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The most wonderful time of the year is approaching

There isn't snow yet. 
At the moment, you can find only few Christmas items in the shops and supermarkets.
People are not planning their Christmas decorations and dinners yet...  

However, every year from September on if not earlier, I frequently find myself humming Christmas tunes and having Christmas thoughts. To be honest, I'm thinking of Christmas all year round. I can't help it. I love Christmas.

After our removal, my card making supplies and gift wrapping papers, ribbons, and bows are still in cardboard boxes, but I was able to find something for these photos.  Christmas trees of all types and materials belong to the list of things I most love.

This is our official autumn wreath :), but it is a little bit Christmassy as well:

Since we all like Christmas, my mother happily stores her coffee in this tin box

and my father keeps his breakfast cookies in this tin, originally of Swedish ginger thins:

I think one can enjoy Christmas in a city as well as in the countryside, but one thing is crucial to my Christmas: the snow. Fortunately, we normally have plenty of it in December.  The view from our living room window (and from the terrace) towards the lake usually looks like this around Christmas (this photo was taken in 2012):

Last year we had an unusually mild winter... and practically a Christmas without snow.  The lake was covered with a sheet of ice, but then the ice was covered with water.

In these days, the same view looks like this:

Joining Judith for Mosaic Monday.

Have a beautiful week!


  1. Pretty Christmas decorations! I love Christmas but not winter. Your views of the lake is beautiful! Enjoy your new week!

  2. Beautiful winter pics and I love the little paper tree decorations. Beautiful! I love Christmas for many reasons, but especially because of Jesus' birth.

  3. I decorate more for winter than Christmas, that way the decorations can stay up longer. You have some pretty card items and I hope you find the rest of your supplies so the creative juices can flow.
    Thank you for linking to Mosiac Monday.

  4. I'm starting to think seriously about Christmas - time to make gifts and decorations. Your photos are lovely.

  5. I'm not crazy about cold but love the decorating, lights and making my own Christmas cards. The tin's are nice and your dad and my cookie is the same favourite only mine dont make it to the tin.

  6. Yes, it won't be long now till the Christmas season is upon us. I'm also thinking ahead and have a couple of ideas to make for ornaments. I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  7. Love that coffee tin! We love Christmas too. Mostly because of the Reason for the season. We decorate for Christmas soon after Thanksgiving and keep it up until at least January 6. It really helps with our long winters. Love those little Christmas trees in your photo!

    1. What you wrote is so true! Here in the north, after every summer with much light comes the cold and dark winter, but I haven't ever found it very depressing, because as soon as the evenings get darker, one can light candles and start dreaming and making plans for Christmas.

  8. I love winter until about mid-January when i need it to end but alas it stay many times until April..lovely pictures.

  9. I love Christmas too but I tend to wait until after Thanksgiving (here in the US) to start my decorating and card making. Those little trees you have there are really cute. Loved seeing the different scenes of the lake

  10. Hei, upeita ovat kuvasi. Nyt vasta löysin tämän. Vielä kun löytäisin missä voin liittyä seuraajaksi.

  11. Minä olen JOULUIHMINEN, ihan täysin. Kuvat ovat aivan ihania ja tuntuu, että alan minäkin aivan tuossa tuokiossa. HYVÄ, HYVÄ!

    1. Kiitos, Kyllimarjaana! Tekisi mieli jo laittaa muitakin jouluaiheisia postauksia, mutta tohtiiko sitä vielä lokakuun puolivälissä...? Sinun aikaisemmat joulupostauksesi ovat todella kauniita, ja odotan uusia innokkaasti!

  12. Christmas is the most special time of year for me too Sara!
    The snowy roofs of the houses and the Christmas trees are adorable!
    Your parents red tins all add to the Christmas happening all through the house!
    Oh if only we had snow too but sadly we have sunshine in the southern hemisphere in December - it's wrong I know!!!
    I love all your beautiful mosaics.

    1. Hi Shane

      At school, when we read in a text book that in Australia people go for a picnic to the beach on Christmas Day, we didn't know what to think. :) Is that done in New Zealand, too?

      Two years ago I took my first digital photos of snowy trees etc. Last year it didn't succeed (practically no snow). I'm really looking forward to taking and posting lots of photos of snow (and other Christmassy things) this year!

      Hugs x


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