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Happy pontism!

pontist (noun) 1. A historic bridge enthusiast who enjoys either lobbying for preservation
 and/or who enjoys visiting and photographing historic bridges.
2. Anyone who enjoys working with or visiting/photographing bridges of any kind. (Urban Dictionary)

Hello, my name is Sara and I'm a gephyrophile... but fortunately I'm not the only one. There's a Google+ community for bridge admirers and there's a great UK blog called The Happy Pontist where you can find really interesting posts related to bridges.

Bridges are one of the few cases, where the rule "the bigger, the better" does apply. :) 

Unfortunately, I went digital (and started to take more photos) only rather recently, so I don't have a large stock of bridge photos.  A year ago, we crossed the Øresund strait between Sweden and Denmark (and I posted some of these photos). 

Now the next Sunday's Our Beautiful World photo challenge (the prompt is BRIDGE) is a great excuse to post more of the photos taken. The one above shows the last of the bridges you cross on your way from Sweden to Denmark mainland. The following photos are in the order they have been taken.

The Øresund Bridge (below), between Malmö and Copenhagen, is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe. It was the setting for the 2011 Swedish/Danish TV crime drama "The Bridge". (The fourth and final series will be shot in late 2016, probably airing in 2018. - There has been also the homonymous American version.)

I know some of my dear blogging friends don't particularly like bridges. For you there's a cute lighthouse at the bottom of this post. ♥

A proposito, blogging friends... Thank you so much for your lovely comments! They never cease to amaze and delight me - and they make these posts much more interesting.

Kiitos kaikille ihanista ja mielenkiintoisista kommenteista esimerkiksi edelliseen postaukseeni! Tällä kertaa nyt hieman erilaisia kuvia:

Have a happy day! xx


  1. Huikeaa, kaunista, taivaita tavoittelevaa !
    Olen aika pitänyt silloista. Niitä on tosi monta eri sorttia.
    Hai visto il Ponte di Rialto in Italia? E il Ponte dei sospiri? :)
    How about a game of bridge? You know how to play? I don't.

    1. Minä pidän erityisesti näistä moderneista, isoista silloista, vaikka muuten pidän enemmän pienestä ja vanhasta.
      Sì, certo. Sì.
      Not knowing how to play bridge makes me feel totally handicapped. :D Earlier it was said that you can't learn bridge from books, but now with all the online resources, I might be able to learn by myself...

  2. what a massive bridge! the lighthouse is beautiful too! have a beautiful day!

  3. Huikeita kuvia Sara - Amazing photos!

  4. I love it, Sarah! Your photos are nice and I love the blue in it! And yes, I love also lighthouses! I Always seeking for postcards with lighthouses when I visit the Dutch coast.

  5. Todella kaunista. Poikani on tälläinen siltafani, nyt etsimmekin sopivaa siltajulistetta kissojen ja koirien kanssa. Ja voi että mä ootan Silta-sarjan uusia jaksoja :) Lämpimiä ja kauniita elokuun päiviä toivotellen (onhan niitä) Sara!

  6. Ooh Sara, you would be in Bridge Heaven here in the UK as there are so many wonderful bridges to cross.
    When we travel to Wales we come back over the Second Severn Crossing which is very similar to yours but much wider as it carries the motorway, 6 lanes. It's free on returning to England but you have to pay to cross to Wales.
    Do you have to pay to use your bridges in Sweden and Denmark?
    The lighthouse is very beautiful at the end of your post, thank you for including it :)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

    1. Oh, Prunella, Britain would be my Heaven for many reasons. :)
      The Second Severn Crossing (googled) looks gorgeous.
      Yes, there's a fee for the use of the Øresund Bridge. It's not very cheap either, but at least you don't need to queue for a ferry.
      Have a great Thursday afternoon! :)

  7. The photos of the bridges are wonderful. The lighthouse photo is great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Bridges are amazing structures! The engineering that goes into them is intense! Great photos, Sara. And I learned two new words today - pontist, and gephyrophile. Thank you, teacher Sara.

  9. I too have learnt the meaning of 2 new words. Such an impressive bridge! How do you cope with the crossing?
    Does taking photos help? I love the one with the boat and the one where trails reach for the sky.

    1. Thank you, Helen!
      I don't have problems crossing that kind of bridges - a rope bridge would be completely another thing. :)
      I'm very happy with how the photos turned out, using a compact camera. I wasn't driving, obviously.

  10. Such lovely photos, Sara - you have made me feel as if I were there! I do love bridges - they always seem to mean exciting things on the other side, and the views are wonderful. Love seeing the ship and lighthouse, too. x K

  11. Who knew there was a word to describe people who like bridges! You've captured some great photos of this huge bridge and I have to admit, I usually snap a shot of them too. :-)
    I was surprised to see the power wind mills in the water, I've only seen them across fields in rural areas here.

  12. Sweetest Sara, your photos are amazing! I love how unique and different each picture is.

    And I had to giggle that there is a word that describes people who like bridges :)

    Hugs to you, dear one!

  13. Bridges are beautiful!
    And the bridge of the series the bridge is very recognizable! I look forward to the last part.

    With love, Gerry

  14. Onpas upeita kuvia!
    Mukavaa torstai päivää sinne!

  15. I am quite fond of bridges as well! Beautiful photos. Gephryophile; love this word.

  16. Onpas upea silta..Itsekin joskus tuolla ajellut ja ihaillut upeita siltamaisemia <3

  17. Mukava kun linkitit nämä upeat kuvasi OBW:hen. Nähdäänpä maailmalla että joku osaa Suomessa kuvata!

    1. "Joku"? Suomessahan sitä vasta osataankin kuvata! :D
      Ihmettelen kyllä itsekin, että kuvat onnistuivat liikkuvasta autosta noinkin hyvin. Ehkä kannattaisi kuvata aina pokkarilla...

  18. The Bridge was a marvelous series and I look forward to its return.
    Your photo's are lovely and you've given us a great selection.

    Hope you are having a good August, it's certainly passing quickly - we are mid-month already!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  19. You got some awesome shots there!

  20. Beautiful photos of these amazing bridges -- and I learned a new word! Thank you.

  21. Upeat kuvat mahtavista silloista!

  22. Hi, Sara! I see you had a nice trip to Sweden and Denmark crossing Øresund by car. I love the serial "Bridge" too, although it was scary in some places :(. BUT watching TV I definitely decided to cross Øresund too, perhaps by train, on a second level. Great photos, very interesting.

  23. I started comment a few days ago, but got interrupted. I think I was going to write about the San Fransisco Bridge that I have crosse a couple of times. My mom feared bridges but always was the one whose turn it was to drive over the Mississippi on the road trip back to her home in Iowa. There giant bridges are a testament to Man's ingenuity, aren't they. Wonderful photos. And thanks so much for signing on Ann's Dollhouse Dreams. I hope you enjoy it.

  24. Beautiful photos of a beautiful bridge. I rather like the lighthouse too ;-)

  25. What terrific photos!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!


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