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No. I'm cheating. :) It didn't look like this today. These sunny photos were taken in March last year. In reality, the weather continues to be cloudy. The temperature is around zero and the blanket of snow on the roof slides down. The photos below were taken yesterday in front of our home - and you see why we can't grow any shrubs for example in this spot.

Fortunately, all the snow slid down from the roof last night. It's rather heavy by now and definitely not something you'd want to be under when it falls.

Browsing my last year's photos, I found also these, taken in March.

Once more, the photographer's skills and perhaps her camera lens fail to do justice to the beauty of the winter weather, but you do get the point: Nature is amazing in its beauty and design.

Osallistun näillä kuvilla viikon 11 MakroTex-haasteeseen, vaikka uudemmassakin postauksessani on näkymiä maaliskuulta. Meillä on edelleen yhtä paljon lunta... ja pilvistä. Kaikki aurinkoiset kuvat ovat viime vuoden maaliskuulta!

Luonto on ihmeellisen kaunis... ja makrolinssi olisi tosiaan tarpeellinen.

Today, on the International Women's Day, I post a video for the first time ever. Remember Saudi Arabia’s driving ban for women? This is what The Independent wrote about it... and about this excellent video.

The video was published in October 2013 (I didn't have a blog yet) and many of you may have already seen it (I hope so!).  However, I think it's definitely worth watching and listening, even several times. :)

Today will also begin

a series of five unforgettable matches,

AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol,

"How would an AI super computer spend $1 million?"
"It would probably waste a load on fast processors, then put the rest into the memory bank."
(From the Gizmodo UK forum)


  1. Voi miten hienot kuvat.
    Hyvää naistenpäivää sinulle tai paremminkin iltaa.

  2. Buona serata ..ormai!! Quest'anno la neve la vedo solo in foto..e le tue sono sempre bellissime. Ciao <3

  3. Oh Sara! Your skills are just amazing!it looks like it is going to be cold for some time still in your part of the world... Happy women's day to you! <3

  4. Ps I can see tiny snowflakes in some of the last images! Incredible!

  5. Upeat talviset kuvat. Meillä on tullut lumia katolta jyristen alas. Hirvittää ajatella minkälaisessa kunnossa alppiruusu on, kaikkien lumien alla.

  6. Beautiful photos! Gosh, that is a lot of snow on your roof, you must be torn between wanting it to fall to keep the roof safe and wanting it to stay up there so that it doesn't fall on anyone and cause an accident. I suppose for it to come down at night is the best thing isn't it. xx

  7. I thought at first you were trying to build an igloo with the chunks of snow from your roof!
    Absolutely breathtakingly superb photos of the snow & ice last year! I am amazed by the delicate frost formations & the sparkling light!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Those photos of frost crystals are amazing and beautiful. Our snow is melting here. Not sure if it is permanent, but a welcome respite non-the-less.

  9. Sara, I love the photos of the frosty branches. They are so beautiful. You do have a lot of snow there. Ours is mostly gone around our house but there is still some around - we just don't have to shovel it! It is spring-like today with sunshine and above freezing temperature. Have a great week!

  10. Aivan ihania kuvia. Lunta vaan tulee edelleen. Aurinkoa jo ikävä.

  11. Reading your blog and gazing at your photography, brings so much joy to my morning.

  12. Those scenes taken last March are beautiful. The macro shots showing up the ice crystals are amazing, but so are the photos you show of the chunks of snow that slid off your roof. Greetings on this International Women's Day. Take care and stay safe.

  13. Fabulous photos of snow and ice crystals Sara. What a shame the snow comes off the roof like that, are solar panels to melt it with accumulation available?
    I've not seen the video clip before but do know how repressed the women are in many countries. We are lucky in Canada to have the freedom we do.

  14. Nature is amazing! Such great photos of the frost! Looks like you still have lots of snow. We've been lucky with a milder winter this year, and not much snow. I am so ready for spring.

  15. Kiitos aamun nauruista :))) Meillä on peltinen harjakatto ja lumet rymistelee hurjalla vauhdilla alas. Joskus koko talo tärisee. Aivan ihania kuvia, etenkin nuo huurteiset oksat <3

  16. Your macro shots are beautiful, nature truly is amazing. So much snow on your roof!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  17. Ohhh ... how much snow you have had!
    Wonderful to see!
    Our winter is very soft.
    And your photos from previous years have been wonderful to see.
    I enjoyed it!

    Love, Gerry

  18. I see trees in your images. You could have linked up. Still possible :)

    TnB at http://nfmacro.blogspot.se/2016/03/nf-trees-n-bushes-48-curtain-figtree.html

  19. That's a lot of snow. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Aivan kuin toiseksi ylimmässä kuvassa olisi honteloa broccolia :D

    Meillä on ollut tosi vähän lunta ja lumitöitä tänä vuonna.
    Parina talvena oli niin valtavasti lunta että alkoi olla jo naurettavaa
    kun lapioimme sitä korkeiksi kasoiksi pihaan. Ja voi mikä jymäys kun
    se tuli katolta alas !

  21. Ma quanta neve Saraaa !! It's beautiful. I agree, nature is beautiful in any form! Viva le donne!!

  22. Too much snow, Sarah, a lot of work to limpiar.Las pictures are beautiful.
    The very arabe video, as they are.

  23. Hurjan paljon lunta. Toivottavasti tulisi nopsaan lämmintä. Voi kääk tuota naisten ajokieltoa, aivan pähkähullua. Minullekin eräs lähi-idän mies tässä taannoin sanoi kehut, että olet muuten ok ja fiksu, mutta ainoa vikani on, että olen nainen. Kiva asenneongelma. Kiitos suloisesta kortista, olikohan kuvissa meidän tulevan linnan maisemat :)?

    1. Kiitos, Sametti Hortensia! <3
      Minustakin kortti on kaunis.
      Tuo video on todella yksi suosikeistani. Se nauraa vakavalle asialle, mutta lempeästi.
      Ihanaa viikonloppua sinulle!

  24. Just getting back from a family visit and blogging break....all that snow is not so welcome, but the macros are lovely. I returned here to melted snow, rain and warm temps.....but I bet wintry weather will return again here at some point. Hoping the warm weather returns to you soon!

  25. Wunderschöne Winterimpressionen. Ich wünsche dir ein schönes gemütliches Wochenende.
    Viele liebe Grüße ... Dorothea :-)

  26. You're right, Sara: "Nature is amazing in its beauty and design". So stunning snowy images, now or from last year! So tiny snowflakes...wow! Incredible well captured!
    Best regards in March and a good weekend!

  27. Nuo makrokuvat mainioita ja kaikikin luontokuvat

  28. Kaunis maaliskuu. Valkoinen lumi on hohtavaa ja taivas korostaa lumenhehkua.

  29. Niin täydellisiä nuo lumitähdet <3

  30. Mahtavia kuvia. Ihania tunnelmia.

  31. Ihania kuvia! Kauniisti kimaltaa lumi ja jää niissä! :)

  32. Aikas paljon lunta! Purkkikimalteet häviävät kyllä luonnon omille kimalteille ihan 6-0!


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