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Shy rays of sunshine

In this part of the world, we know that there are still weeks of hard winter ahead of us. Yet (or perhaps exactly because of that!), catching a glimpse of the sun and the blue sky has an intoxicating effect. 

Spring and summer are only a very distant promise, but the sunshine reminds us of "the glad certainty that summer is nearing, and that the good things promised will never fail", as Jekyll so nicely puts it.

It has been snowing much in the last few weeks. Yesterday evening the weather changed again. There was a strong wind and the temperature climbed above zero. Standing in the (not yet complete) darkness, I enjoyed, for quite a while, watching the tall spruces wavering in the wind and listened the heavy lumps of snow thudding down. This morning the trees were all bare:

But more snow is expected, of course.  We will most probably have still several weeks of views like this (the photos below have been taken some days ago):

Even at noon, the sunrays are almost horizontal. As you can see, we have very little sunlight at this time of year. I decided, however, to participate in this week's "Sunlit Sunday", hoping this post can brighten up at least a little bit the beginning of our new week!

hosted by Karen

Going towards the evening...

And, of course,

joining Judith


  1. The sun coming through the snowy trees is just perfection. How I would love to walk through a scene such as this. Have a wonderful Sunday x

  2. I love that fluffy woodpecker. A ray of sunshine in the winter is always a welcome sight. Today we are having rain and very high winds - a good day to stay indoors and bake a loaf of pumpkin bread and drink hot tea.

  3. Sara, your photos and description of the snow dropping from the trees are so beautiful. A great shot of the woodpecker. Your trees look beautiful with all the snow and I know you'll be getting more as we will. Thanks for visiting me. I hope you have a sunny week ahead. Blessings. Pam

  4. Love the woodpecker. Great series of snow and the lovely trees. Everything is beautiful -- even if cold. Stay warm. Happy Sun Lit Sunday!

  5. So lovely to see your part of the world, even though your days are short, you manged to capture some sun shining through the trees. Lovely photos. Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. Your photos make winter look beautiful.

  7. Those little bits of sunshine are lovely. I like the last one with the snow on the trees and the sun behind.

  8. Wow, these are gorgeous images. I love the woodpecker! and the sun shining thru the trees is beautiful. Awesome photos. Have a happy new week!

  9. Your photos are wonderful (I love your header) and it is nice to see snow!

  10. LOVELY winter shots! :) I especially like your 'going towards the evening' one !

  11. mahtavia kuvia erityisesti tuo nakke nakuttaja Jaana

  12. Those rays of sunshine, however slanted, are really appreciated these days. Love the pink light on the snow. And that woodpecker - so fluffy.

  13. Such beautiful pictures! The snow is gorgeous but I am sure that the sunshine is a welcome sight!

  14. Hello from a sunny Melbourne - lovely to enjoy some of the beauty of winter out your way!
    Wren x

  15. The sun peeking through the snow laden branches makes it look like a winter wonderland Sara.
    So glad you've linked with my friend Karen and also shared at Mosaic Monday.

  16. A snow covered landscape always lends such beautiful photos. I am not sure that I could endure the harsh winters that you experience. I am getting too old, I suppose. I can barely tolerate our mild winters--mild compared to yours. Non the less, you have gorgeous photos. Love the woodpecker.

  17. The shot of the sun shining through the snow laden branches is amazing, great capture! Stay warm.

  18. Uskomattoman laadukkaita kuvia ja tekstit niin viisaita ja oppineita. Ei ihme, että saat noin paljon kommentteja.

    1. Voi kiitos, Kyllimarjaana! ♥

      Yritän kyllä parhaani sekä kuvien että tekstien kanssa, mutta...
      Olen joka tapauksessa ajatellut sen näin: Jos lukijalla on hyvää tahtoa, hän löytää kauniin ajatuksen kirjoitusvirheiden takaakin, ja jos sitä hyvää tahtoa ei ole, ei auta vaikka teksti ja kuvat olisivat melkein täydellisiä.

      Aurinkoisia talvipäiviä!

  19. ♥ Thank you all for your lovely comments! ♥

  20. Your snowy scenes are magical!! Beautiful!

  21. Beautiful snowy views !
    Great pictures !

  22. Your Winter is beautiful, the last pictures of the beautiful landscape is so lovely.

  23. So beautiful the sunlight through the trees, I love the snow pictures they are wonderful and the little woodpecker brings colour into life.

  24. Sara, I love seeing how beautifully you present the loveliness of winter. The sun coming through the trees is gorgeous and the snow covered branches make me smile. Thank you very much for sharing these pictures of a winter wonderland.

    -Karen at ☀Sunlit Sunday

  25. Dear Sara
    Oh I love your beautiful photos of the winter landscape!
    The tree branches laden with snow and the winter sun peeping through is lovely.
    I wish I could join you on your walk - we don't get snow where I live so it would be a magical experience for me!
    I love this post, Sara!

  26. A huge thanks to you all for your comments! Hugs!


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