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MWG goes botanical

Broad bean. Härkäpapu.

As you can see from the landscape photos I post, the garden now sleeps under the snow... and will continue sleeping until April. It's time to enjoy the refreshing greenness of plants with some old photos.

These photos show, in a random order, plants that are pretty, interesting and/or trendy. :) They haven't been taken in my garden. Most of them have been taken in Botania, the Botanic Garden of the University of Eastern Finland, in Joensuu. Botania is not only an important university level experiment station and an educational target for any school level but also a fascinating attraction to ordinary people.

White ash. Valkosaarni.


 Summer squash. Kesäkurpitsa.

Sage. Ryytisalvia.

Foxglove. Sormustinkukka.

Sweetleaf. Makeastevia.

Dutchman's pipe. Piippuköynnös.

Morning glory. Päivänsini.

Tree pelargonium.

Giant-rhubarb. Värigunnera.

Galega. Rohtovuorenherne.

Alpine delphinium. Isoritarinkannus.

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  1. I love the Giant-rhubarb!

  2. Hi Sara: A lovely burst of colour to remind us of what is to come. Right now it is pretty grey here so it seems especially encouraging to have visions of spring.

  3. Oh Sara, your beautiful images are a "breath of spring", as they say. Such welcome colour on a cold white winter's day. We got a few inches of fluffy snow overnight and have a big storm coming tomorrow night with more snow followed by freezing rain. So to view your images and dream of summer is a real treat! Thank you!
    The last two are plants I have not heard of. Being a blue lover, I really like the alpine delphinium. I love delphiniums but have not had much success with them, but my mother grew them well.

  4. Ryytisalvia näytti kivalle. Ihanan voimakkaat värit ruusuissa ja sormustinkukassa.

  5. Boa tarde, as fotos são lindas, gostar das árvores é gostar da natureza, a natureza é pura, só gosta quem puro é.

  6. Hienoja kesäisiä kuvia. Ihan iskee kesän kaipuu;)

  7. Beautiful pictures! Here the snow has melted, and now everything is grey and muddy, but in the mud, sometimes, you can already see the footprints of the Spring.
    Happy February, Sara!

  8. All that green and pops of colour are a feast for my winter weary eyes Sara. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous plants with us. Have a lovely week.

  9. Beautiful colours, just starting to re-emerge in the UK now

  10. Beautiful photos of some very pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  11. So beautiful, Sara! I especially love the foxgloves, and it would be lovely to sit on that bench and enjoy nature! :)

  12. It must be lovely to have such a nice walk in the botanical garden! Lots of blossoms, beautiful plants and cosy bench to admire for a while the fantastic and amazing nature!
    Have a nice day and week, too! A lovely february!

  13. Sara, your botanical photos are a breath of spring on what's turned out to be an unexpectedly snowy day here. Last week I took photos of hydrangea leaves budding; today they are shriveled in the cold. The Chippendale rose is absolutely stunning. Have a good week.

  14. It was lovely to go botanical with you!

  15. I'm not a broad bean lover, but this photo of its flower, has changed that and was a stunning photo to introduce this botanical post. You have such an eye for capturing each plants true beauty. I love delphiniums, but hadn't heard of the alpine variety. Such a large plant for that terrain.

    1. Thank you, Helen!
      The red-flowered or crimson-flowered broad bean varieties are old and rare, but becoming more common now. Definitely worth growing, they are said to be healthy and with a lovely smell.

  16. Don't you just love visiting a botanical garden with camera in hand? I don't grow sage but may consider it after seeing how pretty the flower is.

  17. you did great job to bring some colors in white friend!
    you are so brilliant at this photography art!
    closeups are AMAZING.
    loved the all photos but pink rose and purple bell like grabbed my heart!
    hope snow melts and your garden lashes again with such beauty!

  18. Kiitos elähdyttävästä kierroksesta kasvitieteellisessä ihmemaassa! Kesäkurpitsakin näyttää tästä näkökulmasta eksoottiselta - pitäisi enemmän pysähtyä ihmettelemään sitten kesällä. Upeita aurinkopäiviä!

  19. Tack för en trevlig promenad i en botanisk trädgård. De gör ett värdefullt arbete och är för många stressade människor en oas i städernas sterila miljöer och inte minst en värdefull biotop för insekter och djur.

  20. Very beautiful flower photos, dear Sara.
    I wish you a lovely day. 🌷
    Hugs... Dorothea

  21. Mehevää ja rehevää - suurenmoista 🌷
    Penkki ja tuoli kutsuvat istumaan ja haaveilemaan istutuksista.
    Seison tässä tietokonepäätteelläni ja alan haaveilla kesästä 🌸🌹💐

  22. Such lovely flowers you've picked for your garden ♥ ♥ ♥
    Big hugs

  23. So beautiful! I am dreaming of spring! Sending hugs xo Karen

  24. It's a pleasure to see summer photos, Sara. I love summer squash, it reminded me July and my veggies blooming on the beds.

  25. Niin voimaannuttavan kauniita kuvia.♥

  26. So many beautiful flowers here - a varied collection and so well captured by you.

  27. Isn't it lovely to see a burst of colour in winter!
    Thank you for sharing these photo's here with us.

    All the best Jan


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