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Spring pastels: a girly post

Northern Italy, 19.3.2017

Eastern Finland, 20.3.2017 :)

Yllä näkymämme tänään aamupäivällä. Nyt iltapäivällä sade on lakannut. Tässä postauksessa on uusia ja vanhoja kuvia, jotka ilahduttavat minua tänään, toivottavasti myös sinua! :)

Tulipa 'Angelique', in June 2015

"Thinking pink" was the working title for this post, inspired by this month's cover of "Gloria", a Finnish women's magazine, but then I noticed that in the photos I wanted to post, there were many other colours too...

... like in these woollen socks. In March, they are still needed. :) I did have a pink trench coat, but alas I gave it away...

Some favourites:

ACO Daily Care -tuotteet -20% maaliskuun ajan monissa apteekeissa.
Kuvassa oleva puhdistusemulsio on suosikkini.

Vehicle Maintenance for Women: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask by Charlotte Williamson. :) Originally published in 2004: 

A pretty cup:

Rosa 'Lumo' in July 2015

I'm decluttering. I will post some images, texts, etc. that I have found beautiful, interesting, etc. in the past years. I will store them in a digital form... and then possibly discard the originals.

This pretty mini calendar (in Italian) will not be thrown away. (You will see more pages soon.) It's from the year 2006 and, as it happens, it's valid this year! And... hmmm... in 2023 I will be able to use it again. :)

"Mon Jardin 2006", by Akena. http://www.akenaitaly.it/tipologia/calendari.html

Do you like pastel colours?


  1. Näkymä 19.3. ja 20.3. ja sinulla on nuo molemmat, mikä rikkaus! Pinkki on herkkää missä vain ja tällä kertaa kiinnostavin kuva on tuo viimeinen maisema, tiheä oksisto pinkkiä taustaa vasten on tehokas! Keväistä viikkoa!

  2. Oh, do I like pastel colours!? I sure do! :D Varsinkin tuossa ylemmässä auringonlaskukuvassa on aivan upea pastellitaivas! Pastellista viikkoa sinne!

  3. I do love pastel colours! Especially pinks like you've shown. The latitude makes an incredible difference in weather, as evidenced by your two photos. Bring on the pink! Have a wonderful week and I hope the snow melts quickly.

  4. These photos are so lovely! I like pastel colours... all colours of those woollen socks... And it's weird, because when I was young, I didn't like them so much. :) I wish you a beautiful week! Big hugs!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Sara, and I love the calendar, too! I hope you have a great week. Hugs. :)

  6. Pinkki on ihan parasta! Ihania, pinkkejä juttu löysit.

  7. March 20, Finland photo; is the clearest message about how much you missed the Spring. I am pretty sure that the Spring is about to turn to your garden's corner ♥♥♥

    Also, I really love this pastel colored "Spring missing" post.

    I wish you a wonderful week dear Sara ♥♥♥

  8. Thanks for the lovely images, especially the flowers, on this first day of spring. The pinks are beautiful! Have a great week, dear Sara.

  9. Pinkki ruusu on aivan ihana! Meillä on myös pihassa pinkkejä ruusuja;-))

  10. Minäkin pidän niin näistä väreistä.

  11. What a pretty post for the first day of spring Sara. I love it! And yes, I love pastels too. The calendar is sweet. I wonder if I have a 2006 calendar around. I used to save the pretty Lang calendars but finally recycled them. lol Have a lovely week.

  12. Beautiful pastels! I love all these tones!

  13. Such pretty images of 'pink', Sara! It's such a lovely, soft color. I love your 'bleeding heart' cup! Happy spring to you and I hope you see signs of it very soon. xx Karen

  14. Viehättäviä suloisia kuvia ja tavaroita 💕
    Nuo sukat ovat ihanan hempeät.

  15. Loved these Gorgeous photos!
    Cup art is lovely.
    Skies are MAGICAL! !!

  16. Hej Sara!

    När man ser bilderna från Italien och från Finland kan man ju undra varför vi nordbor väljer att bo i dessa frusna länder. Men..jag vill nog inte byta, det finns mycket att njuta av i vår natur även om den är barsk ibland.

    Och igår var det vårdagjämning, ljuset vinner över mörkret!


  17. Beautiful photos!!!!

    Yes, I love pastels... Especially pink! -smile-

    And I love that raincoat, on the magazine cover. I am too old, to wear it, but I love it.

    Luna Crone
    Upper NE of US

  18. I love pastel colours and each home we've owned has been painted in them. My clothing is mostly pastels too - they're cheery, comforting and always pleasant to look at.
    All the pinks you shared were wonderful but as you noted, some of the other colours alongside are pretty too and help the pink to look all that much more beautiful.
    Happy Spring Sara!

  19. I am a pastel person, especially pink. I love pink, pink anything. The roses that you posted are gorgeous.

  20. Pink makes the boys wink ;)
    I love girly things and pink has to be one of my favourite colours. I adore your socks and pink roses!!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Sara :)x

  21. Love your girly post!! Good luck with your decluttering! I'm trying to do the same too...
    Wren x

  22. Your photos are so unique! I love the soft socks! We need them too here!

  23. Pink is always the perfect choice, IMO :-)

  24. Hennon pinkit kukkasesi ovat ihania. Värinä se sopii hyvin kukkiin, mutta ei omiin vaatteisiini :) Kivaa torstaita!

  25. Can't believe you still have such cold weather! Brrr!
    Some beautiful pinks and stunning photos here. I love it that you have kept that sweet calendar for so long! Enjoy using it again this year.

  26. A gorgeous post.

    Greetings from London.


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