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Dilemmas, drones, and loads of photos

Hello all! The warmer winds are finally blowing also here in Eastern Finland and one can already catch glimpses of green buds on the trees and bushes... and the lupins look as pretty as every spring.

Nyt on jo hieman saatu nauttia keväästä täällä Itä-Suomessakin. Viikonlopun sääennusteessa oli ensin luvassa aurinkoa, nyt vain puolipilvistä, mutta lämpötilat alkavat sentään olla mukavia.

Fake but pretty.

Thank you again for your kind comments! I had decided to reply to them also in the comments section, but I still haven't even visited all your blogs. La vita che stress. (The days are just packed.) :)

And I would have several posts waiting and loads of photos that I would like to share with you! What to do? Just to publish the photos and disable the comments?

Kiitos taas ihanista kommenteistanne! Olin ajatellut vastata niihin myös kommenttiosiossa, mutta aika ei vain tunnu riittävän. Minulla olisi jonossa kuvia ja postauksia odottamassa, mutta en ole vielä käynyt läheskään kaikissa blogeissa vastavierailuilla...

"Lovely lupin leaves... but what about the drones?", I hear you saying...

Yes, it is snow.

UPM:n Metsiemme lintuja -julisteesta.

Rhodiola rosea - this individual is probably about 50 years old.

Kukkia lautasliinassa (Ambiente Studio).

Now I show you a recent purchase made by my brother. A good word to describe it is "cool". :) The Mavic Pro is an unmanned aerial photography and videography drone for personal (and commercial) use. It has a 12MP camera and the top speed is 65 kilometres per hour. Size folded: H 83 mm x W 83 mm x L 198 mm, diagonal size 335 mm, weight 734 g.

Imagine having a beautiful garden and a sunny summer day. What lovely photos and videos you could shoot! :)

It was thrilling to fly this drone. The weather wasn't quite as boring as it looks in these photos - however, a cloudy weather was much better (for gazing at a small flying vehicle) than a bright sunshine.

DJI Mavic Pro, kuvauskopteri
DJI Mavic Pro

Toukokuinen sunnuntai oli pilvinen ja luonto vielä väritön, kun kokeilimme tätä kuvauskopteria, mutta jos olisi ihana puutarha ja kaunis kesäinen sää, puutarhabloggaus nousisi tällaisen laitteen avulla kyllä aivan uusiin sfääreihin. Kuvakoko 4000 x 3000 ja 4K-videokuvaus. Lentää kuin sotilashelikopteri ja kuulostaa herhiläisparvelta. :D

DJI Mavic Pro, nelikopteri

Mavic Pro, UAV, DJI

Garden chores waiting. Ta ta for now! :)

Kiitos jo etukäteen kommenteistanne. Huomenna toivon pääseväni hieman shoppailemaan, siis tietenkin puutarhamyymälään. Nähdään pian!


  1. Hih hih miten veikeä töyhtötiainen lintujulisteessa 😀

    Pientä matalalentoa täälläkin, mutta huomenna vapaapäivä.
    Kivaa shoppailua !

    1. Toivottavasti ehdit nauttia vapaapäivästä, Rita! ;)

  2. Hello Sara,

    Beautiful foggy photo! Lupin's are very pretty with raindrops. I love your pelargonia. They are very beautiful. The light in the last photo is amazing!


    1. Thank you, Marit!
      The last photo was taken through a window - there seems to be a mysterious reflection.

  3. Hi Sara! I wouldn't call you an amateur photographer. Pictures (as usual) look very professional. The first one is something special. And, of course, lupins....

    1. Thank you, Marina!
      Lupins are always lovely. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos!

    Our son in law uses one of those drones, for his brother's Architectural business. They can thus, view over a site, on which a building is to be built.

    Luna Crone

  5. You say you are busy...

    You say, you are behind in visiting blogs.....

    And you also say, you are going to reply to comments, here in your blog comments....


    You are already busy, and behind in visiting/commenting in blog. Why add another job? That of replying, in your own comments section?

    Myself, I choose to show my appreciation, for comments made in my blog, by reading/commenting in the blogs of those who comment in mine. To me, this makes the most sense.

    But that is my choice. Not everyone's. I know. :-)

    Hugs, Luna Crone

    1. Thank you, Luna! :)
      I too think that visiting and commenting on the blogs of those who leave comments on our blog is more important than replying to comments in our own blog.
      It's just that you all leave such interesting comments that each of them would deserve a reply and often it would be nice to continue discussing the topic even longer. :D
      Big hugs!

  6. Le foto del tuo post sono uno spettacolo ....che invidia, io non riesco a scattarne una carina :(

    1. Mica vero, Roberta! :)
      Adesso vengo a vedere cos'hai creato di bello oggi.
      Infatti, la tua nuova pochette è bellissima e così anche le foto.
      Baci! <3

  7. Tosi mielenkiintoinen kuvauskopteri!

  8. Kauniita kuvia! Julkaise ihmeessä kuvasi heti. Aina ei ehdi eikä pysty käydä kommentoimassa muiden blogeja. Hieman samaa ongelmaa nimittäin täälläkin.. :) Mukavaa kevään jatkoa!

  9. Beautiful photos and a lovely painting, Sara!

  10. Great Photos and a very nice painting. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  11. It was a real summer's day here, Sara. The temperature hit 28 degrees. But it's not going to last unfortunately, the next few days are supposed to be in the low teens.

  12. Lovely to know that spring is finally finding her way to you. This is a wonderful collection of your garden. The moon has to be my favourite followed by the duck / goose.

  13. Hej Sara!

    Trevligt att våren äntligen infinner sig hos dig också. Här blev det många bakslag med frusna växter och plötsligt hade vi 28 grader igår. Vädret är inte sig likt och naturen blir förvirrad.

    Tjusiga bilder som alltid!


  14. I am a huge fan of you outstanding photography Sara!

    you always bring finest collection of your lovely surroundings that give good idea of Finland which has glorious views .
    not familiar with these pretty flowers.
    moon hold my heart for long,really impressive and gorgeous view.
    hope you find some time for yourself as you mentioned your days are going very busy.
    best wishes for you and you brother my friend

  15. I've not been around in Blogland much lately, too much going on. It is snowing this morning. The snow had been forecast for over a week and I think a lot of us thought it will peter out before it gets to us. Not so. It is a heavy wet snow that melts quickly, but it is cold and the cold will ruin blooms that don't like these late spring storms. Your photos are lovely and I am sure that your brother will enjoy his drone. Hopefully he will get good views of your garden.

  16. Wow, does that cover my reaction? I'd love to play with a drone, maybe they can make a pink one for housewives..lol
    Your lupins have a red edge whereas mine are all green - do you know the Latin name for your variety Sara? Would love to get some seeds from you if possible to see if they will grow here as well.
    Have a nice weekend.

  17. Dear Sara, your pelargoniums are beautiful! They look so healthy and strong... The first photo with the huge Moon is amazing... I love the mysterious foggy road as well... and the lupins with the drop of water... they look like if they were jewels... The rhodiola rosea is just now blooming in our garden. (I think they are those... :-) I don't know the plants so well... :-)) I read now, that if you drink tea made from their roots every day, you will live a hundred years. :-)
    I curiously look forward to the photos made with the drone. :-)
    I wish a beautiful, sunny weekend to you, and happy garden chores! :-))

  18. Älä turhaan stressaa, ehditkö vierailla blogeissa tai vastata kommentteihein! Aika on aina tiukalla tähän aikaan vuodesta. Laita vain kuvia ihailtavaksi - niiden selaaminen antaa aina ylellisen hetken! Kiitos täsät jälleen!

  19. Hello Dear Sara,

    Seems the nature's awoke already ♥Lovely post with amazing images♥

    Have a great Sunday♥

    PS:I am reading a book recently named "In the White Lilies's Land :Finland" It is about daily life of Finland in 1900's. I often remember you while reading it ♥♥♥

  20. Wow! drones?)) love that innovative way to explore nature!
    Have a great week!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

  21. There are some interesting plants on here today. Aaahh, the pink rose always makes my heart sing. It's my second favorite rose. The picture of the snow on the evergreen is so pretty. It's fun to see the different flowers and plants of other places in the world.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


  22. Oh my gosh Sara, don't disable the comments and do keep posting! When time is limited, it is better to post on your schedule and then visit other people when you have time. All of us bloggers understand that -- we've all had times like that.

    Your flowers and plants are wonderful today and I am so envious of your drone!! What a wonderful opportunity to get pictures from a different angle -- how very exciting it will be.

  23. Piparminttu, Linda, Madeline, David, Helen, Gunilla, Baili, Ann, Judith, Maristella, Edit, Pirkko, Nurdan, Juliana, Sheri and Sallie - KIITOS, THANK YOU!


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