    The couple looks so very cool!

  14. An adorable story with a happy ending and the licence plate on the car is cute.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  15. Your Mr.Spinotto and Ms. Spinetta are adorable figurines, Sara! Happy Friendship Day!

  16. So cute. And romantic. I do enjoy the day. I made Valentine cards and little gifts this year and had so much fun doing it. A fun post, here.

  17. Such a sweet story with accompanying photos. I wish the Spinottos all the best!

  18. Cute & tiny details))) cool close-ups

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

  19. Olá amiga,vim retribuir sua carinhosa visita ao meu cantinho.
    Fiquei feliz por seguir-me!!!
    Obrigada,volte sempre e pegue o meu selinho de agradecimento!

    Beijos Marie.


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