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Something important - Tärkeää kommenttiasiaa

Hello all! A friend of mine has let me know that she is not able to comment on my blog posts (using her Google/Blogger profile). She writes a comment, hits Publish... and the comment disappears somewhere and never reaches me.

In the beginning of my blogging career this happened to me too, especially when using a browser other than Chrome. Have you had problems commenting on my blog? I'll be very grateful if you let me know, either via email or in the comments section... if you manage to leave a comment. I definitely wouldn't like to lose any of your comments, always so kind and interesting!

The photos of this post are my favourites from the last week.

Hei! Tässä postauksessa suosikkikuviani viime viikolta... ja tärkeää asiaa kommenteista:

Eräs ystäväni kertoi, että hänen kommenttinsa (Bloggeriin kirjautuneena, selaimena Chrome) postauksiini katoavat julkaistaessa aina, eikä niistä tosiaan näy jälkeäkään hallintapaneelissani. Tätä on varmasti sattunut kaikille joskus, kun "Blogger takkuaa", mutta toivon, ettei sitä tapahdu erityisen usein minun blogissani ja että kommentointi on lopulta onnistunut. Onko teillä ollut ongelmia kommentoinnissa - tässä blogissa tai muualla? Muistattehan, että minuun saa yhteyden myös sähköpostin kautta (osoite sivupalkissa)!

Lämmin kiitos ihanista kommenteistanne.

Punakylkirastas. Kiitos, Anne! :)

Turdus iliacus

Have a lovely new week!

Mukavaa uutta viikkoa!


  1. Sara, your photos are so beautiful! No, I have had no problems commenting on your blog...thankfully. :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Sara!
    Gertrude Jekyll was a wise old lady. I have a rose who is named after her.
    I wish you a nice new week!

  3. Dear Sara,
    such beautiful photos! I have no problems with commenting.
    Have a wonderful week. Big hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  4. Lovely pictures...especially of the Redwing.
    If you're reading this then the comments are working OK for me!

  5. These are such lovely photos, dear Sara!
    Sitting next to the window with a cup of tea and a great book... I love these quiet moments. :-)
    Have a wonderful week! Big hugs! ♥

  6. So pleased to see that spring is trying to arrive Sarah.
    Your moon shot is perfect.

  7. I've seen this book but never got the chance to check.
    Your photos are stunning, dear.

    Have a wonderful new week yourself! :)

  8. Hi Sara: The mere fact that so many people are leaving comments seems to indicate that there is not a problem.

  9. Kauniita kuvia punakylkirastaasta ja entäs sitten nuo kauniit koivunrungot sinistä taivasta vasten ♥
    Minulla ainakin kommentointi blogiisi on onnistunut hankaluuksitta.
    Mukavaa alkanutta viikkoa sinulle Sara.

  10. That birdie sure did let you get close to him to take his picture. PURRS.

  11. The birch trees and the moon against the lovely light blue sky is like something out of this world -
    and yet it IS in this world 💙 Voisarvi sitten onkin maallinen houkutus 😀 Ihanaa uutta viikkoa !

  12. Your photos are so beautiful. Especially the waxing moon.

    I have no trouble, commenting.

    I use Firefox.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  13. Great photos. I have never had a problem leaving a comment. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Ihanat kuvat! Ei ole ollut ongelmaa. Mukavaa viikkoa!

  15. Kauniita kuvia!
    Ei ole ollut ongelmia!

  16. Hei Sara! Ihanat kuvat. Kommentit ovat menneet blogiisi hienosti perille;-)

  17. Kuu ja koivunrungot - yksikertaisen kaunista - kun sen huomaa! Ei ole ollut ongelmia tässä blogissa kommenttien kanssa. Hyvää viikkoa!

  18. Lovely glimpses of your life through your photos, Sara. So glad the skies are blue and things are greening up. The croissant is delightful! I use Chrome and I don't think I have any trouble leaving comments here.

  19. Lovely photos! I have never had a problem commenting on your blog, Sara.

  20. minulla ei ole ollut ongelmia kommentoinnissa

  21. this is beautiful- as always... I have missed visiting here. <3

  22. Kokeillaan, ei ainakaan tähän meneessä ole ollut ongelmia.

  23. I have no problems commenting here... But I have had similar issues elsewhere. I think sometimes blogger & google mess up causing such an issue. I hope this problem doesn't persist, and that you're having a lovely week!

  24. Boa tarde, até aqui consegui comentar sempre, mas acontece por qualquer motivo, a partilha que oferece é completa e bela.
    Continuação de boa semana,

  25. Your birds are so lovely and sweet. The croissant....if I could just reach in...and take it!! Lovely pictures of great contentment.

  26. There is a lot of old gardening wisdom and techniques that are just as good today as they were when first written about.
    Yum... coffee, a croissant and a good gardening book - a nice way to spend an hour.

  27. Kauniita kuvia, ihanaa kevättä sinulle! Minullakaan ei ole ollut kommentoinnissa ongelmaa, ainoa ongelma on minussa, kun en aina meinaa ehtiä arjen kurimuksessa kommentoimaan.

  28. Again your photos are really beautiful.
    I haven't had any problems commenting on your blog...

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    All the best Jan

  29. Hello, I saw you on Beatrice Euphemie's blog. You take wonderful pictures. Coffee and croissants is such a treat. I was wondering where you are from, as I wasn't sure of the language.

    Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we enjoy Photography as well. We would love it if you could visit and follow. It's so nice to meet new friends, especially from different parts of the world. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  30. Such lovely photos as always Sara. I have never had a problem leaving a comment. Hope you have sorted out the problem by now.

  31. Gorgeous photos Sara. The book looks extremely interesting. I am a fan of Gertrude Jekyll ♥ Coffee and croissants are my guilty indulgence.
    The Redwing is so cute, how wonderful to photograph it!! Have a wonderful week with hugs from us x


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