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October 2016: Cloudy and foggy

In the past few weeks, our weather has been cloudy (not very rainy though), often foggy and overall very grey. 

Few flowers are still blooming and  I'm growing ever more fond of ferns. As Ambra Edwards wrote in the Guardian: "There is something ancient and mysterious about ferns. The marvellous intricacies of their leaf forms are preserved eternally in fossil shards, and there is a goose-bump thrill to watching the furry crosier of a royal fern unfurl, knowing that any mildly observant dinosaur will have witnessed the same minor miracle – for this plant has been growing, essentially unchanged, for 240m years." 

Royal fern (Osmunda regalis) wouldn't survive here, unfortunately, so my local favourite is Athyrium filix-femina, common lady-fern.

Kuukausikollaasit Pieni Lintu -blogissa.

Lokakuu oli pilvinen täälläpäin Suomea. Tuntuu, ettei aurinkoa ole näkynyt viikkoihin, mutta valokuvien perusteella 10. päivä paistoi aurinko. :)  Ensilumi satoi täällä 25.10. Nyt lumi on jo kokonaan sulanut pois ja sataa vettä. - Tunnelmallista marraskuuta!

Mums and ferns:

Ferns and mums:

Knitting socks... The fisherman mentioned in the previous post is my brother... and he is very special indeed. We all thank him for this lovely blog, because the camera I use was originally is his and I have had many useful tips from him. :)

The finished socks look like this:

As to my previous post, I would also like to tell to the foreign readers of this blog that celebrating Halloween is not an old tradition in Finland, but it's becoming more popular also here. I find the origins of this feast fascinating, but notice how important the commercial interests involved are. In our family, we don't celebrate Halloween and the peppers of the previous post were carved for photographic purposes only. :) 

In Finland, All Saints' Day is celebrated on the Saturday between 31 October and 6 November. This year it falls on the 5th of November. The tradition is to light candles and to visit the graves of passed-away relatives and loved ones.

The first snow fell on the 25th. Now the snow has already disappeared and it's raining.

Another winter to survive? We can do it!

Have a happy and healthy November!


  1. Dear Sara it is always a feast to see your photos and enjoy nature around you! I love the delicate lacy texture of ferns!
    Happy November to you too!

  2. Me too, I love ferns ! We have one in the corner go our garden behind the swing set :)

    Meillä on sellainen osaksi luonnonmukainen piha, kuin kesämökillä, ja yhdessä nurkkauksessa
    on aina saniainen (nimi saattaa olla joku muu suomeksi, olen unohtanut) ❤️

    Suloinen talitiainen kruunaa koko kuvasarjan !

    Have a good weekend ❤️

  3. Seems like a perfect time to stay indoors and knit socks!

  4. We have a lot of native ferns growing wild at the edge of forested areas in my rural area and they are definitely survivors. Several community places such as the library and our church have a costume party for the kids so that they don't need to go out Halloween night.
    I just got the notice for the Christmas bake sale at the Scandinavian church where I purchase pulla every year. Can't wait to see the goodies!

    1. You should see my broad smile, Judith. "Pulla" is one of my favourite words. :)
      I hope you will find there lots of tasty baked goods!

  5. Dear Sara,
    very beautiful autumn photos. I wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  6. Beautiful autumn photos and thoughts, Sara. Here, the ferns that were dry and brown because of lack of water in the summer are now green and fresh again. But once the cold weather comes, many of them will brown again. I do love the delicacy of ferns.
    Halloween is not something we make a big deal of. I have candy to give to the trick or treaters in our community, but I do not like the ghoulish aspects of this day. I'm always appalled at the mostly tasteless decorations people put on their houses and in their gardens.
    I'm knitting my very first pair of socks, ever, with the help of a friend. Your brother's socks are beautiful. What lovely work you do.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful post xx The socks are fantastic xx Wishing you a very happy November too.

  8. Ihanat kuvat! Hyvää viikonloppua.

  9. Kauniit kuvat!
    Tuo kuvakollaasi on kiva!
    Söpö orava!
    Kivaa viikonloppua sinulle!

  10. Sukat näyttävät tosi lämpöisiltä noissa väreissä - kyllä kalastajan varpaat pysyvät virkeinä! Postaus tuo esiin värikkään ja monipuolisen lokakuun, jota on mukava muistella!

  11. Oh, I am fond of ferns, also - they grow wild everywhere here in the Pacific Northwest. Lovely photos of the ferns and the flowers :) Your socks are beautiful and I'm sure your brother will treasure them. The little bird is so precious. Wishing you a happy weekend. xx Karen

  12. Another great post with some beautiful photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. What fabulous photos. They tell a story of change. You and I will survive our winter (I hope...).

  14. Upeat sukat! Kauniita kuvia. Meilläkin oli lunta, mutta nyt sataa kaatamalla.

  15. Gorgeous! The fern and mums are a magical combination! Have a beautiful day!

  16. Aivan ihana tuo ensimmäinen kuva ^_^

  17. Staying in and knitting those wonderful socks sounds like a great idea!

  18. I like the common lady-fern but it's growing like mad in my garden so I must take action before next spring, there are far too many. Enjoyed your wonderful pictures, as always they are beautiful!

  19. The fern collection is stunning! And the ice-frosted red leaves are beautiful ... you are going to need those lovely warm socks soon!

  20. Cloudy indeed, but very atmosphereic!

  21. First Snow,how lovely!!! ♥♥♥♥
    The socks are truly so wonderful! I simply love colours you picked!♥♥♥

    As per your photography;it is the feast of eyes ♥♥♥

    Happy Sunday

  22. A lovely collection of photos from October - I love how you have captured the beauty in the ferns. Wishing you a wonderful November to come, Sara!

  23. It's always joy to visit your post and see your lovely photographs.
    I do like the new header photograph ...
    Those socks are just lovely too, I like all the colours in the yarn.

    Enjoy the remaining October days and Happy November wishes

    All the best Jan

  24. Today it's here still Sunday, and even in California it was rainy and foggy, just like your photo! Great to have a generous brother! One of my two brothers is too, and gave me a guitar, which I'm going to post in November.
    About the socks - I saw Tina's blog, but I am new at socks (I made one pair:)), so I hope I can figure it out on my own. I printed out the visual pattern.
    The one you made is with the brioche stitch, right?(knitting 2 yarns at the same time.
    No need to hurry, because I hope to see you at ALL SEASONS before Wednesday evening:)

    1. Oh no, Jesh, it's not made using the very-complicated-looking brioche stitch, just the simple stockinette. :) Top-down, starting with 2x2 ribbing and with a reinforced heel.
      Keep me posted on the progress!

  25. Ihana lokakuu kohta takana <3 Kivat sukat! Kivaa alkavaa viikkoa....

  26. Kauniit kuvat - meille luvattu reippaasti lunta keskiviikkona! Mukavaa marraskuuta.

  27. Kaunista <3 Niin sävy sävyyn kaikki. Tykkään kovasti.

    Tunnelmallista marraskuuta!

  28. Hieno kollaasi. Ja noi sukat; niin kauniit värisävyt ja muutenkin hienot!
    Mukavaa marraskuuta!

  29. A lovely post Sara. Beautiful images. I'm pleased to see the signs of autumn all around in my own neighbourhood too. I'm going out for some purchases including yarn in this season's colour tones. I want to crochet a lap blanket that will match colours in our Italian living room. Your brother will appreciate the warm socks. Every blessing, Linda.

  30. Onpa kaunista! Lokakuu oli meilläkin harvinaisen pivinen, aurinkoa ei juuri alkukuun jälkeen näkynyt.

  31. Beautiful to see these gorgeous autumn images. Must be getting pretty chilly now seeing that you have had your 1st snowfall!! Stay warm and wishing you the best of health :)x

  32. Ihanat kuvat lokakuulta ja kauniit sukat :)

  33. Ihanan positiivinen postaus!
    Ja todella taitavasti tehdyt sukat :)

  34. Your “autumn socks” are beautiful. (Too beautiful to wear! :)))) The last picture with the cute titmouse is so lovely!


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