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Joulunalusajan tunnelmaa - Earth tones🎄

PysykÀÀhÀn terveinÀ!

Stay well!

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  1. Todo esse gelo, lindo!
    Parece uma obra de arte!
    Que tenhas um Natal de muita Paz.
    E obrigada pela sua presença lå na casa esse ano de

    All that ice, beautiful!
    It looks like a work of art!
    May you have a very peaceful Christmas.
    And thanks for your presence at the house this year

  2. Beautiful photos!Merry Christmas,dear Sara!

  3. Luonto kauniisti pÀÀosassa.
    SinÀ myös!!

  4. Gorgeous photos...Nature is beautiful and so peaceful...
    Have a cozy weekend !

  5. Beautiful images of nature. I also like the one of the building. The angle gives the structure a look like a pine tree. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  6. Breath takingly beautiful and unique!
    Peace and joy to you and your family, throughout the Christmas season.

  7. Good morning Sara: You are hereby invited to move to the front of the class to receive the award for photographer of the year, with special recognition for creative, sensitive, artistic interpretation. Shortly, the Finnish Postal Service will no doubt be featuring your art on its stamps! Enjoy the holidays to whatever extent COVID permits. Best wishes from Canada. David.

  8. Kaunista kaunista... SinĂ€ saat aina luonnon taiteen esiin 💙
    Todella ihania otoksia. Ja mitĂ€ söpöin kuusirasia đŸŒČ

  9. Kauneutta löytyy luonnosta mitÀ ihmeellisemmistÀ paikoista - terveyttÀ ja positiivista mieltÀ!

  10. Great photos. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy new year. Madeline

  11. God's artistry in nature is unsurpassed. Beautiful photos. Merry Christmas, Sara, and a very healthy and happy New Year.

  12. Fantastic ice sculptures!
    Stay well you too, Sara, and your family as well.
    Have a blessed time.

  13. So beautiful pictures...
    Your blog and pictures are fantastic!
    Love from Titti

  14. Ihanan tunnelmallinen postaus - hyvÀÀ joulun aikaa Sinulle 💙

  15. Onpa kauniita kuvia. Ja luntakin on jo tullut. TÀÀllÀ lÀnsirannikolla sataa vettÀ. Ihanaa joulun aikaa sinulle.

  16. Fabulous winter photos ❤

  17. Gracias Sara por tan preciosas foto y tus buenos deseo.
    Tambien deseo para tí y los tuyos una buena Navidad. Que paséis buenas fiestas amiga. Y cuidaros mucho.
    Un abrazo.

  18. Dear Sara,
    I love your pictures -they are such wintry, well done.
    A Merry Christmas, happy holidays with your family and loved ones.
    Good health and take care!

  19. Ihanaa talvista tunnelmaa kuvissasi!:) HyvÀÀ joulua!

  20. Tunnelmallista JoulupĂ€ivÀÀ Sinulle ja Perheellesi ❤

  21. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  22. Che spettacolo le tue fotografie!!
    Auguri Buon Natale buone feste

  23. dear Sarah i feel really poor with words whenever i look at your images

    this time they seem more eloquent ,poignant ,direct and penetrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    each photo speaks for your beautiful amazing mind that seek meaning within each tiny singly aspect of ordinary things and leave us with extraordinary meaning of them :)
    Merry Christmas to you and precious family my wonderfully talented friend!
    may you so many more with loved ones in future amen!

  24. thanks to electricity absence dear Sarah so we could see your gorgeous candles captured so ELEGANTLY !!!
    i only missed blue candle here :) but green one made my day :)
    loved the images and gingerbread looks delightful :)
    hugs and blessings!

  25. Happy New Year,my dear friend!Hugs!

  26. Fabulous photographs.

    I hope you had a good Christmas, sending my good wishes for a happy and healthy 2021.

    All the best Jan


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