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Postcards #8: Switzerland

Our last day on the road dawned beautiful.

Not having much time at disposal, we unfortunately needed to pass through Switzerland almost in a hurry. It was, nevertheless, a treat for one like me who is obsessed with loves mountains.

Yes, Switzerland was beautiful, orderly, and friendly.

Our route through the country (planned by the passenger; for politeness' sake, we don't mention her name here) wasn't the most spectacular of all the possible ones.  At one point, we entered a tunnel, or rather a chain of tunnels, and then suddenly... we were almost at home! :)

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  1. Hello, lovely images from your Switzerland visit. The mountains are gorgeous there. I remember their tunnels being extremly long. The first sky shot is beautiful and I love the flowers. Have a happy day!

  2. Oh I do love Switzerland! I have only been there once, but would love to return. It is so beautiful. I too love the mountains. Thanks for taking me along! :)

  3. Such a stunning place, and one that I hope to travel through in a couple of years. The ice capped mountains and the wild flowers are just beautiful xx

  4. Oh it is so incredible beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Stunning in fact, really wonderful!!!!!!!! That fourth photo down, oh gosh, it looks like the most amazing painting, almost unbelievable in fact. You must have been so happy to see such amazing sights! xx

    1. Somehow my computer just opened this post again! I think it is trying to tell me that I really do love that fourth photo!!! xx

  5. What beautiful scenery and photos! What a thrill to see them! Too bad about the tunnels :(

  6. I would love to visit Swizerland again one day. I spent a few days there in the 70's in Lugano. It was very beautiful!

  7. Nämä jylhät vuoret tuovat mieleeni Pohjois-Norjan ja viimekesäisen reissumme Jäämeren rannalle :)
    Sielläkin oli useita tunneleita.

  8. Mahtavat vuoret! Ehkä ne lumoavat juuri sen takia että meillä ei ole tällaisia.

  9. Yes, Switzerland is known for the extremely long tunnels through the mountains. You made some nice pictures but such a pity you could not make mountainwalks, may be next time?

  10. The mountains remind me of Tennessee when we drive south to Florida in winter. Living in an area with only rolling hills, I love driving through them too.
    Were you humming any songs from the Sound of Music on the ride? :-)

  11. Fantastic pictures, as usual.


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