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Saturday's critters

The squirrels that visit our bird feeder have become even too tame and fearless.

Once more I went out to scare them at least a little bit further away from the feeder, but they didn't look very frightened.  Well, actually they do look rather cute...

The weather continues to be grey. I'm really looking forward to sunnier days when the photos will be less gloomy...

Joining Eileen

To see a lot of great animal shots, check out the link above!

20 kommenttia:

  1. I love this cute squirrel, it has adorable ears.. Great shots! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  2. You are indeed a good photographer Sara! You could capture this tiny, cute squirrel's enjoying times very well! But, last image is my favorite among them ♥
    Thank you for making my day very cheerful and have a great weekend!

  3. Great pictures of that cute squirrel, I understand they can be a nuisance for stealing the food for the birds, but so adorable, like our little rabbits in the garden. Help, there are coming more, but they look so sweet.....

  4. They're a nuisance around our bird feeders but how can one deny such a cute little face like that some of the seeds? They appeal to my soft side whenever I see them shivering in the snow, wish I had a cute variety like this Sara.

  5. Oi, miten ihanat oravakuvat!
    Kuinka monta oravaa olet lähistöllä nähnyt?
    Meidän kotimetsän oravat ovat niin vilkkaita,
    etten koskaan ehdi kuvata niitä.

  6. Ihanat! Nälkähän niilläkin on ja kohta on poikasten aikakin käsillä...😄

    1. Apua! Tuleeko niitä kohta lisääkin? :D
      Harmi, ettei söpö hymiösi näy oikein täällä kommenteissa. (Sähköpostissa onneksi näkyy.)

  7. Hi is so cute and I love his chestnut brown arms. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Oh that is the cutest squirrel I have ever seen...


  9. What a darling little guy! Do all Finnish squirrels have tufted ears? Our squirrels here do not have the long hair on their ears... You have captured his curiosity! I too love his rusty brown paws. SO cute!!

  10. Oh, I love this cute squirrel ! Great wnter pictures !

  11. We don't have squirrels with those fancy ears. But they have the same instincts: raid the bird feeders!

    And they have the same mitigating feature: they are hilarious!

  12. Your squirrel's tufted ears are adorable! I've never seen a squirrel like that. So cute! Squirrels are one reason we don't have bird feeders. The squirrels that have taken over here are the invasive greys and are not very nice. Love your photos. He looks like a very friendly fellow.

  13. Wow!! Fantastic pictures.

  14. Ai että on hyviä kuvia, laadullisesti ja myös veikeitä. Meillä käy kolme viime kesän poikasta syömässä, ovat tuttuja jo. Viime kesänä emo toi ne syömään ja häipyi sen jälkeen itse jonnekin kauemmas asustelemaan. On ne kivoja seurata.

  15. Upeat kuvat! Ne ovat niin söpöjä. :-)

  16. Oravat tosiaan ovat niin erinäköisiä eri maissa. Hyvin huomaa sen myös kommentteja lukiessa. Tuo vika kuva on just söpö!

  17. Cute, serie, wonderfull serie, sweet.
    Have a nice week.

  18. They might be a pest and eating all the birds food but my are they cute! Love the long orange gloves!
    Wren x


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