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A CD and a book

Roses of inspiration...

At the moment, the roses are covered by snow, and outside it looks like this:

Now to the topic of this post: 

Listening to good music while writing blog posts may be dangerous. With baroque music caressing your ears, all your photos look wonderful and your texts larger than life. That is, however, what I often do... :)

One evening recently, wishing to listen to something inspiriting, I chose a record where the South Korean violinist Jung Chanwoo, together with a Japanese pianist, plays Christian music.

I bought the CD several years ago in Italy after a concert (at a local Methodist church) by Jung. I chose it among the records available because it included some beautiful pieces he had played during the concert.

In general, that small church was the place of many unforgettable music experiences.  In the Music School (Conservatorio) of the town, there were many foreign students, and a group of them, from South Korea, sometimes celebrated the Sunday service together with the local Methodists and sang there as choristers. I don't know how it is to hear angels singing, but it could be like in those moments.

The list of the contents (click to enlarge!) shows that there are both Western and Oriental melodies. One of my favourite pieces is the number 13; unfortunately I'm not able to read/translate its name. (Needless to say, if anyone of you is able to read the language, please write a comment!)

I also like the No. 10, "Ave Maria" (attr. Caccini); no matter if it's Italian or Russian, Baroque or contemporary, it is beautiful, and this is one of the arrangements I most like.

Jung Chanwoo has lived in Japan too and he hopes to serve as a bridge-builder between the Korean and Japanese people. He plays a Guarneri del Gesù violin that is believed to have been owned by Albert Einstein...

... and remembering that helped me choose the book for the evening.

It would be better to read Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein's Letters to and from Children (ed. Alice Calaprice) in English, since most of the letters were originally written in English (and some in German), but unfortunately I have it only in Italian. 

There also are interesting photos and Einstein's biography in the book.

Joyful, touching, sage, and perspective...

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I do enjoy listening to good music while doing blog posts! I understand exactly where you are coming from. Thank you for sharing about this CD...something to look into. That is quite a photo of Einstein! :)

  2. Music is very relaxing and inspiring :0)

  3. I love beautiful music, too! What a lovely post! Enjoy your day, Diane

  4. Love the pretty roses.. Thank you for sharing this Cd. I like to listen to music while doing my blogging..The photo of Einstein is cool.. Have a happy day!

  5. Such a lovely post, dear Sara. I find I concentrate better and feel more at ease when I listen to beautiful classic music and hymns. I will have to look into this Cd. Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  6. Music is inspiring and soothing - your CD sounds like a winner. Einstein's letters would be interesting to read, especially since the roses are covered with snow and you cannot garden.

  7. A world without musiek is no really a world, Have anice day, greeting from Belgium

  8. What a wonderful post. Love those roses.

  9. What an interesting post - I love discovering new music and I shall certainly be looking to find out about Jung Chanwoo. Your roses are beautiful, and it's hard to believe that they can survive all that freezing weather and come back fresh and beautiful in the Spring. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, your visit and comments and very much appreciated.

  10. Gorgeous roses, inspiring music, I love listening to music but at work I cannot concentrate on my work with music because I´m getting slower and slower. And what about Einstein, I think it´s very interesting reading his letters but what about the picture, look at his feet.........haha.

  11. I have the radio on in the kitchen and whatever music is on drifts down the hall to my office. Mr. Chanwoo on the cover looks dedicated to his art and as Janneke has said - what's with the slippers on Einstein's feet? LOL
    I'm looking forward to this spring to see how well the David Austin rose that I won will do.

  12. Ihana tapa rentoutua: katsella ja kirjoittaa puutarhajuttuja ja kuunnella mahtavaa musiikkia. Voin hyvin kuvitella enkelikuoroefektin - olen joskus ollut cantores minores- poikakuoron konsertissa. kirkkokonserteissa on ainutlaatuiinen akustiikka, jota ei mistään muualta saa, siksi kai muusikotkin mielellään siellä konsertoivat. Olin joskus seurakunnan accapellakuorossa, ja oli ihan huippua laulaa jotain latinankielistä laulua kaikuvassa kirkossa. Täytyykin etsiä musiikkia tuolta korealaiselta viulistilta, kun seuraavaksi iskee musiikinkuuntelutarve. Mistä oikein löydät näitä ihania haasteita, ruusuinspiraatio, voiko puutarhastelija enää muuta toivoa...?

    1. Voi, miten kadehdin kaikkia, jotka osaavat laulaa tuollaista musiikkia! Varmaan ihanaa laulaa kirkossa...
      Roses of Inspiration on aivan uusi haaste. Siellä on monenlaisia linkkejä, joiden olisi tarkoitus olla jotenkin inspiroivia: valokuvausta, ruokaohjeita, askartelua, ja myös joitakin aika uskonnollisia postauksia.

  13. Thank you for the music recommendation. Blessings!


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