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Calling London - 'Amarena Florina'

Hello all... and especially those of you that live in London/near London/in England... or are otherwise familiar with the city! :)

At the end of July, I may be able to spend some days there and I'm now looking for a hotel. As you can guess my ideal hotel would be small, peaceful, clean, perhaps family-run, old fashioned  (not in a pompous way :)) and even better if with a garden... I wonder if there are such hotels in London or am I only dreaming...

My ideal hotel wouldn't have an ultramodern lobby resembling an art gallery, a trendy Japanese restaurant, conference facilities or a fitness centre and spa.

At first, I have tried to see some flight and hotel packages. On the airline site, the hotels sound wonderful, but the reviews online are alarming, especially concerning the size and maintenance of the rooms. :) Can you imagine a single room of 8 m²? I can but I don't want to...

So, if you happen to have any tips on interesting hotels, please tell me either in the comments or contact me via email (sara.villaemiliaATgmail.com). Huge thanks in advance! ♥

The photos of this post are of our Prunus 'Amarena Florina'. Do notice that it has overwintered indoors. :) Fruit trees aren't blooming here yet.

Hei! Tämän postauksen kukat ovat hapankirsikasta, joka on viettänyt talven viileässä sisätilassa ja on nyt päässyt nauttimaan ihanasta kevätsäästä. Maahan istutetuissa hapankirsikoissa on vasta pienenpienet vihreät silmut.

Mutta kyllä onkin ollut ihanaa. Tätä on odotettu kahdeksan kuukautta tai enemmänkin. :) Minä melkein juoksen ympäriinsä, koska on kiire vaihtamaan jalkaan shortsit ja nauttimaan aamun ihanista tuoksuista, linnunlaulusta, pihatöistä, lisääntyvästä vihreydestä, lempeästä tuulesta, hetkistä terassilla kirjan ja jäätelön kanssa, valokuvauksesta, kasvihuoneen ensimmäisistä yrteistä, auringonlaskusta tyynen järven taakse... välillä voi ihastella lämpömittarin lukemaa, jopa +28°C... ja, ooh, tuoksuvatko täällä jo tuomenkukat...?! :)

Onko teillä muuten vinkkejä hyvistä hotelleista Lontoossa - varsinkin puutarhoista ja kasveista kiinnostuneelle? Kertoa voi kommenteissa tai suoraan sähköpostilla. Kiitos! ♥

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  1. Hello Sara!

    Very beautiful photos! The fruittre are so pretty. I love the little butterfly. I'm sorry but I can't help you with a hotel. I have only been in London once, and it's very many years ago.

  2. Nyt elellään ihanaa ja kaunista aikaa! Eipä ole hotellivinkkiä. Itsekin menen heinäkuussa Lontooseen.

  3. Beautiful pictures,sweet flowers!I hope you find a cozy place to stay in London!Blessings!

  4. Hello Sara: My experience of London is that it is obscenely expensive. You may wish to consider staying outside the city and taking a train in each day. Enjoy your stay there!

  5. Unfortunately I have no hotel tips, but I did want to say wonderful photos!

  6. Your prunus is gorgeous. How lovely to be anticipating a trip to London this summer. I cannot offer you any advice at all. We stayed in a very nice AirBnB when we were there in 2016. We stayed out of the city centre and took the train in each day.

  7. Good luck, for the hotel in London,Sara! Finding accommodation in the city is not an easy task! Your picture of the delicate prunus blossoms and insects are lovely! Butterflies and bumblebees are so difficult to capture. Wishing you a nice day! Sandrine

  8. Voih, ihanaa kukintaa kirsikkapuussasi! Pian tosiaan avautuvat tuomienkin kukat, niiden loisto on henkeä salpaavaa.
    Ihanaa toukokuuta ja reissua!

  9. Hello, Sara!
    I'm glad you want to stay some days in London, I love this great city and have been there many times. I also recommend you to visit famous park and gardens as Kew, Queen Mary garden, Regent park and other.
    I'll write to your mail.

  10. You may also look for a Bed and Breakfast. Owners will convert their homes to a inn. They will serve a large English stye full breakfast that will set you up the day. When my friend and I went to Scotland, I found a B&B on line, booked it on line, and our room was ready for us. This house, I believe, had five bedrooms. Check the ratings when you find places that you like. Rates are reasonable, I think. You will have access to the house and perhaps even the garden. I love B&Bs and when we travel here in the States we often choose the Bed and Breakfast. sometimes they will be historical homes in interesting parts of town. Wish I could meet you there.

  11. I love the detail in these photos, Sara.

    Although I no longer live in London, I was born and raised there. I don't know of any family run hotels personally, however if you were looking for your hotel to be a good base place then looking into some of the chain hotels may be a good idea as often times in the summer they work out more cost effective also. If you were to go down that route, I'd recommend looking into Premier Inn's wherever it may be that you're staying; they are one of the nicer chains. You'll have a great time exploring all the beautiful parks, I'm sure! Good luck with your trip planning.

  12. Tämä on ihanaa aikaa:)

    Olimme muutama vuosi sitten Lontoossa mukavassa hotellissa, mutta en millään enää muista sen nimeä.

  13. Your photos are wonderful. Hope you find a hotel that you like. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Kiirettä pitää kevään merkkien seuraaminen! Kyllä - hapankirsikka on meillä vasta vihreillä silmuilla - ei näy kukkia. Kyllä kirsikan kukat ovat todellista luksusta!

  15. Sara, I've just had a delightful read of your last few blogs. Having just returned from visiting my Grandson on Prince Edward Island, Canada, I can more fully appreciate your need for spring come summer to arrive. The buds and bulbs were only just beginning to show. I cannot imagine such a long winter and then such a short summer. Your butterfly and prunus blossoms make the heart soar.

  16. Hi Sara, no help from me about London...I have been there in the Jurassic.
    I am enjoying the view of your fantastic shots...

  17. Hapankirsikka on ihana. Eräillä ystävillämme on yksi puu pihassaan. Itsekin olemme jostain hedelmäpuun taimesta haaveilleet, kirsikasta tai luumusta. Kahteen omenapuuhun on tullut paljon kukkia, eli omppuja on ainakin luvassa.

    Jos jonnekin matkustaisin, Lontoo voisi olla mahdollinen kohde. Vietin siellä kivoja aikoja parikymppisenä. Tätä nykyä ei mitään tietoa hotelleista. Se jossa silloin olin töissä, on purettu.

    Hienosti olet saanut kuviisi mukaan perhosia ja kimalaisen takaliston :)

  18. I can not advise you Sara. I have not visited London. The photos of the cherry trees are beautiful. Have a good time on your trip.
    Buen jueves.

  19. I am so glad that you will be visiting london soon Sara!
    and yes i can almost realize that your choice will be more artistic rather than mere facilitate .

    a friend of my eldest son who is studying with my son in germany goes london often to visit his uncle in his vacations but until now my son did not go there
    i believe you will find certaily for what you looking for my friend and will spend great time there and bring us more magic of your amazing lenses to us :)

  20. The 'Amarena Florina' flowers are lovely. As for your trip to London - lucky you! Enjoy!

  21. Kirsikat ovat hurrrrmaavia!

  22. Voi suloisuus mitä kuvia, niin kauniita♥ On tämä kevät vaan upea vuodenaika! Ihanaa viikonloppua♥

  23. Ciao Sara! Provo ad aiutarti: quando ho visitato Londra con la mia famiglia ho soggiornato in un albergo molto costoso :( ma mio figlio è tornato per una vacanza studio e ha soggiornato fuori Londra, in un posto incantevole immerso nel verde: il borgo medievale di Canterbury, da li si arriva a Londra in un'ora di treno!
    buona vacanza :)

  24. What wonderful photographs ... stunning!
    I do hope you will find a hotel that you like.

    All the best Jan

  25. London! Lucky you! I've been to London quite a few times. We usually stay in a hotel that is very well situated, near the British Museum, but sadly is nothing like your ideal hotel, which does sound pretty idyllic. I'll look forward to seeing what you can find.

  26. Your pictures always make my day,darling!Hugs to you!

  27. I'm sorry I can't help you in the case of London. Strange that recently several people I know make vacations in London. The last time I was there was nearly decades ago. I hope I can see it also sooner or later.
    How nice that spring finally reached your country. It was the same here in Germany, Our winter was very long and in April spring started with very warm temperatures. It's also very dry in my area.

  28. Enjoy your trip to London! <3 cant wait to see your photos

  29. My brother lives just outside Windsor and it takes about 50 min to Southbank using the train... but the trains are also expensive...


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