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Blue, white, and green

Hello all! Many recent photos, few words:

Tämä oli pitkään ainoa auringonpaisteinen kuva läheisen rannan lumpeesta, mutta lopulta tuli aurinkoinen iltapäivä ja pääsin räpsimään lisää kuvia. :)

Here I would have needed a little help from Prunella and her magical (bird) camera. :) This common kestrel (I believe) has been seen hovering low above the ground even in front of our home. Once I heard it calling and followed the sounds further towards the woodland. Sitting on the top of a high pine, it didn't care much about my presence and not even about the nervous little squirrel (I think it got upset because of the clicking sounds from my camera) that was --- oh, I just learned a fun English verb --- yes, the squirrel was squirrelling around on a branch of a nearby tree and making agitated noises.

Falco tinnunculus (?)

Hermostunut orava ja pieleen mennyt valotus. En yrittänyt korjailla sitä, koska minusta nämä kuvat ovat ihan hauskoja näin.

- What on earth is he doing?

- Darn flies!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ihanaa viikonloppua!


  1. Onpa kauniita kuvia. Ihania nuo lumpeen kuvat. - Mukavaa viikonlopun jatkoa!

  2. Lovely photos...

    I especially love the rain drops on the leaves...

    And the delicious food, of course!

    A new verb! "squirrelling around"! :-)))))))))

    Luna Crone

  3. Is this a blueberry cake? Could you send me a piece over, please?
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Yes, it's a sweet yeast dough pie with a bilberry (European blueberry) filling. I'd love to send you a piece. :)
      Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. Dear Sara,
    what great nature photos. The cake looks delicious, too. The first photo is my favorite.
    Have a nice weekend... Many love greetings and hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  5. Beautiful photos. Enjoyed them all.. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  6. Sara, these pictures are beautiful! the water lily is gorgeous ¿is it in your pond or in some lake? I read that Finland has many lakes. I also loved the cute kestrel and I wonder if Prunella is a bird enchantress because I can't believe the perfect pictures of birds she takes! Tanti saluti da Argentina!

    1. Thank you, MDN! :)
      The water lily grows in a lake. Yes, in Finland there are numerous lakes and we live in an area that is also called (Finhish) Lakeland.
      Prunella is most certainly a bird enchantress. :)
      Saludos a Argentina!

  7. Hei Sara! Ihania kesäisiä kuvia. Orava kuvat on mahtavat.

  8. Hi Sara,
    I believe it is a Common Kestrel, Gheppio in Italian
    and it is just sitting and looking around for a suitable prey.
    Wonderful photos as usual.
    Buona domenica!

  9. That blueberry cake is tantalizing, but the falcon and the squirres and the different photos of the white waterlily are really wonderful.

  10. Dear Sara, you finally captured some wonderful images of your Kestrel. I'm sure you will become firm friends! I so adore your little red squirrels, yours is so cute and yes he is having so much fun squirrelling around!
    Water lillies are beautiful and I love the light and reflections on the water.
    Last but not least your tea and cake look very tempting indeed.
    Thank you for your mention Sara and have a truly magical weekend with hugs from us xx

  11. Lumme sirona laineilla ja haukka männyn latvassa: tätä kaikkea voi kohdata Suomen kesässä! Lumme on lammen tai poukaman kunigatar, se on niin puhdas ja keveä. Haukka sen sijaan on ilmojen valtias, jäntevä ja liikkuvainen. Kiinnostava pari! Ja herkkää veden kuvausta!
    Aurikoisia kuvauspäiviä!

  12. I too, have learnt another English word - squirrelling. I hope he stayed safe and that the rain was only a refreshing shower. Your white water lilies are exquisite.

  13. Absolutely fabulous ! Pilvet toiseksi ylimmässä kuvassa ovat ihan taivaalliset 💙
    ja lumped kuvia ihailen täysillä. Oravan siluettikuvat ovat parhaat ! 🐿
    Mmmm... mustikkapiirakkaa 💜

  14. These are actually my favorite posts.....many photos, few words. Sometimes a picture speaks for itself. And these definitely do. Such a lovely white water lily. Your squirrels look a bit different than ours here. This fellow's ears are sticking up. And that dessert looks amazing. I wish I had a piece to go with my tea right now.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


  15. Your photos are gorgeous, Sara! And the blueberry cake looks delicious!

  16. Lovely post, Sara, as always. :-) I love the photos of the water lilies so much! All of them are so beautiful! But I love the kestrel, the silhouette of the squirrel, and the leaves with raindrops as well. :-) The blue sky with the clouds is so bright... here the sky is so ... sun-bleached... :-)
    That blueberry pie looks very delicious! I'd like sitting a little bit in your garden now... it's very hot here since days... I got up at half past five this morning, and it was 27.5° C out there...
    But there are lovely flowers in the garden, and the sunrise is always beautiful. :-)
    I wish you a delightful Sunday, and a wonderful week, my dearest Sara! Big hugs! ♥

    1. Thank you, Edit! ♥
      27.5 C so early in the morning! That means the day is going to be really hot. The temperature here is 16 C --- and it's raining. :)
      Happy Sunday!

  17. Upeita kuvia! Lummekuvista välittyy niin vahvasti kesä:)

  18. Beautiful photos, the water lily is especially beautiful!

  19. Hi, Sara!
    I'm glad to post my comments on your blog.
    Your shots of a kestrel are great, because it was high above and you did then very well! I love white water lily and wait for mine one but I have the crimson waterlilies only.
    Have a nice summer day!

    1. Thank you, Nadezda! ♥ Oh, the crimson waterlilies are gorgeous!
      Happy Sunday!

  20. Aivan ihania kuvia taas! Lumpeet ovat aina niin vahvoja. Oravat ovat hauskoja juuri noin; hyvä, että et alkanut korjailla.
    Ja nuo kahvi+piirakkakuvat.. oijoi, alkoipa tehdä mieli mustikkapiirakkaa :)

  21. "Squirreling around" on hyvin osuva kuvaus :D Kauniita lummekuvia ja herkullisia kesähetkiä! Täälläkin aina vaan sataa, mutta onneksi välillä kirkastuu, jolloin ehtii kameran kanssa pihalle. Mukavaa sunnuntain jatkoa!

  22. Great series of images, Sara. Blueberry pie and coffee sounds about as good as it gets. I just had fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast, with coffee, so that's pretty close. The fruits were strawberries, blueberries, plums and peaches.

  23. Kyllä lumpeenkukka onkin kaunis!

  24. I love the single leaf with the water droplets. So beautiful!!

  25. Your heading photo has Meditating power dear Sara whenever i look at it i feel fresh air filled in my lungs!

    Loved these gorgeous photos as well ,quite artistic ,specially leaf with drops and food with vase ,i missed the vase alone though(because i just love the way you capture the things) it seem to enrich their meaning of existence my friend!

  26. Lovely, lovely photographs again.
    Those blueberries look very tasty!

    All the best Jan

  27. Hej Sara!

    Jag har näckrosor i min trädgårdsdamm men det är ingenting mot att få se dem i deras naturliga miljö, mycket vackert.

    Du måste vara väldigt lyhörd och vaken för att kunna höra denna mäktiga fågel eller var det ekorren som varnade för fienden. Oavsett så är det en prestation att fånga denna mäktiga fågel på bild.


  28. Lovely all aspects, especially the white water lilies... summer looks great, flavored and delicious through your camera lens!! :) :)
    A lovely week!

  29. Thank you! ♥ Kiitos! ♥ Tack! ♥ Grazie! :)


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