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Lupins, part 4: The best of the best...

... and don't worry, these photos, taken some weeks ago, are my last lupin post... this year. :)

The Russell hybrids (Lupinus x russellii, L. x regalis) are so worth their Swedish name regnbågslupin,  "rainbow lupin".

Usein kirjolupiinin kukinnon vanhimmat kukat ovat tummempia kuin muut, mutta tämän kukinnon värit hämmästyttävät minutkin joka vuosi. :)

Tässä alkaa jo siemeniä muodostua.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. Consider yourselves hugged! :)

Tunnelmallisia elokuun iltoja teille, ihanat! :)


  1. Suloisen meheviä, sopivia lupiinin nälkääni 😀 Pörriäinenkin sukeltelee niissä selvästi mielihaluunsa 💜Toivottavasti saan aikaan mennä metsästämään tienvarsilupiinien siemeniä joku päivä kun niitä ei ole näkynyt olevan myytävänä missään mistä olen katsellut. Tykkäsiköhän Ida Lupino lupiineista ? 😀😎

  2. Sara I love following you on Instagram! I think you are such a talented photographer. You manage to make everything look so magical even this little bumble bee looks cute! If I were to see him in real life I'm sure he wouldn't look so cute LOL but you make everything look dreamy! Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration. Un abbraccio, Silvana

  3. Ma non siamo stufi delle tue foto di lupini, quando le foto sono cosi' belle!
    We can see your beautiful lupins again and again!

  4. Hej Sara!

    Som alltid när du hanterar kameran - underbara bilder!


  5. Great photos I especially like the ones with the bee. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. How beautiful!!!

    Lovely bee 'capture.'

    Happy Lughnasa!!!!!
    Luna Crone

  7. Sara, these pictures are just gorgeous! I love lupines so much! I wish I could have them in my garden but my climate is too hot for them. Have a great week!

  8. Dear Sara, I am so glad to see that you have enabled comments once again. I never tire of seeing your beautiful lupins and it saddens me that I may have to wait until 2018 to feast my eyes on these stunning blooms again!! The little bee is adorable 💗 Enjoy your month of August. This Summer seems to be flying by.
    With hugs from us xx

  9. Glad to know that you have enabled comments, dear Sara! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you enjoy your time, dear friend, your posts and photos are always encouraging and refreshing.

  10. Kauniita lupiinikuvia tässä ja edellisessä postauksessa! Uskomattoman hienoja sävyjä.

  11. I like lupins! Yours are so beautiful. Unfortunately I'm not that lucky with them in my garden.

  12. Kauniit kuvat!
    Ihanaa alkanutta viikkoa!

  13. Yes, 'the best of the best', but I have loved them all. They are my Candian daughter in laws favourite, so whenever I see their beauty it brings me closer to her. Thanks for these delightful sunny images.

  14. The light on the lupins is so pretty - the essence of summer.

  15. So lovely! I could never get tired of your beautiful lupins! :-)

  16. The lupins are beautiful, Sara, and it is great to see the bees doing their important pollination work.

  17. So beautiful and so wishing that I could grow them, but they don't like our garden!

  18. Such beautiful lupin photos! Love lupins but unfortunately the wild rabbits love them to in my garden, grrr.

  19. OMG miten uskomattomat ovat kirjolupiinin värit! Näiden kaikkien lupiinipostausten jälkeen olen entistä enemmän ihastunut lupiineihin!

  20. It's a very cute Sara flower. Beautiful pictures. I send you my🙅 hug.

  21. I don't do Instagram, so I am always so pleased to visit your blog and enjoy seeing all of your photographs.
    Even the recent posts where you had disabled comments, your photo's gave me such pleasure.

    My good wishes for this month of August.

    All the best Jan

  22. upeat kuvat! Tuo väri on uskomattoman ihana

  23. They look like they really DID drink in the sunshine and it is shining through them. All the shades! So fantastic!

  24. Olá, as suas belas fotos não cansam, pelo contrario, são agraveis, tem a magia da beleza, suaves e lindas, venham mais para serem apreciadas.
    Continuação de boa semana,

  25. Oh, so pretty! Just like the colors of the sunset! Beautiful photos! xx Karen

  26. I think a flower is even lovelier with a bee fluttering about it. : )


  27. They worth to exhibit widely to enchant more and more hearts .
    pure delight is looking at them .you raised me esthetic ability by revealing your fascinating art of photography!!!


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