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Early winter - at sunrise

Some days ago we were able to enjoy a particularly pink dawn:

The first two photos were taken in front of our home.

From the other side of the house, you see the lake, partially frozen now. The four white objects difficult to identify are swans sleeping or resting. They will have moved towards the south by now:

And this is a view that you have already seen many times. There isn't anything really special about it, but I like to depict this part of the lake, because there aren't any houses or cottages there:


  1. The pink sky through the trees is magical looking, makes me believe there are fairies in there!

  2. I agree with Judith- it looks magical, especially knowing there are swans there... I've always loved swans- they are so regal.. Beautiful Sara!!!

  3. Such beautiful scenes full of mystery. The pink sky, the fog rising from the lakes, the sleeping swans - wonderful!

  4. Taiteilin kommentin monin sanakääntein -- ja se katosi!!

    1. No voi harmi! Nyt täytyy koettaa selvittää, mistä tuo johtuu. Onneksi sähköpostit sentään kulkevat. Kiitos kommentistasi joka tapauksessa!

  5. All pictures are wonderful, but I especially love the last one Sara...maybe because it has no homes or people. You live in a most beautiful place.

  6. Hello dear Sara
    Your photos are magical - the gorgeous pinks of dawn just take my breath away!
    We are indeed privileged to live in this wondrous world!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    It would be impossible not to with that view.

    1. Thank you, dear Shane!
      We have received a wonderful gift, this beautiful world. I wish we respected and protected it more...
      Have a lovely weekend!


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