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"Meanwhile in Finland" and other photos

We had some more snow yesterday...

Birds still appreciate our help.

"Transforming into pure light..." :)

When I was a child, I used to admire the clouds behind "our" lake and wish they were mountains. Well, then I moved to a beautiful area between the Alps and the Apennines.

However, every time I see dark clouds on the horizon, I entertain myself thinking they are mountains.

The pink clouds could be smoke from a volcano... :)

Other dreams: spring, in old photos.

Have a great day!

Tänään avajaiset ja ensimmäiset lyhytohjelmat! :)

29 March - 2 April, www.helsinki2017.com/


  1. Aivan 'meanwhile in Finland'!! Keski-Euroopasta postailevat jo suloisia kevätkuvia, mutta ei meillä vaan! Omenankukat ovat aina hurmaavia, saas nähdä miten omenapuut tänä vuonna kukkivat. Viime keväänä kukintahan oli vallan tavatonta. Ihanaa keväistä päivää sinulle Sara.

  2. Beautiful birds and blooms, Sara, and lovely snow on the tree! The birds are such good company! :)

  3. I'm sorry about the late snow! Here it's no snow on the ground, but chilly nights. Love your beautiful photos of the pink clouds!

  4. I love that in Finland you can get crested tits visiting bird feeders!

  5. Photo #5... So lovely. Simply amazing, how you captured the light, on/through the bird's wings. Soooo lovely...

    Here, snow cover is slowly melting... But spring has not arrived.

    Luna Crone

  6. Btw, what is "by +1ing your post"? Please...? You say that, in your comment words.

    Luna Crone

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and your question, Luna! :)
      It may be bad English, but what I mean is clicking on that red-and-white G+1 button that also you have under you posts. "Recommend this on Google".
      I use the button when there's a post I like particularly much or to "greet" the blog owner if I don't have time to write a comment or if I have already left one... The unhappy thing with G+ votes is that you don't always see who recommended your post and can't pay a return visit. :(

  7. Beautiful photos Sara. Sometimes a cloud bank will form in the sky here and also look like a mountain range which is very cool. We've had about 15 cm of fresh snow this week! And the crocus is up and blooming!! Have a lovely week. Pam

  8. Kertakaikkisen ihanat kuvat! Lunta sataa joka päivä lisää, mutta onneksi ne sulavat pois. Ihanaa iltaa Sara;-)

  9. Beautiful photos. Enjoyed your post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Piristäviä kevätkuvia :) Saisi nyt tulla lämpöaalto ja myös oikea kevät!

  11. I thought your first photo was of a tree in bloom, but just snowy blossoms.
    Wonderful captures of the crested tits. They must be amused watching them through the window.
    I had to look very carefully to realise the 'dark mountain' was just cloud.
    Your lovely spring blooms have brightened up my day on an extremely damp dull day here.

  12. Such a sweet little bird feeder and those photos of the clouds are so beautiful! It really does look like a mountain range! The snow is so pretty, but I'm sure you must be dreaming of those beautiful flowers. xo Karen

  13. ..and they sure look like mountains.. Tack för att du fortfarande hjälper de små mesarna, även när snön försvinner är våren en tuff tid för småttingarna. Jag matar fortfarande trots barmark.


  14. Tipusen töyhtö ja toisen lentoon pyrähtämiskuva riemastuttavat 🙂
    Pinkit pilvivuoret ihastuttavat. 💞
    Eniten sykähdytti ekan kuvan mänty 💚

  15. It all looks so beautiful! I love the photos of the little bird by the house.

  16. There should be a constitutionl amendment to ban more snow at the end of March,

  17. It also snowed one day last week. But spring is on, Sara.
    I love those pink clouds.
    Good Thursday.

  18. I love your fluttering bird at the birdhouse. Finland seems incredible.

  19. Boa tarde, belas imagens da natureza, as nuvens cor de rosa causadas pelo por do sol é maravilhoso.

  20. Todella houkuttelevia nuo pilvivuoret tai vuoripilvet, sinne voisi leijua! Hienosti huomaat aina "mainostaa" vaikkapa urheilutapahtumia Suomessa - onhan lukijakuntasi niin kansainvälinen! Keväistä huhtikuuta kohtapuoliin!

    1. Kiitos, Pirkko!
      Minä olen jäätanssifani. Kun musiikki, koreografia, tekniikka ja tulkinta osuvat kohdalleen, tuloksena on ylimaallinen ohjelma. :)
      Ihanaa huhtikuuta!

  21. All lovely pictures but I especially liked the bird ones, especially in flight!

    Enjoy the last days of March and have a happy April.

    All the best Jan

  22. This is such a beautiful post! I wish I could send you a little piece of spring. :) I wish you a wonderful April, Sara! Lots of hugs to you! ♥

  23. Hello dear Sara
    Oh that is the prettiest little bird house in your garden!
    You must be longing for the snow to be gone so you can get out in the garden!
    Beautiful sky photos - it's amazing how the sky turns pink.
    It won't be long now when you will be showing us your photos of Spring 2017 in your garden - I'll look forward to that!

  24. Lovely photos of the clouds Sara. Cloud formations and colours are fascinating, aren't they?
    No signs of spring here either, we had snow several times this week. :(
    Hope you are enjoying the figure skating this week. So happy to see Moir and Virtue do well...

  25. With a vivid imagination....anything can be what we dream.
    I saw the two Canadian girls on the news that won and was very happy for these two skaters - quite an accomplishment. The winter olympics are my favourite to watch. Talk about imagination - when the skiers go down those huge starting hills, I imagine soaring with them through the air. :-) And, that's the only skiing for me.


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