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Humming a Christmas tune

In window boxes, the summer flowers have given way to heathers and sprigs of pine.

Last week I wrote about my brain playing Christmas songs in my head, without any obvious stimulus, if not that of the nights getting darker and longer. It's not a problem at all, since I love practically all genres of Christmas music (from Bach to traditional carols and secular Christmas songs).   Washing the dishes and hoovering the carpets is so much funnier when you have a joyful American, mid-19th century Christmas song "playing" in the background.

This book has been following me everywhere for years.

There are (easy) arrangements of many of the most beloved carols.

Music is the universal language of mankind, and many carols loved by us (in Finland) have reached us from other countries, like Sweden, Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States. The tongue you see below is Swedish:

"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town", one of the songs that keep popping into my mind.  Just think that it was first performed (on a radio show) in 1934, already eighty years ago!

The book is illustrated with old (or old-style) Swedish and Finnish Christmas cards.  I have used some from the book and some of those received by my family for this week's mosaic.

Do visit Judith's lovely blog "Lavender Cottage" to see her charming mosaics and many others!

Have a lovely week!

16 kommenttia:

  1. I adore Christmas music, too. I could listen to it all year. I really enjoyed this post.

  2. What a sweet book; I enjoyed this! :)

  3. I look forward to the Christmas Carols coming on the radio about mid-November each year. Today I received the annual invitation to the Scandinavia Christmas bazaar held at a church in our community. They have very tasty breads and desserts they sell that are different for me but I always buy some to have with tea.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  4. Oh my, I don't think I'm ready for Christmas yet. It is usually just after Remembrance Day that the Christmas music starts playing on the radio and in the stores. The lists of upcoming Christmas crafts sales are appearing though.

  5. I am barely wrapping my head around Halloween so there aren't enough brain-cells to think Christmas yet -- although this post was a lovely reminder! Happy week ahead. . .

  6. I like Christmas songs too. It is part of the preparation for Christmas. Cute book.. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  7. Aww Sara, I'm looking forward to hearing Christmas music again too!
    A sweet post with the vintage images and music sheets take me back to when I was a young girl!
    I'm looking for a Polish Christmas CD, as I remember hearing those pieces at my friend's house many years ago!
    The Heather looks so pretty in the window box.
    Shane xox

  8. What a beautiful mosaic and a very sweet music book. I'm so ready for the holidays and all of the joy it brings. Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. I enjoy Christmas however, it seems to start earlier each year. I found a pan flute Christmas carol cd and play it but only 1 week before Christmas, lol I'm not ready for the short days and darker nights but they are here and so will Christmas bee soon enough.

  10. Those are beautiful illustrations! Wow. I love old books for that. By the way, Robert whistles Jingle Bells absentmindedly when ever he's happy. All year long. :D It's lovely to hear.

  11. Lovely photos and mosaics! I too love Christmas music. I sing in a large ladies choir (over 130 voices) and we start practicing Christmas music in September to get ready for our December concert, so I too am singing/enjoying Christmas music already! I'll be back for a longer look around your blog. :)

  12. You have a great collection of music. I love Christmas songs of all sorts. I enjoy playing Christmas music when I sew or cook - usually beginning in November.

  13. I have had an occasional carol pop into my head as well lately...and I adore old Christmas cards from any country...these are lovely as is your book.

  14. Laitoin pitkän kommentin, tulikohan se.

  15. Ei se alkuperäinen näköjään tullut HARMI . N nyt tiedän miten tässä täytyy menetellä, onnistuu sitten seuraavalla kerralla.

  16. The flowers are beautiful and the other shares all delightful!


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