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February snow

In the southern parts of Finland, they already see crocuses push through the soil, but we are still in full winter. Lakes are covered by ice and snow.

The snow glistens like diamonds.

You can see snowmobile tracks...

... snow removed from roof...

... snow and ice everywhere!

But the beautiful sunsets tell Spring is on its way... Or at least this is what I like to believe! :)

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  1. Sara, your photos are very pretty, especially the sunset. Your country is similar to Canada except it's the west coast - Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of BC that are having an early spring it seems while the rest of us are extremely cold and snowy. Winter's snow and ice does have a lot of beauty. Enjoy.

  2. Sara ~ very lovely and creative wintry shots!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. I am buried in snow and ice, too - hope those sunsets do herald spring!

  4. So beautiful, but so cold! Stay safe and warm. xx

  5. Fantastic winter scenes. I especially like your sunset shot.

  6. Reading how you can be cold and snowy in the north with crocuses appearing in the south is quite the contrast for one country. We always marvel at how a drive two and a half days south of our winter landscape arrives in the sub tropical zone of Florida.
    At least you have a beautiful sky to appreciate some colour and promise for good things to come.

  7. We are still having the same weather as you and in the southern US they are having spring....but your winter is beautiful!

  8. That's why, your land calls the Homeland of Santa, Snow Queen and Elves!

    All photographs are amazing; I may call "winter reflections" Sunset colors are spectacular ♥♥♥


  9. Wonderful pictures ! We are having the first day of sun after a long period of snow, fog and freezing temperatures! Stay warm and looking forward to seeing the crocuses in your garden!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful images

  11. The sky is amazing! Beautiful winter sences

  12. Sara, your pictures are beautiful! My favorite is the one with the icy branches. Thank you for sharing with us!

  13. Your photos are beautiful, Sara, even the cold snowy ones. There is beauty in the cold, too, but longing for spring takes over at this time of year. The pink sunset is a sign of hope.

  14. Snowy days = wonderful post!)))) congrats~

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

  15. Kiitos vierailusta Vadelmalaaksossa. Valokuvasi ovat upeita :) Tänne tulen toistekin!


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