Welcome to Villa Emilia (My Woodland Garden), a photography blog with a slant towards gardening and nature. An amateur gardener and photographer, I hope to share beautiful moments with you through pictures. Let me know if you like them!

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It's still hot.  In these areas we have been lucky: no heavy thunderstorms have occurred. Like many people, I do find storms fascinating; one would just hope they wouldn't cause damage to people or animals or homes or gardens... This photo was taken during an afternoon, when a storm was expected.  However, more dramatic than this it didn't get:

Many flowers start to have a faded look:

Evenings are getting darker.  This photo was taken in the cool-coloured twilight hours, with some cosy light coming through the living door window:

Guess what this is:

It's a cloud that I found particularly elegant, photographed at about 10 p.m., facing south.  Only later it came to my mind that it could be just a condensation trail left by an aircraft.  But I don't think so. :)