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Taking photos

Now the temperatures are what they should be in March, clearly below zero centigrade at night and pleasantly warm during the day.  The days are very bright, and photographywise the lighting is almost too harsh, at least to my taste. I love mornings and evenings, and yes, summer nights, too. In late winter, I find evenings especially magical. Do you know how the snow smells when its surface is melting during the day and refreezing at night?

In the morning photo below, the blue background is unfocused snow, not the sky:

Pussy willows grow close to the water.

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..."

Since my recent, daylight photos are a little bit boring, I edited them for my mosaic. :) You can see I have already found some snowless spots near our home, especially under the trees!

The "mosaic tiles" are rather small, and that's why I wanted to add two of my favourite ones a little bit bigger:

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Have a lovely week!

PS Two weeks from today, I probably will not be able to participate in Mosaic Monday. The days start to be more hectic, when spring advances, and during the weekend I will visit our capital city.

The annual Spring Fair will be held at the Messukeskus Exhibition & Convention Centre in Helsinki from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th March. What interests me most is of course the Spring Garden Fair, but there will be areas dedicated also to home-building and renovating, second homes, interior decoration, as well as organic and locally produced food.  The displays are, unfortunately, arranged indoors (the climate!), but I will try to take as good pictures as I possibly can and to prepare some nice posts in the following week.

Source: Messukeskus Mediabank


  1. Very beautiful! Enjoy your upcoming trip.

  2. Beautiful images........lovely sky and willows!

  3. Beautiful photos and mosaics Sara. The Spring Fair sounds like a wonderful event. I hope you have a great time at it. Enjoy. Pam

  4. What a beautiful pictures, Sara!
    And I wish you lots of fun for next weekend in Helsinki!
    And a nice week desired!

    Kind regards,

  5. Beautiful photos and I like your special touch to some of them. I hope you have a good event at the Spring Fair.

  6. Oh and you have spring too....i do know what snow smells like when it's melting but it is not melting here....we had a week of melt with temps in the 40s....2 ft melted. Now we have snow and cold and a cold week ahead so no spring here still.

  7. I'm feeling left out...you and Donna know what melting snow smells like!. I didn't realize there was a smell, you'll have to let me in on the experience Sara.
    Isn't it a strange phenomenon when snow appears blue in a macro shot? I've had this happen too. I like the mosaic, the software you used gives it an artist quality of soft brush strokes.
    It sounds like your spring fair is similar to Canada Blooms which I unfortunately will not be attending this year. I'll look forward to your photos to see new trends and plants.
    As always, thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  8. Your images always bring a smile to my face! I greatly appreciate you sharing the beauty that surrounds you with us :) Have a blessed Monday! Hugs!

  9. Ihania kuvia! Uskomationta, miten nopeasti lumi on humpsahtanut olemattomiin. Meillä on yöllä välillä lähes kymmenenkin astetta pakkasta, ja vaikka päivällä on lähemmäs kahdeksan astetta lämmintä, maa ei oikein ehdi sulaa, ja jäinen maa pitää sipulikukat vielä sisuksissaan. Ihanan kevään tuokusinen kollaasi! Itse en ole oikein jaksanut paneutua nyt näihin haasteisiin tällä hetkellä, mutta ehkä taas jossain vaiheessa innostun uudelleen..
    Kaunista viikkoa sinulle!

  10. A beautiful time of year I can see Sara.
    I would love to know how the snow smells when it's melting during the day and refreezing at night - you may be surprised at that!
    Even if we had snow for a couple of months! I really do enjoy seeing everyone's beautiful snow photos!
    I understand it is not conducive to easy driving etcetera and having to shovel snow out of the way to get out must get wearing.... but.... it is a wonderland to behold from afar, where I'm sitting bathed in sunshine!
    So thank you for all your lovely photos Sara!

  11. When I read your words about the scent of melting snow, I was taken back to my teenage years in northern Canada and I realized that I knew what you were talking about. I miss snow - we had none this year at all. But I do have the spring flowers (so early this year) as consolation.
    Enjoy the garden/home exposition.

  12. Beautiful photos Sara. I do love seeing the pussywillows, they are a sure sign of spring to me! Lovely mosaic too. Nice that you are seeing some bare ground... :)

  13. Oops, forgot to add, have a great time at the Spring Fair. Take lots of photos and bring Spring home with you...

  14. Wish you a nice time at the annual Spring fair in Helsinki, must be very interesting. Your photos and collage are wonderful, especially the lovely pussycats.

  15. Very pretty scenes - love the little squirrel with the tufted ears! Have fun at the Spring Fair! xo Karen

  16. Your photos are always a joy to view! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  17. Gorgeous photos! Have a wonderful time at the garden fair!

  18. It seems like we are all looking for spring, world wide. Love your tile mosaic and expecially the special effects. Enjoy your trip and be sure take lots of photos for us. Thanks again for stopping by the Garden Spot.

  19. Olen huomannut myös, että iltaisin auringonlaskun aikaan taivas on usein upean värinen.
    Me vierailimme eilen Helsingissä!
    Hyvää tiistaipäivää :)

  20. Such beautiful photos! That little squirrel in the center of your lovely mosaic, just stole my heart! (I have a think for squirrels, those little rascals!). Love your pussy willows...so pretty! :)

  21. Sara, I love the pussy willow photo. Spring has arrived when they appear. Sylvia

  22. The sky looks so majestic. Lovely photos as always.

  23. Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment. I was thinking of pussy willows just today and that I have not seen any in a long time. Have a blessed day. I will be making this one of my favorites. Madeline

  24. kiitos kyläilystä blogissani. Sinä todella otar hienoja kuvia, meillä on ollut 3 wiikkoa aurinkoa ja yli.kymmenen mutta huomenna tulee jäämeren kylmät ja räntää, joten emme varmastikaan nää auringon pimennystä. hyvää kevättä Jaana

  25. Such dramatic skies, Sara, and your mosaic is very pretty. I appreciate the close ups of nature's miracles.

    Happy weekend!



  26. "Aqueles que passam por nós, não vão sós,
    não nos deixam sós.
    Deixam um pouco de si, levam um pouco de nós." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
    Uma linda e abençoada semana.
    Beijos Marie.

  27. Wonderful post. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline


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