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Parus major and other winter's delights

Even the most common birds here are timid and difficult to photograph. So I decided I needed to take extreme measures: I stuck our Christmas tree in the snow next to one of the living door windows and hung a suet ball on it. So far only the great tits have noticed the ball, but I hope to see other visitors there as well.

Joulukuusesta on iloa vielä helmikuussakin. Pystytin sen lumihankeen olohuoneen ikkunan eteen, ripustin oksalle talipallon ja sain vihdoinkin lähikuvia edes talitiaisesta. :)

Päivät ovat jo ihanasti pidempiä ja valoisampia. Aurinkoista loppuviikkoa!

'Do people call you the squirrel with the marvellous tail?' Moomintroll asked slowly.
'Of course', said the squirrel.
(Tove Jansson)

My daily walk passes through little, snowy paths.

Wishing I had a macro lens...

The morning of Valentine's Day.

I wanted, partly jokingly, to end this post with a

Stay classy, friends!

Then I happened to read the definitions of 'classy' in the Urban Dictionary. One of them, by msladyinwhite, was so good that I wanted to copy it here:

"Classy is not about clothes, makeup, hairstyles, accessories. It is not about being posh, or wealthy.

A classy girl is kind, gentle, sweet, empathetic, caring. She is giving, loving... she is a good person. She is polite. She has good manners and is a very pleasant person to know. She is a good friend.

You can dress classy, you can stand, sit, and walk classy, but true class is on the inside. If you gossip and insult, if you're judgemental, if you're cruel and hateful and immature, you are not classy, no matter what clothes you pick out, where you got them from, no matter how much money you have, no matter how you sit at the dinner table, you are not classy. Respect yourself and respect others and you will be classy."


  1. Haha, sneaky way to try and photograph the birds, I'm sure others will find the suet ball and become subjects for your camera too. How appropriate to start Valentine's Day with a pink sky...and I hope the love continued throughout the day.
    Finally, the description of classy is perfect and I would just add 'this woman knows how to live with grace'.

  2. I'd love to be classy if that's the definition ! ⭐️

    Talitiaisen kuvat ilahduttivat ja ihastuttivat heti kärkeen, sitten ihanat raikkaat lumen peittämät puut... mutta ihanista ihanimmat ovat otokset oravaisesta 🐿 Well done ! Das hast du gut gemacht 🙂 Näillä eväillä pärjää lopun päivää 💕

  3. A real wintry wonderland. So pretty. Just as Judith says, once you provide food for the birds, they will come and it looks like you have some very pretty winter song birds. Once you feed one bird, more will come, and soon you buy yourself a bird boot--if you don't already have one and you'll be a bird feeder/watcher.

  4. Very clever of you to do that! My fat balls are being eaten rapidly now, but I don't know who by...

  5. So magically beautiful! The blue sky and the snowy trees in the light! Delightful! ♥ Your little models are very cute! I can't imagine how you made those photos about the squirrel. It seems he really enjoys being photographed. :-)
    Have a lovely evening, dear Sara! Big hugs!

  6. Beautiful photos of the bird the squirrels and the lovey snow scenes. Love the photo of the Valentine morning. The meaning of classy is wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Oravat ovat vaan kertakaikkiaan niin sulosia!

  8. I like that definition of classy and you are a very classy lady :) Love your wildlife photo's. The squirral reminds me of the tales of Beatrix Potter xx

    1. Oh yes, the disrespectful Squirrel Nutkin! :)
      Thank you very much for your kind comment, dear Leah. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  9. Dear Sara,
    such beautiful nature photos. I like the squirrel photo.
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs. Dorothea

  10. Oih, miten ihana orava kuva!! Teillä on todella paljon lunta! Hyvää viikonloppua;-)

  11. Hello Sara

    Super pictures of the squirrel!

    Have a great evening

  12. OH I love your squirrel images! And all the others too... And that quote is wonderful! Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. Such beautiful winter images Sara. Much as I dislike the cold, the snow is beautiful. And you have to have the CUTEST squirrels in the world! LOVE those ear tufts. Adorable!! Your trick to get the birds closer for photographing is very clever. I am never happy with my bird shots, maybe I will try your trick.

  14. Such a gorgeous series of winter photos, Sara! I do love the winter, yes, I do! And I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of the birds, squirrel and winter scenes. :)

  15. Just fantastic photographs, each and every one of them.

    Your last paragraph is just superb and so true ..."but true class is on the inside"
    I did enjoy reading the words made by ' msladyinwhite'

    Enjoy the rest of your week

    All the best Jan

  16. Who doesn't like squirrels? I do love them! And you've captured the most handsome one ♥♥♥ Thank you for the winter wonderland's parad ♥

  17. Pink sky for Valentine's Day - how wonderful.
    Spectacular captures of Parus Major, winter and the most photographic squirrel. I would slo love to take a walk with you down your narrow, snowy path.

  18. Good idea, Sara to take pictures through the window! I love tits, I placed feeder in the gazebo. The squirrel are pretty a well. Are they red or grey ones? It's said that grey squirrel are aggressive to the red ones.
    About 'classy girl' - it's very wise thought. But I think that the most of 'girls' who love to be well dressed,'can stand, sit and walk classy' are not actually classy inside. We have to aim to be really classy.

    1. Thank you, Nadezda! Our squirrels are the Eurasian red squirrels. As far as I know, in Finland there aren't (North American) eastern grey squirrels, which have almost entirely displaced the populations of native red squirrels on mainland Britain.

  19. Hello Sara, I found your lovely blog through Amalia's 'Handmade' blog. Your squirrel photos are so interesting as there are no squirrels where I live in Australia. Your squirrels grabbed my attention because I had only ever seen photos of the grey ones. I love seeing the word 'classy' defined with real life examples too. I will definitely return to explore your blog further for more delights from nature.

  20. Ooh, ihan mahtavat kuvat! Olipas nerokas idea joulukuusen hyötykäytöstä.

  21. Muhkeat lumikuvat ja suloiset eläimet, joita en itse koskaan kykene kuvaamaan!

  22. Not only a crested tit but also a red squirrel. I think I shall have to come and live part of the year with you :o). Beautiful shots of the great tit too. I love the classy quote x

  23. Upeita, talvisia kuvia. Söpö orava:)

  24. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    what an amazing idea to put tree and ball to get them in frame!
    you are so smart to do so dear!

    your photos are so magical and serene .
    you display the beauty of your land marvelously .

  25. Prunella is sooo jealous of all that wonderful snow!!!
    Stay warm dear Sara and that squirrel is just too cute for words, how lucky are you!!
    The suet balls don't last long here too. There is a rather large family of sparrows living in a neighbours roof that like to have a peck. Such a great capture of the great tit :)

  26. I like the definition of 'classy' ... I strive to be like that, but it is sometimes difficult. The squirrel seems to have a lot of personality!


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