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Kevätpuutarha - Spring Garden 2015, part 1

The annual Spring Fair was held at the Messukeskus Exhibition & Convention Centre in Helsinki from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th. I was able to visit the Fair only on Saturday, which was probably the most crowded day. It would have been lovely to have more time at disposal, because there were many interesting displays and booths. (I did miss some, unfortunately...)

As you all know, taking photos in crowded locations is not easy. I will share the best shots I got without invading anyone's privacy.  In this post, there are photos of the four display gardens, planned for different kinds of families and locations by the garden designer and horticulturist Eva Wuite.

1. A little bit surprisingly, "the modern garden" was also my favourite, as it was of many others. It could be the garden of an urban couple that appreciates minimalist design.

A Quercus palustris, swamp Spanish oak, grown as espalier. It's said to be one of the most commonly used landscaping oaks due to its ease of transplant, relatively fast growth, and pollution tolerance. The word espalier brought to my mind the Italian word spalliera and the vine training. This image makes me remember some interesting views in Southern Italy, where the practice of training vines a tendone  is used.

2. In a garden for a family with small children, there are flower beds and a safe playground. There were indeed kids enjoying the playing area of this garden...

There were cheerful splashes of colour:

3. A garden is beautiful when it is in harmony with its surroundings and the architecture of the house. One of the gardens was for a country house, perhaps a log cabin, surrounded by coniferous woodland. Reflecting the busy lifestyle of its owners, this garden is very easy to maintain.

4. The fourth garden could belong to a DIY family that lives in a traditional, wooden house, loves the romantic atmosphere of a cottage garden and enjoys growing herbs and vegetables:

That's all for now. In the next post there will be... more flowers!

15 kommenttia:

  1. Näyttääpäs valkoiset ja oranssit tulppaanit raikkailta yhdessä =) Tuommoinen tammi espalier on kyllä komea - vautsi

  2. I love how there is such diversity in the types of gardens, houses and families for these displays.

  3. Looks like a wonderful Spring fair! The gardens and flowers are pretty. Lovely displays! Have a happy week!

  4. Very pretty gardens - I love the woodland garden and the beautiful table setting. Thanks for sharing these! xo Karen

  5. I have no explanation but I like the modern garden most and of course the wonderful table setting.

  6. Hello Sara,
    How wonderful to wander around in such a garden fair!
    So many beautiful things around you, get ideas!
    I'm very curious about your flower photos!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. It's a special week.
    Have a good week!

    Love, Gerry

  7. Lovely photos, that's a gorgeous table setting, and I would love a modern garden like the one in your first 2 pictures. The way the vines have been trained looks very interesting. Looking forward to seeing more flowers in your next post :-)

  8. Some lovely ideas and beautiful flowers!! xx

  9. Garden shows can be so inspiring. I do like the modern garden, too, although my own is more of a cottage garden, with flowers and vegetables. That's a very pretty table setting in your last photo.

  10. How wonderful it must have been to wander around, soaking up ideas and all that beauty! So nice to see all the green, and the blooms. I like all the gardens you've shown, and look forward to more flowers too.

  11. I like to attend garden shows like this one, Sara. It's a wonderful way to get ideas. I also liked the modern garden photo. I can not grow tulips here as the rabbits and deer like to eat them, but I planted Irises as they seems to leave them alone.

  12. Kiitos messukuvista Sara! Minun lempparit olivat nuo tuomipihlajien kukat...ihanat..harmi ettei tavattu, minä pyörähdin jo torstaina messuilla, siellä oli silloinkin hulinaa.

  13. Nuo säleikköpuut olivat ihania!

  14. Beautiful photos and ideas at this garden show. I like that oak espalier which makes a lovely shade like an umbrella. The table setting at the end is so pretty too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I'm catching up Sara, been a busy few days. The espaliered swamp oak was done creatively, wasn't it? Hmm, a minimal garden with modern furniture seems to be what the new generation wants. My favourite country store changed their decor a couple of years ago to accommodate this trend. Now I have to really hunt for something I like in the store.
    That is a pretty garden table but it would have been nicer with teacups instead of wine glasses. ;-)


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