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Parco delle Camelie, Locarno, CH

The best month to visit the Parco delle Camelie in Locarno, Switzerland, would be April, but we never seem to manage to reach it in time to see the Camellias blooming. Fortunately there are other beautiful acidophilic plants flowering also in May and June.

The Camellia Park  in Locarno was inaugurated in 2005 on the occasion of the International Camellia Society World Congress (ICS) and is home to hundreds of varieties of catalogued camellias including about forty different species. No entry fee.

blue hydrangea

Automatkalla kohti Italiaa pieni Locarnon kaupunki jää vain hieman sivuun moottoritiestä. Se sijaitsee Sveitsin italiankielisessä osassa, kauniin Maggiore-järven rannalla. Kaupungin kameliapuistossa näkisi huhtikuussa satojen ihanien kamelialajikkeiden kukkivan. Myöhemmin voi ihastella esimerkiksi atsaleoita ja hortensioita. Puistoon ei ole pääsymaksua.

map locarno switzerland
The red place markers show where these cell phone photos were taken.

al lago

This very handsome tree should be Taxodium distichum:

bald cypress

Ohiajaneen huvijahdin aiheuttamat aallot loiskivat vasten suosypressien runkoja. :)

cipresso delle paludi, suosypressi

"To Golf or Not to Golf? What a Silly Question!"


locarno, switzerland

Lago Maggiore:

Lago Maggiore, Svizzera

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  1. You are BRILLIANT my friend!!!
    blessed with art of capturing the views uniquely !
    LOVED each photo but bench near thick trunk tree hold my heart strongly

  2. Oh what a lovely blog and so lovely pictures - so nice to visit you!
    Best wishes for a great week, take care...

  3. You've been to Locarno, Sara, great! I think it's not far from your place in Italy, is not it? Beautiful photos, I understand you need more colors looking at the window. Me too.

    1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. About a 'Cunningham's White' rhododendron. I saw it in Mustila arboretum, near Lahti, a year ago. It grows well there,so it's hardy enough -30 C. I think a 'Cunningham's White' goes well for your garden.

  4. Hello dear Sara, how gorgeous place it is! Wonderful flowers! And those trees are amazing! I love mountains... and the lakes among them, but I've never been to Switzerland... yet. :-)
    Your photos are simply captivating... as always! :-)
    Have a beautiful week! Hugs! ♥

  5. What a beautiful place to visit. The wooden bench by the lake looks like a glorious place to sit and enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Your blooms and trees are spectacular!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Sara :)

  6. Well that takes me back !!! Olin 18-vuotiaana italialais-suomalaisessa perheessä lasta hoitamassa. Kaupunkiasunto Milanossa, kesäasunto Varesessa, pienessä paesessa nimeltä Besozzo. SIeltä käytiin joskus uimassa Lago Maggioressa. 🙂Kiva kazzella tuota karttaa kun siinä on tuttuja nimiä 💚Kävin kerran päiväretkellä Sveitsin puolella Belllinzonassa. Sekin näkyy kartallasi.

    Ihanat kuvat. Puolisoni suosikki olisi golfkenttäkuva 😀😎

  7. Beautiful photos, Sara! A Camellia park must be nice to visit :)
    I would like to sit by the lake and just enjoy the beautiful landscape.
    I wish you a nice week and a lot of sunshine!

  8. How beautiful! Truly there is no better word to describe the blooms and location as well as your photos!
    Best wishes!

  9. Great photos just beautiful. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Olá, lindas imagens da bela natureza, esta cria e oferece a beleza das cores naturais, é fantástico.

  11. No mountains like that near me! Beautiful.

  12. Beautiful photos Sara. All a joy for the sight seeing these wonders. A very good place to visit.
    Good Tuesday, my friend.

  13. Gorgeous photos!!!!

    Lake Maggiore. We have friends, whose last name, is Maggiore. So past generations, were probably originally, from this area.

  14. So beautiful and very soothing, dear Sara! Thank you so much for sharing, I love your photos! :)

  15. Dear Sara,
    sooo beautiful photos. My favorite photo is the second last.
    Have a good time... Big hugs ... Dorothea

  16. Upeita kuvia ja maisemia! Aurinkoista viikkoa!

  17. Beautiful, enviable blooms... The trees with the flared bottoms are interesting, made me think of dancers.

  18. What a beautiful place! Love all the flowering trees and the little daisies growing in the grass. Enchanting! x Karen

  19. I've never heard of the park before but now it goes firmly on my wish list.Beautiful!

  20. Flowers are the magic in our lives. What a lovely and peaceful place to visit. That is an interesting tree. How strange that the trees grow in the water. We call the blue ones 'hydrangeas' here.


  21. gorgeous! so beautiful and lush!

  22. Beautiful Sara! I would love to sit on that park bench on the lake and just relax. I've never been there but might have to plan a trip soon. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Gorgeous shots! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  24. Such wonderful photographs, a lovely looking post.
    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  25. What a beautiful place.
    The hydrangeas are beautiful.
    Good continuation of the week.


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