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Friday thoughts

Fabulous Friday or Felicitous Friday...

I have noticed that many lovely blogs participate in different kinds of "Five on Friday" or "Friday's Favourites" themes or features, and I hope to join in as well, in future. For today I have made a list of five things that made me happy during this week - there were many of them:

1. Health. What I was afraid could be the seasonal influenza, might indeed be the influenza, but with symptoms alleviated by the vaccine. A great excuse for having a nap or going to bed early. :)

1. Health. Eating these is not good, but looking at them is invigorating.

2. We still haven't seen much sun in this part of the country, but at least we have had some days with pleasant temperatures.

2. Spring is on its way.

3. Seed packets hold the promise of spring.  This lavender should survive in our hardiness zone. (From Exotic Garden.)

3. Time to sow.

Lovely lavender... What is funny in the (old) picture below is that it was a photo of me watering the shrubs. A little bit of skillful retouching... et voilà, Mrs Woodland has disappeared... :)

4. Inspiring plant catalogues keep arriving.  In this one (of Garden Center Kauppila, in Turku) there are for example Petunias in lovely (new) colourings. I would love to mix these colours...

4. Inspiring plant and seed catalogues.

5. ... a little bit like Nature does:

5. So much beauty in the natural world!

Joining Karen

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  1. I had the flu at Christmas time even though I had the flu shot in October. It did not last as long but I felt very ill form it--many body aches. I hope you feel better!

    I love the smell of lavender! It is the one shrub that the deer here don't seem to want to eat, so it grows well

    Beautiful winter sky! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Wonderful thoughts and skies!
    Have a nice weekend, hope the flu has gone.

  3. Your blog is always such a lovely place to visit. The water dripping is such a wonderful photo and the sky pictures....wow! They look like they were perfectly painted :)

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, Sara! Hugs to you!

  4. Hope you are feeling better now, dear Sara. I've never grown lavender, but I can appreciate how much joy you are getting from those seed catalogues at this time of year. What a beautiful sunset sky! Happy Valentines Day to you!

  5. I hope that you are feeling better soon, looking forward to planting lovely things is a great idea when you are not feeling so good! xx

  6. I like your happy thoughts! That picture with the droplet falling is wonderful! I tried lavender once but found it to be such a woody plant and not attractive. Since then I've learned there are different varieties so I should try it again. I hope you are feeling better- winter is bad enough without getting sick! The beautiful sunset sky pictures are beautiful!

  7. Beautiful sky photos! Such pretty colours in the clouds. The petunia varieties look really interesting and so colourful. They would be lovely mixed together. It's nice to start thinking about spring gardening although it's months away yet for us. Have a great week. Pam

  8. Nice friday's touhgts and a wonderful sunset.
    I have lavender in the garden, it seeds by itself... but with us in Germany it's warmer, I think
    Have a great new week with more light

  9. Those Petunia colors look awesome. I like new varities like that. It's a bit early yet for thinking about planting those here but the tulips and daffodils are up out of the ground and budded so soon we can enjoy them. Your sunset shots were glorious and lovely.

  10. Sara... Such lovely thoughts ... 5 happies from the previous week! The colors in your photos are stunning... Especially your sunsets. Tried lavender last year from seed... No luck. Will make the investment and buy a couple of pots of established plants this year. Hope you are felt better. Smiles...Susan

  11. How lovely. I especially like the sky shots and those little dripping droplets. That was certainly captured at just the right moment!



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