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Postcards #12: Our village

Hello, dear all! I hope you are not totally bored with my travel photos yet! There will be still a couple of posts about Italy... :)

This is how our home village, in the province of Piacenza, was looking at the end of July.

The municipal building:

The days were warm and hazy...

There are many castles around the village, some occupied, some abandoned, some visited by royalties, some for sale...

This small one is of my favourites, romantically abandoned-looking... and in springtime the climbers covering the walls are full of beautiful flowers:

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And when the evening comes, you are just a few steps away from a nice pizzeria...

I hope you'll enjoy the new week!


  1. Hello Sara, Lovely views of your city and countryside. I like seeing the homes with the pretty balconies. And the castles are cool. Wonderful post and images. Have a happy new week!

  2. Hei! Teillä on varmaan ollut ihana matka, ainakin kuvista voisi päätellä. Upeita nuo rakennukset ja mikä herkullinen pizza! Olisi ihana päästä tuonne lomalle!

  3. Beautiful scenes of an Italian summer. I haven't visited your beautiful country yet so I can enjoy it through your lovely photos.Have a great week!

  4. Hi Sara,
    I've enjoyed your beautiful photos!
    Do not you feel like you are there and that is pretty deserted and sale castles that you'd want to live?
    It appeals to me! But it will always remain a illussion!
    Have a nice week!

    Love, Gerry

    1. Oh yes, Gerry, I constantly feel like that!
      Once my husband was seriously considering buying a castle. It was small, in a bad condition, and in an impractical location... and of course absolutely wonderful. Every now and then, I find myself thinking "what if..." :)

  5. Such delightful photos. They only whet my appetite for our visit to Italy in November. I am so excited! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Beautiful orange colours and buildings. Have fun :-)

  7. Very nice shots, Sara! Wonder what's the market price for an Italian castle on sale? Hee!

    Now I'm craving pizza...

  8. Bet there's some good cycling to be had around there!

  9. Aww, ihana kylä, pitäisiköhän muuttaa tuonne pysyvästi? Ostetaanko linna-kimppakämppä? Se on minunkin unelmani :)

  10. Great photos . I enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day Madeline

  11. Delightful photos, the weather looks lovely x

  12. Such a beautiful area. I've not yet been to Italy. Maybe one day. A shame about the abandoned old castles. They really should be preserved and used in some way.

  13. Beautiful photos and nice scenery. The weather seemed to be fine. Do you plan to go to Italy again some other time?

  14. What a beautiful country Italy is. Thank you for sharing your travel photos with us, Sara. I think it's so romantic to have castles in the scenery, and to be able to wander around and explore them. Pizza is a delicious way to end the day.
    Have a good week.

  15. How interesting that there are so many castles in that area. I enjoyed seeing the pink stone in the buildings. Have a beautiful week.

  16. Beautiful! I did enjoy, thanks for sharing. The pizza looks yummy.

  17. When I saw your photos Sara, beautiful memories came flooding back of my visits to Italy.
    I love the landscape and the Italian people! Those magical castles built so long ago and still standing,
    Your photo looking down on the village is lovely, the aged patina of tiled rooves unchanged over the years.
    Real italian pizza is delicious!
    Shane x

  18. Imagine being able to afford to buy one of the old castles and fix it up! My kind of pizza Sara, lots of veggies and no meat. (that I can see) Isn't it nice to have all these photos to look back on? Do you print any of yours for photo albums or just keep them on your computer?
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Sara.

  19. Enjoyed watching your photos of Italy and oh, what fun it should be to be the owner of a real Italian castle, but then I suppose it would need a lot of restoration work. We love doing lots of things ourselves but I'm afraid we are too old to start such things yet. The pizza looks delicious!

  20. Sara this brings back the yearning to come back to Italy...that pizza is killing me as I miss the food there and the scenery...beautiful old buildings too....I never tire of seeing your Italy photos!

  21. That pizza has just made me hungry. I think you should buy the abandoned small castle for a little home away from home...

  22. One never gets tired of looking at pictures of Italy !

    Mi piacciono i castelli in particolare.

    Hieno huipennus tuo PIZZA. Tuli vesi kielelle :)

  23. Oh wow such a beautiful place!! Now I know where I want to spend my next vacation :) Love your photos, thank you for sharing your beautiful Italy with us Sara! Wishing you a happy day

  24. What stunning scenery, you must miss it a great deal! The pizza looks scrummy too, reminds me of some delicious ones I had in Italy! xx

  25. These images are just wonderful! Makes me want to go there right now! And owning a small castle- a dream!

  26. Marvelous pictures! That pizza looks delicious!

  27. Oh, what a beautiful pictures. Especially the one with pizza :)

  28. Marvelous pictures! Thank you for the comment "at my place"!


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