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Colour therapy - My favourite flower pot

Here in the north, the sun is low at this time of the year. In addition to this, the weather has been cloudy in the last few weeks and blue skies especially hard to come by. In November, the sunshine around here was measured in minutes, not hours...

It's tiring. We do have a light box in our home (light therapy is believed to make up for lost sunlight exposure and, according to my experience, it really resets the body's internal clock), but I haven't used it yet. Colours help as well!

This glazed terracotta pot is my favourite. It also has a story. Where we lived earlier, we were very fortunate to live near to a retail nursery owned by a relative of my husband. Pietro takes his work seriously. We bought vigorous plants there at a good price and with an excellent service. Pietro's sister was sometimes helping him, and once she had planted orange pansies in this burgundy coloured pot. I loved the combination, but tried to control my shopaholism, always triggered by plants for sale.

When after some time, perhaps a week or two, nobody had bought the pot with the pretty pansies, she gave it to me as a gift, since I was able to appreciate its beauty! :)

In an old (scanned, low quality - sorry!) photo, you can see some primulas, too, another love of mine:

This spring, I planted a begonia in my pot.  It thrived through summer and bloomed until now:  

If you like orange, you can find some more pictures here.

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  1. Orange is such a warm and happy colour at any time of year,but especially in winter!

  2. I have never been fond of orange flowers Sara, but I can appreciate the colour combination of the begonias and pot. A friend of mine however, loves orange flowers, wears orange all the time and combines it with lime green. Everyone has different likes, don't they?

  3. Color is a wonderful antidote for these dark days. Your begonias are so bright and pretty even though orange flowers are not usually to my liking. Light therapy is a great thing.

  4. Oh to have such lovely color now. I need to plant some flowers I can bring in all winter....

  5. OI, miten ihanan piristävää oranssia täällä! Oranssi pegonia sopii täydellisesti tuohon viininpunaiseen ruukkuun. Vesi tulee suuhun tuosta viimeisestä kuvasta - ihaan raikasta appelsiinia!!

  6. I am not a fan of orange anything but I have to admit your begonias look striking in the burgundy flower pot. Thanks so much for your visit and I do hope you will link up to my tea party sometime. I would love to have you. Merry Christmas and have a lovely day!



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