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The first frost

Last night our thermometer registered -2.8 degrees Celsius (about 27 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the handy converter found on Google), and it is thus far the lowest temperature this autumn.

I'm especially sorry for the cosmoses.  They would still have tens and tens of buds of all sizes. (Fortunately, now in the warmth of the afternoon sun, it looks that most of them survived the cold.)

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  1. Hi Sara
    I'm so happy to see your comments enabled! Beautiful photos of the plants covered in frost. Our day of frosted flowers is yet to come, we have been enjoying a warm Indian Summer for about a week so far.

  2. Hello dear Sara

    Oh that precious rose covered in frost.... did you manage to save it to dry for a winter bouquet?
    I am so lucky as where I live in New Zealand, we are in a temperate zone and don't get frosts or snow.
    I love seeing everyone's photos of it on their blogs and wish we could have snow one day too!

    Wishing you a very happy weekend my dear Finnish friend!

  3. I love the leaf in the bottom photo! Sylvia

  4. Just beautiful frosty flowers! I'm looking forward to browsing around your blog...

  5. Hei! En aluksi käsittänyt , miten, saan sinulle kommentin, kunnes... Kauniit kuvat, hienoa. Haluaisin alkaa seuraamaan blogiasi, mutta en vielä ole varma miten se tapahtuu. Minulla on hieman erilainen, ehkäpä se tästä!


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