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Ode to geraniums... and lilacs

As adults, we sometimes notice that things are much smaller than they seemed when we were children. However, I could swear that the wood cranesbills (Geranium sylvaticum) have more and bigger flowers now than in my childhood... :)

with deep purple eyes
Scan avidly 
the Springtime skies
As if despite 
their diminutive size
That they could 
from Mother Nature prize
…Eternal Springs and endless lives…

                                  David Whalen

The lilacs are starting to bloom.

I wish I could share with you also something more than only photos...  The air is so lovely, warm, calm, rather humid, and very, very fragrant.

You may have noticed that I'm very much in love with our
Begonia × tuberhybrida (Pendula Group).
With this collage, I participate in 

Have a lovely new week!


  1. Hello Sara, Beautiful purple blooms and the begonias are just lovely. Thanks for sharing the poem and your pretty post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. Beautiful flower captures, the begonia is gorgeous. Happy MM.

  3. Boa tarde, captações maravilhosas das belas flores, a conjugação das cores naturais e a qualidade das fotos são excelentes.

  4. You have done these flowers justice with your beautiful photos : )

  5. How I wish I had a lilac bush. I tried growing one but it did not survive. I remember the ones my mother had. Your photos of the flowers are wonderful. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  6. Hello Sara. Your words about the lilacs had me right there, smelling them and feeling the warm humid air. I do love lilac season. Your photos are gorgeous - wonderful light and composition. Have a good week.

  7. I love geraniums and lilacs .. such a pretty color! The begonia is stunning! Happy Monday!

  8. Fabulous Sara and lucky you to have lilacs now...mine were too short...and geraniums are such a fantastic long-blooming flower.

  9. Love all the purple flowers this week!

  10. I love the focus you got looking through the leaves to the flowers. Amazing colors! Hugs, Diane

  11. Pretty geranium flowers and I see lupins in the background getting ready to appear.
    Lucky you to be coming into lilac season, will you bringing some in for vases? Mine are finished except the Korean lilac decided to put out one more bloom and I've probably extracted all the scent from smelling it so often. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  12. I loved each of these, they make me smile and that means happy, really pretty~

  13. All just beautiful Sara. The flowers, the poem, your words. I can easily imagine how lovely it feels to be out in your garden at this time of year. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  14. Bellísimas imágenes de la naturaleza.


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