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Compact camera shots: Travelling

Hello all! I have been away from the blog world because of a brief trip to Italy. To travel light, I took only my point-and-shoot camera with me. Italy was green, lush and warm and, despite the busy schedule, I managed to take about 250 photos... Don't worry, I'm not going to post them all!

Lämmin sää saapui tänä keväänä Pohjois-Italiaan etuajassa. Pikaisen käyntini aikaan päivälämpötilat olivat 25 - 27 celsiusasteen paikkeilla. Vihreys oli ihanimmillaan ja sinisateet ja koristekirsikat kukassa. Lisää kuvia seuraavissa postauksissa.

Roadside flowers

Driving in Italy can look like this...

... or like this.

Early in the morning at the airport in Milan.

Flag carrier...

Malpensa Airport is the second busiest Italian airport (after Rome Fiumicino Airport) for international passenger traffic.

The ATC tower

Vapour trails

Bye for now, Italy!

Preparing to shop...



Hello again, Finland!

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  1. Driving in Italy can be just about the scariest thing you will ever do!

  2. The photos of Italy and the Filanda views of the plane are fabulous.
    I also shot lots of photos of the places I walk.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Maria from
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  3. Sara, looks like a very nice travel! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great travel,dear Sara!Your pics are always interesting and beautiful!Xoxoxo!

  5. Kuulostaa ihanalle ja näyttää myös :)

  6. I enjoyed seeing this post and all of your photographs.
    My favourite one is 'Bye for now, Italy!'

    All the best Jan

  7. Ihania maisemia ja vehreyttä. Kuulostaa oivalliselta reissulta :)

  8. Härligt Sara att få se Italien under våren, kanske längtar du tillbaka dit ibland?


  9. Ihanat maisemat! Hyvää viikonloppua Sara!

  10. Dear Sara,
    such beautiful travel photos... I'm glad you could experience spring in Italy.
    Have a lovely sunday... all the best and big hugs... Dorothea ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. Hello Sara,

    It must be wonderful to be in Italia in the springtime! Here it's spring too, but a very cold one. Wonderful photos!

    I wish you a sunny day in Finnland!


  12. You brought nice souvenirs from Italy through this collection of photographs! So much greenery is surprising, it is true that it is not the usual representation we have of Italy that we mostly imagine as a hot and dry country. Your aerial pics are splendid! Wishing you a nice restful Sunday!

  13. Ihanalta kuulosti ja näytti..Hyvin menisi 250kin niin kivaa katsottavaa ja upeita ovat sinun kuvat:)♥ Kauniita kevätpäiviä ja Mukavaa sunnuntaita♥

  14. A trip to Italy; that explains your absence from the blogging world.

    Hai scattato parecchie foto, per forza :D

    Pilvet ja taivaat - upeat kuvat ja värit. Viimeinen kuva on kerrassaan suloinen !

  15. Must have been fun in Italy for your travelling photos are wonderful. I have some experience with driving in Italy, well the same like you empty roads and queues, as in my own country.

  16. Kivoja kuvia. Jään odottamaan jatkoa.

  17. So glad you had this relaxing time in this beautiful part of Italy. Would your wonderful view of the islands be over Kuopio. I visited this area in 1976, enroute from Hammerfest to Helsinki.

    1. What an interesting guess, Helen! My final destination was indeed Kuopio, in Eastern Finland! In the photo, however, the plane is approaching Helsinki and you see the Baltic See. In summer, the lakes near Kuopio could look like that, but at the moment they are still covered with ice.
      I hope you enjoyed your stay in Helsinki! :)

  18. Glad you are back home. The photos of Italy are wonderful. Have a blessed Sunday. Madeline

  19. Che sorpresa!
    La mia foto preferita? Ma le code degli aerei, naturalmente!

  20. Oh Italy....how I want to go again...we traveled to Capris in 2002 and need to return for longer.....love to see all 250 pics!

  21. Nice photos! Love to see the road side flowers.

  22. Hello Blog Friend, I recognized your profile! Great to see your blog back again! Our driving in Italy was actually okay (meaning my husband:)), because we are used to Los Angeles. Now when you come to China, you may change to a taxi:):) It's super cheap and the driving there is crazy!
    Whenever possible would love to see you at All Seasons at artworks from jesh stg!
    When I do my profile, my other blog may come up, but it's still Jesh:) Have a great week being back in Finland!

  23. Tervetuloa kotimaan kevääseen ja kiitos Italian tuliaisista, ihanan raikkaita taivasnäkymiä ja meren sineä, Perrierin shamppanjaa palan painikkeeksi! Kylläpä kelpaa!
    Kiitos kannustuksesta pohtiessani puutarhan tärkeyttä elämässäni - kyllä se on jälleen ottanut tilansa takaisin.
    Hyvää kevättä Villa Emiliaan!

  24. Hello, Sara!
    What a good idea to visit warm Italy during the spring that isn't warm here! I think it was a pleasure for you to see your places. Seeing Malpensa Airport on your photo that reminded me when I was in hurry looking for the gates to Saint Petersburg, the last minutes passed. Uh!
    Happy May Day!

  25. You made me actually worried by saying that you are not going to post all photos you took during travelling to Italy dearest Sara!

    This is grace of God you returned safely and brought such glorious and stunning views for our thirsty eyes who always wait to see the magic of your lenses !

    Thank you for the generosity ,will be waiting for more kindness my precious friend!

  26. The photo from the plane with the view of the mountains & clouds is just beautiful, Sara. I look forward to more photos from the trip.


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