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Colours of January

Poecile montanus

Lately, the weather hasn't been very inspiring. In January, the sun doesn't climb much above the horizon here in Eastern Finland (between 62° and 63° N), but there are some bright and cheerful days with blue skies.  Often, however, even the sunrays look bleak and the landscapes grey and dreary, in spite of snow...

There are many different shades of brown and grey colours...

... rather elegant shades, I would say, but... ...

On cloudy winter days, it's even more difficult to find something nice to photograph.

I know I'm privileged, though. I only need to step out the front door and I can stand still and contemplate the tall spruces and birches that surround our home. These branches of spruces, with some frozen snow on them, looked rather interesting when seen from below.

Not very intensely hued, but pretty...

Fortunately, at the grocer's you can find flowers as well! Among those available, I chose cut tulips and a primula. Only I should have bought several of them, of different colours.  Nothing says Spring (other than a bunch of crispy tulips) like a pot of cheerful primulas.

Citing a newspaper article: Tired of waiting for spring? Take matters into your own hands and create a splash of colour with pots of primulas!


  1. Harmaata on. Täällä on aurinko näkynyt joulun jälkeen ainoastaan viime viikon muutamana aurinkoisena päivänä. Tekisi mieli mennä talviunille ja käpertyä möllöttämään oikein kunnolla. Ainoa piristysruiske oli eilen, kun luulin kadottaneeni sukututkimus tiedot koneeltani. Se pani säpinää aivoihini. No ne löytyivät, kun aikani pähkäilin. Tänään tein niistä varmuuskopiot. - Josko koetettas pakertaa eteenpäin tämän talven kanssa. - En muuten ole ennen tajunnut, että itseasiassa minä en tykkää tästä kaamos ajasta niin pätkääkään.

  2. I like all these pretty snowy trees. They are graphic in their form and colour. Yes, primulas and tulips are wonderful to have inside during the winter months when we need some colour. We are having a blizzard here today. Very nasty outside. Enjoy your day.

  3. Hello Sarah!
    I love all the frosty trees in your photographs! (I also posted a winter tour.:)
    The flowers are really gorgeous and a very bright spot in winter.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Amazing photos! I like the subdued colors of winter, but I think, in Finnland the dark time is harder to survive than with us in Germany.

  5. Your winter sounds like ours....cold on the sunny days and snowy on the grey ones....but never as beautiful as yours in these pictures....I plan to add more plants that will bloom indoors next winter...I need it.

  6. You take such lovely photos! Enjoy your day sweet friend! Hugs!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! It's so nice to see the wonderful things God has made! Blessings ~Wholesome Joy~

  8. There's still beauty in the drab colours of winter isn't there? We can definitely take matters into our own hands by adding a splash of colour with flowers - potted or bouquets.

  9. Beautiful photos as always, Sara! Despite the grey days, there is always beauty to be found if we look! And you're right- purchasing some lovely flowers sure is a good way to perk ourselves up! What a lovely treat.
    I live near Pam (above commenter). We are in the midst of a very nasty blizzard- everything is closed- gov't offices, schools, banks, malls, no busses, they're not even plowing the streets yet... good day to stay in and blog hop!

  10. So many beautiful views… I love this season… well all the seasons really.

  11. Your snowy pics are pretty. There is still great beauty in the grey days of winter if we only look and see. Thank you for sharing. I so enjoyed your blog and now a new follower. Visiting from my dear friend Stephanie's link up party.
    Blessings for a great day.

  12. The frosty leaves and branches of trees are lije magic. They're very beautiful. Despite the coldness of winter, I can't help admire its beauty.

  13. You live in a very beautiful part of the world and your photos are superb!

  14. Wonderful photos! I was born in January and I absolutely love my month's colors! Thank you for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  15. Your snow photographs have made me come out in goosebumps they are so beautiful. THANK YOU so much for sharing them, just stunning x

  16. Such pretty snowy scenes! In Boston, we just got 3 feet of snow so lots of snow to go admire!

  17. gorgeous winter photos, isn't it wonderful we can still have flowers in winter

  18. Oh Sara, your pictures of the snow-covered trees are breathtaking. God has truly blessed us with beauty during each season, hasn't He :)

    Thank you so much, sweet friend, for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed each photo.

  19. I like your snowy scenes. The shades of gray and brown are very elegant.
    Greetings from Germany

  20. The snow is actually quite pretty to see! But maybe that's because I don't see it very often. Your splash of color is an awesome addition to the snow shots.

  21. Lovely pictures! I'm looking forward for spring but I would love to see the snow once again before the sunny season!!

  22. Your photos are beautiful

  23. Your winter scenes are absolutely gorgeous! If only the whole winter could look like that, I could wait more patiently for Spring!

  24. Beautiful photos . . . Love the winter snow scenes very much . . . And it looks like you are into some PINK, just like I am at the Irish Garden House . . . Thank you for visiting me.


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