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Happy New Year! - Onnellista uutta vuotta! - Felice anno nuovo!

Hello all! I hope you have been able to enjoy this festive season together with your loved ones.

Soon it's time to say goodbye to 2018. Weatherwise it was a startling year. In Finland we had a winter with much snow, the spring went by too fast (as it always does around here), the summer was exceptionally sunny, the autumn first exceptionally bright and colourful, then mild and cloudy until the first days of December when the first snow fell. It's snowing also today, softly and quietly.

Perhaps I should write about climate change, but today I won't. I just remind you that you can follow the wonderful and inspiring Greta Thunberg also on Instagram. :)

My 2018 in photos, first Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr...

... May, Jun, Jul, Aug...

... Sep, Oct, Nov...

... and Christmas! :)

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

Kiitos tästä vuodesta, rakkaat lukijat. Onnellista uutta vuotta!


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30 kommenttia:

  1. You are a wonderfully prolific photographer, Sara, always producing quality pictures to illustrate a fine blog. It has been my great pleasure to follow you in 2018 and I am looking forward to doing so again in 2019. With my very best wishes, David

  2. Wonderful mosaics, Sara! I am also looking forward to following your blog in the next year.
    All the best! Happy and healthy 2019!

  3. Hej Sara!

    Först..tack för att du lyfter fram Greta Thunberg på Instagram, jag själv är inte med där. Och tack för alla ljuvliga bilder du bjuder på, året runt. Du är en sann inspiratör för mig som ständigt kämpar med kameran, jag vill så gärna men åstadkommer tyvärr så lite.

    Jag önskar dig ett Gott Nytt År - av hela mitt hjärta!

  4. I love your gorgeous pics!Happy New Year,dear Sara!

  5. Ihanat kuvakollaasit! Onnellista uutta vuotta!

  6. Your photos are great. Enjoyed them all. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year.

  7. Oikein onnellista uutta vuotta myös sinulle Sara.

  8. Onnellista uutta vuotta to you, Sara. Your photos are gorgeous!

  9. Hienot kollaasit, Sara. Onnellista tulevaa vuotta.

  10. Mahtavat kuvakollaasit! Oikein hyvää uutta vuotta myös sinulle!

  11. Ciao Sara queste fotografie sono una meraviglia!
    Buon Anno

  12. Dear Sara, so glad I can again write comments again. Your seasonal collections of photos are just wonderful - a summary of your year in such contrast to mine. Thank you for sharing this and all your amazing work with the camera.
    Best wishes for a year ahead that fills you with as much happiness as your heart can take. Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Sara, I enjoyed looking at your year in photos. I concentrated on the summer ones because it's so cold here in Colorado! Happy New year to you and your Family!

  14. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful photos with us this year, Sara! I hope your 2019 is happy and healthy for you and your loved ones! xx Karen

  15. I wish you a Happy 2019 Sara. That we can continue sharing and doing what we like
    Feliz Año Nuevo 🙋🔔🕊🕯🎄🎅🥂
    Un abrazo 🙅〰〰💕

  16. Onnellista Uutta Vuotta myös sinulle!

  17. Happy New Year, Sara. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with all of us.

  18. Kaikkea hyvää uudelle vuodelle!

  19. Amazing collages.
    To you and your family I wish a Happy New Year !!!
    May it be a year of many victories, fulfilled dreams, happiness, love and health.
    Many greetings and a big hug
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  20. Dear Sara I wish you and your family a new year full of health, peace and prosperity!

  21. Your 2018 looks to have been very colorful and creative, dear Sara. I enjoyed all the photos and hope 2019 is equally good, a happy and healthy one.

  22. I hope you had a lovely Christmas !!
    Happy New Year !!

  23. I wish you a happy New Year, Sara✨

    Hugs, Ida

  24. Happy New Year, Sara! I look forward to more of your posts and photographs in 2019!

  25. Happy New Year Sara. Such gorgeous images, I have indeed missed so much but I look forward to reading your future posts. Griffin sends fluffy hugs x

  26. Hienot kollaasit.
    Oikein ihanaa alkanutta vuotta sinulle Sara. 😊

  27. Wonderful mosaics/collages.
    Happy New Year

    All the best Jan


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