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Happy Independence Day, Finland!

NB The following mosaics have been compiled using photos from Kunniamme päivät: Suomen sota 1939-40 kuvina ja päämajan tilannetiedoituksina, published by Maan Turva (ed. Toivo Rautavaara and Juhani Konkka), WSOY, Porvoo, 1940.

Finland became independent on 6 December 1917.

It remained independent also 75 years ago, when the Soviet Union attacked it on 30 November. Vastly superior in number of soldiers, aircraft, and tanks, the SU expected a total victory within two weeks. 

However, making use of good tactics, hard weather conditions, and high morale in the Forces and among the civilians, Finland repelled Soviet attacks for several months.

World opinion largely supported the Finnish cause and there were plans for an international intervention, cancelled firstly by the refusal by Sweden and Norway to allow the British and French troops to pass through their territory and secondly by the end of the war.

Despite many difficulties, about 12,000 foreign volunteers – especially from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Estonia, and Belgium – as well as Finns from Northern America made it to Finland before the war was over. 

Hostilities ceased on 13 March 1940. Finland had to cede a portion of Karelia, four islands in the Gulf of Finland and other areas (and more than 400,000 civilians were hastily evacuated), but retained its sovereignty.

Remembering with gratitude.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I'll be joining the participants of Mosaic Monday at Judith's Lavender Cottage Gardening.

To finish with a flourish, some suggestions from exoticgarden.fi for the next summer. Don't these cultivars of Viola cornuta have wonderful colours?!

'Sorbet Phantom'

'Sorbet Pink Wing'

'Sorbet Blueberry Cream'

P.S. On the today's post of my blogger friend Laura, there's a link to a beautiful video by Oliver Goetzl, uploaded by Tarja M.  -  Definitely worth watching and listening... Click on the smaller photo!


  1. Hieno postaus meidän tärkeästä historiastamme!
    Oikein hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää sinulle!
    (toki saat linkittää! :) )

  2. Wishing you a Happy Independence Day! I adore violas and these have such sweet faces.

  3. Thank you for telling the history of this conflict,I knew very little about it.
    Happy Independence Day!

    Beautiful pansies!

  4. Very interesting information! Hapy Independence Day.

  5. I wish you and yours a Happy Independence Day! The flowers look like a beautiful choice, lovely colors.. Great post, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new week!

  6. The violas are lovely and Happy Independence Day to Finland! I learned something new today.

  7. Sara, it was kind of you to share the history of your country and I wish you a Happy Independence Day.
    The sorbet series of violas are pretty and would look wonderful planted together.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  8. Happy Independence Day! Finland is a strong country and I'm glad to read a little of its history.

  9. What an interesting post...things I didn't know. Happy Independence day my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane


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