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Summer favourites

Ihan parasta kesässä on hyvä kirja ja istumapaikka puiden siimeksessä...

Enjoying summer... and gardening, for example with this cute gift from my brother:

Ihana minilapio veljeltä

For some small areas of our garden, there's now the zen lawn mowing. Whereas some firms write for example that

"these items meld the will of man and the strength of machine to take the drudge from everyday life,
 leaving the mind to dwell on the spiritual side of the universe. 
This harmonious and symbiotic relationship allows you to concentrate on your inner being"...

... and suggest self-propelled lawn mowers, my solution is a silent push reel lawn mower. :)

The ordinary lawn mowing is noisy and polluting and because of those reasons your try to do it fast, it's terribly hot and you have a cloud of black flies and horse flies around you.

The zen lawn mowing is silent and you have time to admire the clouds, listen to the birds and the wind and to contemplate the butterflies and pretty small flowers... :)

gardena lawn mower kelaleikkuri
Kelaleikkurit ovat kehittyneet valtavasti bloggaajan lapsuudenaikaisiin verrattuna.

We love our (rustic) lawns, but I respect also other opinions. One of the most brilliant texts about this has been written by my Canadian blogger friend David. Definitely worth reading!!

Tässä näkyy selvästi Italia.

Vastaistutettujen kasvien kasteluun: vanha sankko jonka pohjaan oli tullut pieni reikä :)

Kesällä en pidä parfyymeistä, mutta eteeriset öljyt piristävät aina.

ickx belgian chocolate cake slice
Kesävieraat shoppaavat Stockmannilla, meidän maalaisten iloksi.

Summer = shorts...

Summer = swimsuits...

Summer = summer flowers growing... and blooming soon, it is hoped...

Puutarhalehden mukana tullut siemensekoitus... kesäkukkia tulossa, toivottavasti!

Summer = sour cherries!

Keräsin hapankirsikkasadon eilen sateen alta pois.

Tässä se on. :)

Today we are listening to the pouring rain and collecting some water. Splish splash.

Ihanaa, vihdoinkin on saatu sadetta!


  1. Dear Sara,
    your summer photos are amanzing. It is raining today with us, too.
    The sour cherries look beautiful. Wonderful subjects you have chosen.
    Have a lovely summer time... big hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  2. Wonderful photos enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. So lovely to see your post, Sara! Beautiful summer photos! I hope you are having a great week!

  4. Aaa, I definitely sent you rain, Sara, as you wished :-)
    Love sour cherry, I love them with ice cream, yummy! I have a lawn mowing exactly as yours, it's silent one and I use it in any uncomfortable lawns of the garden. Good choice!

  5. Kivat kuvat.
    Vai saapui odotettu sade viimein.

  6. Beautiful photos of your garden...The lawn mowing remind my childhood,my father had one...My parents always loved gardening,I think this love could be genetically transmitted!Probably,my english is completely wrong,LOL,I hope you can understand it!Xoxo!

  7. Summer is wonderful - lovely photos of your days! The cherries look so pretty. I had a reel mower and my daughter borrowed it and didn't give it back :( Now I have to find another. They are not easy to find......So we use the loud one for now. We have a big area to mow. I like your garden chair. xo Karen

  8. A very posh shovel and lawn mower! The mower does look like the old fashioned one my grandparents and father owned. At least you don't have to worry about running out of fuel or electrifying yourself! I love the name zen mower.
    I hate horseflies but unfortunately they seem to love me so when I'm out and about I usually cover up if I know they will be around so no shorts for me!
    I love cherries and will eat sour ones. I'm terrible at not letting fruit ripen.
    Have a wonderfully happy relaxing Summer Sara with hugs from us xx

  9. Beautiful pictures! so lush and green! the atmosphere looks diaphanous and fresh. The picture with birch trees and cherries is an image of what the garden of my dreams would look like! Greetings from Argentina.

  10. The cherries are that indescribable red. Beautiful!

  11. Täällä satoi myös. Koko päivän. Kauniit kesäkuvat. Minä en ole vielä uinut ja jää nähtäväksi, uinko..

  12. Summer is well portrayed in your photos. Everything is lush and green. Our lawns are drying out and turning brown, for we don't water them in summer, because water is in short supply. I'd love to see some of that rain falling on our province with the wildfires burning.

  13. Everywhere looks tranquil and serene, Sara, and the cherries look mouth-wateringly delicious. So much fruit is available now.

  14. Zen-ruohonleikkuu ja kirja puutarhatuolissa... Niin kutsuvaa !
    Nautinnollista hyötyliikuntaa ja lepoa vuorotellen.

    La nuvola che ha la forma dell'Italia - i n c r e d i b i l e !!!

    I don't like wearing perfumes in the summertime either because I fear they may attract insects; yikes :D

    Hapankirsikkasato - ei hassumpaa ! Kyllä olet ahkera :)

    1. Kiitos, Rita! Rauhallinen vihreys on kutsuvinta mitä on. :)
      Luin äskettäin jostain, ehkä joltain hömppäsivustolta, että puutiaiset eivät pitäisi laventelintuoksusta. Siinäpä yksi syy lisää verhota itsensä laventelin tuoksuun.
      Löysin viime viikolla kaapista vanhan tuoksupussin. Laventelinkukat oli kerätty Italian aikoina eli vuosia sitten. Taivaallinen tuoksu on aivan ennallaan, varsinkin kun pussin sisältöä hieman rutistelee. <3

  15. Täällä ei ole tarvinnut sadetta odotella...ihan on riittävästi satanut...nytkin..:)

  16. "...... and suggest self-propelled lawn mowers"

    We have those here. They are called goats! :)

    I love the serenity in your photos. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Sandi!
      We have often been thinking that it would be nice to have some grazers... they would keep the areas tidy and create a lovely, pastoral atmosphere. :) The poor animals, however, wouldn't be very happy staying indoors all the long, cold, dark winter.

  17. Such a delightful collection of summery weather. Enjoy!

  18. Kauniit kuvat!
    Nuo sadekuvat on hienot! Ja pilvi näyttää ihan Italialta!
    Hyvää torstai päivää sinulle!

  19. Hapankirsikoita! Upeeta! Niin leppoisia ja ihana joutilaisuus välittyy noista kuvista. ihana on istua puun alla ja kuunnella mehiläisen surinaa ja linnunlaulua. Ihanaa heinäkuuta!

  20. Nyt siis sait hapankirsikkasadon - onneksi olkoon! Ihan vesi tulee kielelle kirsikkapiirakkaa muistellessa. Meillä ei tänä vuonna ilmestynyt yhtään kirsikkaa. Vettä sen sijaan on riittämiin, saisi kohta jo loppua sade...

  21. Oikein mukavalta näyttävä kesä siellä!

  22. You have to take care of the plants that give them flowers. I love hearing the rain, Sara, and the cherries.
    Good Thursday.

  23. Allllll the machines of summer!!!! So much noise. So much pollution. -sigh-

    But even worse, is the POISON which is sprayed on lawns, to keep them lush and green. Awful!!!!!! They put little signs up, warning people, to not let children or themselves or their pets, go on the lawns, for a certain period of time.

    Hahhhhhh! Who tells the Squirrels and birds and chipmunks, not to do so?!?!?

    And what of all that poison, which seeps into the ground, and ends up in our water supply???

    This makes me sick!!!!!

    I would have all "lawns," be planted with wild flowers! If I were "Queen Of The Universe." :-))))))))))))

    Luna Crone

    1. Your concern is valid indeed.
      Fortunately the natural or meadow lawns are becoming more and more popular.

  24. Kivan kesäisiä kuvia. Omia kirsikoita jo nyt! Minulla vasta vienosti raakileet punertavat. :)

  25. They would be my favourites, too. Thanks. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  26. Lovely summer moments, dear Sara! I haven't seen a lawn mower like this. But maybe it could be a good one for me, because I don't like too noisy tools so much. :-) ....My grandfather still scythed the grass, then later, my father made an electric lawn mower from an old baby carriage and from the engine of a bad spin-dryer. :-) Ah, those beautiful old times! :-)
    Have a delightful weekend! Lots of warm hugs! ♥

    1. Thank you, Edit! <3
      Wow! That must have been a very special lawn mower!
      Big hugs!

  27. Hello Sara,
    this is the first time that I landed on your blog. You made interesting snapshots of your garden. And I also have to confess: I use the same lawn mower as you! And this is even my only one! Your's seem to be a little more advanced than mine. Maybe I should upgrade mine? It's good to see that also other people in the world see its advantages. :)
    Greetings from Germany

  28. Hi Sara
    What a lovely snapshot of summer wonderfulness from around your place! I would join you for some Zen grass cutting but I'm afraid all you would be doing is listening to this little not so Zen Wren bird sneezing!
    Enjoy your weekend - looks lovely at your place!
    Wren x

  29. Sara...che foto! L'arcobaleno di pomodori e' la mia preferita.
    Un piacere seguirti.

  30. Loved your heading photo sooooo.... much my friend!!!

    your summer favs are obvious.
    we too use some of them but in September as summer is killing machine here in June July specially .

    your page opens front of my eyes and i feel like i start reading a wonderful poetry book ,how serene and pleasurable !


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