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Flowers and tea

There's a bunch of lilies-of-the-valley in a vase in front of me, and the fragrance is almost overwhelming...

The weather continues to be cool (ca. 12 ºC; 53.6 ºF) and many plants are late to leaf out here.  This is how the leaves of our Parthenocissus inserta look like...

However, I decided to have an afternoon tea, even if hasty, on a small terrace,
 to be finally able to join Judith at Lavender Cottage 
for Tea and Garden Journaling on Thursday.

The cups (THUN flower) might be for coffee...

... but they were good for tea as well.

Sitting on the terrace, we see some plants blooming. Million Bells is one of my favorite flowering plants. It looks pretty even in orange. ;)

You have already seen this beautiful begonia, in my previous post:

 There's fresh new green everywhere...

After two days we will celebrate Midsummer, but one of its symbols, Rosa spinosissima 'Plena', is not blooming yet. With this photo (from a previous year), I wish you all a lovely Midsummer!

Kaunista juhannusta!

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  1. I can't believe Midsummer is knocking on the door. The year is going so quickly but the flowers are giving an amazing show! I love the cups and saucers for your tea. Take carexx

  2. Hi Sara,
    As for the weather: it's not much better here. It's cold and sometimes there's a warm day.
    You petunias are wonderful, I have them myself and enjoy it very much. Mine are shades of purple and pink.
    I wish you all a nice Midsomer!

    Love, Gerry

  3. It is so lovely to see the glory of your garden!! xx

  4. What lovely photos. Don't you just love lily of the valley and their sweet fragrance. That white begonia is stunning! Happy Midsummer!

  5. Your lily of the valley took me back to when I had it in a vase at my kitchen sink, I remember the scent like it was yesterday. Now I've moved on to peonies and their heavenly fragrance.
    I love the photo of the new tips on the spruce/pine, they are so soft and just beg to be touched, don't they? The tips of the baby blue spruce in our backyard emerge an icy blue and I'm always caressing them when passing by.
    Two pretty cups for tea, especially the beaded handles and something yummy is waiting on a plate.
    Have a good weekend Sara, thanks for sharing your garden journal and tea.

  6. Your vibrant colors are so inviting, I'd be glad to join you for tea.

  7. Kielojen ja ruusun väri on yksi kesän lempiväreistäni ja kupit ovat todella kauniita :)
    Ovatko ne Italiasta?
    Täällä kotimetsässä juhannusaaton aamu on sateen jälkeen raikas
    ja linnut laulelevat kuin toivottaen hyvää juhannusta.

  8. What a lovely post. Makes me want to go and have afternoon tea in the garden too! Perhaps I will later today! Wishing you a happy weekend.

  9. Great photos of the very pretty flowers . I hope you enjoyed your tea out in the garden. Have a blessed day and wonderful weekend. Madeline

  10. Ihanat kukat ja kielo niistä kaunein. Oikein ihanaa juhannusta sinulle!

  11. I'm sorry your summer is having such a slow start in the weather. It surprises me that your lily of the valley are just blooming there. I hope summer warms up for you soon. Enjoy!

  12. What a fabulous tea and the garden flowers are looking pretty even in the cool weather.


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