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Icicles and cute critters

There is beauty everywhere around us.

In the last few days, we have seen some unusual icicles. It had been snowing much and on the roofs there were thick, heavy blankets of snow. With thawing, the snow started slowly to slide downwards (and fell down).  In this photo, you can see some of the last chunks still on a roof:

The melt water running under the blanket of snow had formed funny-looking icicles:

This is one of them, seen through our kitchen window:

In the following day, it was sparkling golden in the rays of the afternoon sun:

Looking like abstract art:

Here another one, again seen from the kitchen window:

Below, you can see air bubbles and some seeds trapped in the ice. The colours haven't been edited. The sun was shining and the dark background colour of this and the first photo comes from the trees behind (on the other side of the lake):

And then the critter update.  One of "our" squirrels has learned to climb a steel pole to reach the bird feeder you can see in this post. I went to tell him/her that even though inventive, this approach is not appreciated by us. He/she decided to back away for a while:

A very cute willow tit came to keep an eye on the situation... and on the feeder:

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  1. Those icicles are really cool looking !! We haven't had any snow this year ... so no icicles :-( We are having problems with squirrels and our bird feeder. I tried one of those squirrel baffles and within about a week, they had figured out how to get around it...

  2. Very intriguing icicle photos. They look sharp as daggers. Cute squirrel and even cuter bird. Winter out your way has lots of interesting things to engage your attention.

  3. I really like those icicle shots! And your little critters are really cute.

  4. Sara, what beautiful pictures you take! I have enjoyed each one. The thing that sticks out to me as I viewed them was "now here is a lady who is on the hunt for the gifts of beauty He surrounds us with". Thank you ever so much for sharing them here.

  5. Isn't it fun to capture the oddities that nature creates! Some interesting icicles and an intelligent squirrel - I've put vaseline on the poles to thwart them and it works.

  6. The icicles are so amazing. You got a very sharp eye to see this wonderful beauty of nature .
    The squirrels are so cute.

  7. What lovely scenes with the squirrel and the bird.... And I enjoyed the icicles with your explain. We have snowy days here and than it melt after one day. The wheather goes up and down with the temperature.
    xoxo Heidrun

  8. The first picture is just stunning!!

  9. That is a LOT of snow and ice! Your pictures are stunning. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  10. Wonderful ice shots! And cute critters.

  11. Hei,
    Huikean kauniit talviset kuvat ja erityisesti jääpuikot ovat kiehtovia!
    Kuvaan itsekin paljon kotiympäristössä
    ja nyt tammikuussa talvista maisemaa
    täällä Hämeessä.
    Hyvää torstaipäivää :)

  12. Nature creates the most beautiful art....and you have captured it here to share...thank you!


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