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Goodbye, January!

I wasn't thinking to try to create an End of the Month Mosaic for January, but Susanna at Pieni Lintu had posted such a beautiful one that I just had to participate in her link party...  I hope you take time to pop in to see hers and the other mosaics!

So here's my January 2015 in photos:

Welcome, February!


  1. Lovely images from your past month.. They are all gorgeous.. Have a happy day!

  2. Such a beautiful mosaic for January. Your photos are so pretty. I will also welcome February. We're getting closer to spring. :)

  3. Wow, an appealing mosaic Sara with the frostiness and touches of pink. I like February; it's my birthday, Valentine's Day and one step closer to spring!

  4. Todella kaunis kollaasi! <3

  5. I love your look into January and its collage ♥

  6. Beautiful images, the frost photos are amazing! Suzy x

  7. Kauniin kollasin olet koonnut. Minun kuvausintoni tyrehtyi tähän harmauteen ja pimeyteen. Tervetuloa helmikuu ja toivottavasti valo.

  8. So great January photo viewing, winter is also beautiful.
    Good weekend to you.

  9. Miten kaunis kollaasi! :D

  10. Wow, this is really amazing and beautiful collage!

    1. Oi kiitos, Taiska! :)
      Kokosin kollaasin aika nopeasti ja ilman huolellista sommittelua. Siinä on kyllä kaksi aihetta - keskimmäisen kuvan halo ja vasemmalla alhaalla "jääkukat"mökin kuistin nurkkalaudassa - joita ei näe joka talvi.
      Mukavaa loppuviikkoa!


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