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It's a dark and rainy November day. All the beautiful snow has melted away. On your way to the letter box, you notice that the hares have been chomping your mountain pines and that the rain and squirrels are damaging your new, cute bird feeder.

In the letter box, there are bills and other stuff like that... but there's also a cheerfully yellow parcel. Our dear friends from Germany have already sent their Christmas greetings to us!

Thank you so much! :)

In these photos, you can see some of the tasty (and all of them organic) and pretty things there were. Chocolate coated gingerbread...

Our favourite table spreads... :)

A fun and a very fragrant idea, a Spice Advent Calendar (by an Austrian company Sonnentor):

24 herb and spice blends...

... for example a Gingerbread Spice Mix...

... and Blossom-Spice Sugar: beet sugar, sunflower petals, cornflowers, marigold, rose blossoms, vanilla, cinnamon cassia, cloves, ginger.  I hope you can see the lovely colours of the mix! :)

There's also a pretty recipe booklet. The last image of this post is from the booklet.

It's about one month until Christmas. Next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent! :)

I wish you all a happy Advent Season and a very Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it today. Remember that cardamom in the coffee increases the digestibility! ;)



  1. En trevlig Första Advent till dig också!

  2. Schön ❤️Sehr schön sogar !

    Ihania, niin ihania saksankielisen maailman tuotteita ja herkkuja 🍎
    Tekee mieli puhjeta laulamaan O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum 🎄
    wie schön sind deine Blätter ...

  3. Liebe Sara,
    was für ein wunderbares Adventspäckchen du bekommen hast. Danke für deinen Kommentar. Ich freue mich, dass du auch Deutsch verstehst. Viele liebe Grüße ... Dorothea :-)

  4. Thank you,Sara for your sweet comment on my photos. Today is our Thanksgiving. We will have a quiet celebration at home, just the two of us. The girls both go to their in-laws. Your received lovely gifts from your friend and yet it is fun to go to the mail box to find nice things instead of what we call here "junk mail", advertisements mailed to Resident or bills. Always bills. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. So lovely and sweet aspects in photos! Christmas time it seems to be so close! A very nice day and weekend ahead! Also, happy Advent Season and a very Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it today, too!

  6. A nice parcel of goodies from your friends. I've always used ginger for digestive issues, good to know cardamom has the same properties.

  7. Wow,very nice! I wish you also a blessed Advent Season! Love the recipe booklet

  8. Seems just a little too early to me to be thinking about Christmas!

  9. Such a thoughtful special gift. I hope the sun comes out soon.

  10. How lovely to get a special surprise gift from friends! What fun!

  11. Reading your post, at first I got sad because of the pines and that cute bird feeder, but then your photos - all of them are lovely little ‘Christmas mood-pieces’ - brightened me as well. You have great friends. :-) the Spice Advent Calendar is a fantastic idea! Still I don't really feel the Christmas mood, probably, because the recent days were brightly sunny and mild. (10-14°C)
    I wish you a lovely weekend and a wonderful first Sunday of Advent!

  12. What a great gift from your friends. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  13. Well that was a lovely surprise to brighten up a rainy November day! How wonderful!

  14. You have got very good friends, Sara. Lucky you!
    Of course it's a pity your pines were damaged, nasty rabbits.
    Happy Advent!

  15. Oh what a beautiful post to look at and read ...so uplifting and warming.

    Sending my good wishes for a Happy Advent Season.

    All the best Jan

  16. You really know how to brighten up the dark and rainy November days, Sara! Everything is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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